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Skyrim:Falmer Equipment

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Falmer WeaponsEdit

Name (ID) Tempering Weight Value Damage Notes
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerArrows.png Falmer Arrow
0 1 7
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerBow.png Falmer Bow
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: none
15 135 12
  • Draw speed 0.75
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerBow.png Falmer Supple Bow
Not possible 20 410 15
  • Cannot be obtained
  • Draw speed 0.75
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerSword.png Falmer Sword
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: none
18 67 10
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerWarAxe.png Falmer War Axe
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: none
21 82 11
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerSword.png Honed Falmer Sword
Not possible 18 205 12
SR-icon-weapon-FalmerWarAxe.png Honed Falmer War Axe
Not possible 21 245 13
Honed weapons cannot be tempered at a grindstone.

Falmer ArmorEdit

Falmer (Heavy Armor)
Name (ID) Tempering Weight Value Armor Rating Notes
SR-icon-armor-FalmerArmor.png Falmer Armor
Chaurus Chitin

Perk: None/AdvancedDG

20 275 31 Two obtainable copies in the game.
  • Mzinchaleft Depths, on a table behind an Expert level locked gate. Respawns after 30 days.
  • Blackreach, Southernmost corner, inside a Falmer hut, to the right of the entrance to the Raldbthar Deep Market
SR-icon-armor-FalmerBoots.png Falmer Boots
4 55 12 The Falmer Boots do not actually cover your feet and look more like greaves. However, when walking or running on hard surfaces, it still sounds as though you are wearing boots.
SR-icon-armor-FalmerGauntlets.png Falmer Gauntlets
4 55 12 The Unofficial Skyrim Patch v1.0 changes the name of this armor to Falmer Bracers.
SR-icon-armor-FalmerHelmet.png Falmer Helmet
5 25 10
SR-icon-armor-FalmerShield.png Falmer Shield
Chaurus Chitin

Perk: None

15 10 28
Totals (without shield): 33 410 65
  • A full set (including a helmet) can be found at Mzinchaleft.
  • Protection for all items except the helmet is similar to Steel armor, with a good deal less weight. The helmet provides significantly less protection than a steel helmet.
Totals (with shield): 48 420 93
Ancient Falmer (Light Armor)DG
Name (ID) Tempering Weight Value Armor Rating Notes
SR-icon-armor-Ancient Falmer Boots.png Ancient Falmer Boots DG
Refined Moonstone;
perk: Elven
2 190 11
SR-icon-armor-Ancient Falmer Crown.png Ancient Falmer Crown DG
Refined Moonstone;
perk: None/Elven
2 350 0/16
  • Normally unobtainable without console commands, and is normally a circlet, not light armor.
SR-icon-armor-Ancient Falmer Cuirass.png Ancient Falmer Cuirass DG
Refined Moonstone;
perk: Elven
7 900 38
  • The first version (xx00c816) is worn by Arch-Curate Vyrthur and can be obtained during the quest Touching the Sky
  • The second version (xx00cad3) is worn by Knight-Paladin Gelebor and can only be equipped using the console. For males this version has no shoulder pads. For females it is identical to the first version.
SR-icon-armor-Ancient Falmer Gauntlets.png Ancient Falmer Gauntlets DG
Refined Moonstone;
perk: Elven
2 190 11
Totals (without crown): 11 1280 60
Totals (with crown): 13 1630 76
Falmer Hardened (Heavy Armor)DG
Name (ID) Tempering Weight Value Armor Rating
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Armor.png Falmer Hardened Armor DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
40 250 34
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Boots.png Falmer Hardened Boots DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
8 50 13
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Gauntlets.png Falmer Hardened Gauntlets DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
7 60 13
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Helm.png Falmer Hardened Helm DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
10 150 18
Totals: 65 510 78
Falmer Heavy (Heavy Armor)DG
Name (ID) Tempering Weight Value Armor Rating
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Armor.png Falmer Heavy Armor DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
35 1200 43
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Boots.png Falmer Heavy Boots DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
6 225 16
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Gauntlets.png Falmer Heavy Gauntlets DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
6 225 16
SR-icon-armor-Falmer Heavy Helm.png Falmer Heavy Helm DG
Chaurus Chitin;
perk: Advanced
8 600 21
SR-icon-armor-Shellbug Helmet.png Shellbug Helmet
Shellbug Chitin;
perk: Advanced
6 600 22
Totals (Heavy Helm): 55 2250 96
Totals (Shellbug Helmet): 53 2250 97
The Shellbug HelmetDG also counts as Falmer heavy armor and triggers the Matching Set bonus appropriately. When worn with it, the full suit offers 97 protection for 53 weight, outclassing Ebony armor on both counts. With the standard helmet, the suit matches Ebony for protection, but weighs 7 (11.29%) weight units less.


  • The Falmer axes (both Honed and regular) use the "sword" sound effect when being sheathed and unsheathed, not the waraxe sound effect.