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(RefID: 0001CB2B)
Home Town Rorikstead
House Cowflop Farmhouse
Race Redguard Gender Male
Level 4 Class Farmer
RefID 0001CB2B BaseID 0001B3B5
Other Information
Health 75 Magicka 60
Stamina 60
Primary Skills One-handed
Morality No Crime Aggression Unaggressive
Essential Yes (with patch 1.5)
Voice Type MaleCommoner
Faction(s) Cowflop Farm Faction; CrimeFactionWhiterun; JobFarmerFaction; TownRoriksteadFaction

Ennis is a Redguard farmer who can be found at the Cowflop Farmhouse in Rorikstead. He shares his home with Reldith, the Altmer with whom he has lived since she rescued him after he was orphaned. His prize goat is stolen by you and sold to a giant during the related quest.

He wears a belted tunic, a pair of boots, and a hat. He carries an iron war axe, an iron dagger, and a key to the farmhouse.

Ennis starts his day at 8am when he wakes up to work on his farm for twelve hours, ending his workday at 8pm. The only break from his work during the day is at 6:10pm, when he will take an hour to eat. Once he is finished with his work for the day, he will head inside his home to relax from the day's stresses. He will finally retire to his bed for the day at 11pm; waking up at 8am to start the next day.

Related QuestsEdit


His greetings can be:

"Name's Ennis. If you've got friends who do business in Whiterun, they might know me."
"You talk to Reldith yet? She's like a mother to me."
"You here from the city? I visit Whiterun from time to time, mostly to make deals."
"Reldith is the hardest-working farmer in Rorikstead, but I'm the one with a head for business."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

A Night To RememberEdit

During A Night To Remember, he will be less friendly towards you. Should you approach him, he will force you into a conversation by saying:

"You! You've got a lot of nerve showing yourself in this town again. What do you have to say for yourself?"

You will be given two options in response:

I'm sorry?
"Sorry's not good enough! Not while my Gleda is still out there, alone and afraid. You kidnapped her and sold her to that Giant."
I have no idea what you're talking about.
"Is that so? Does the name Gleda ring a bell? The star beauty of my farm? Kidnapped by a drunk lout and sold to a Giant? You'd better remember her right fast, before I call the guards and have you hauled away."

Either option leads to:

That sounds pretty bad...
"You're damned right it does. I'll never breed another prize-winning goat like Gleda! And don't you think of coming back to Rorikstead until you get her back from that Giant."

You will then have a number of dialogue options, which will result in unique replies:

Choice Response
What happened with Gleda again? I'm a little fuzzy on that. You really don't remember stealing a goat and selling her to a Giant? Are you thick? Go get her! At least she's bound to follow you back - you smell just like the fermented feed she likes.
Did I say anything about where I left a staff? You mentioned something like that... when you were running off with my goat! Tell you what - you bring back my goat, and maybe I'll give a damn about your staff.
Help me retrace my steps and I'll pay you for the goat.
(Bribe: 1000 gold)
Succeed: Fine, but I'll still be missing my Gleda. Doubt I'll ever have a prize winning goat again. Most of what you said was gibberish but you left a note. The only bit I could read was "after repaying Ysolda in Whiterun.
Fail: There's not enough money in the world to replace Gleda.
Tell me everything and you won't end up like your goat.
Succeed: Okay, okay. Most of what you said didn't make sense but you left a note. The only bit that I could read said "after repaying Ysolda in Whiterun." That's all I know.
Fail: Do what you have to do, I'm not giving up on Gleda.
I need to find Sam and the staff, in order to get Gleda back.
Succeed: I suppose that makes sense. You didn't mention a Sam and nothing you said about the staff made sense. You left a note but it was mostly gibberish, the only bit I could make out was "after repaying Ysolda in Whiterun.
Fail: You didn't seem to need either to sell Gleda to the Giant in the first place. I think you'll figure it out.

After returning the goat to Ennis, you can ask him for help in retracing your steps. With Gleda home, he will be grateful and freely offer some assistance:

"Gleda! And not a scratch on her! Happy day! I still can't figure out why you stole her. You left a note explaining it, but half of it was gibberish and the rest had mead spilled on it. Only bit I could make out was "repaying Ysolda in Whiterun," and even that's mostly scribbles. Guess you could try there."
Now, what did I say about that staff?
"You said a whole lot of nonsense about selling Gleda to hire a priestess for some big event. There was a bit of talk about some staff you had in safe keeping. Never said where, but you sure didn't have it with you!"


Ennis talking to Reldith

Ennis will often interact with the other residents of Rorikstead, particularly Reldith.

Ennis: "Have you given my idea any more thought? You said you'd let me know yesterday, and that obviously didn't happen."
Reldith: "Oh, I don't know. Yes, we'd make more money, but I don't like the idea of you traveling alone out there with the war and talk of dragons."
Ennis: "Come on now, we discussed that. I wouldn't be traveling all of Skyrim. It'd just to Whiterun and back, that's it."
Reldith: "Tomorrow. I'll let you know tomorrow."
Reldith: "Another fine day at work in the fields. I don't envy those city folk who miss out on the joys of working the land."
Ennis: "I'll tell you who I don't envy - those poor children who lost their parents in this war."
Reldith: "Lives lost, crops burned, land ruined... there's no greater sin than war. And yet, you were an orphan, and you've made something of your life."
Ennis: "I was lucky. If you hadn't rescued me, I'd probably be a thief, a mercenary or something even worse."
Reldith: "It's too fine a day to dwell on such things. Let's get back to work and forget about wars and orphans for awhile."
Reldith: "The way our crops have been growing, Rorikstead must have the richest soil in the hold."
Ennis: "Maybe we should start selling the soil along with the dung. We could make a tidy profit."
Reldith: "Hah! Who in their right mind would pay for dirt? You'd get laughed out of Whiterun for even trying it."
Ennis: "Hey, people have paid money for stranger things. Take our cow dung - we sell that by the wagon load."
Reldith: "When you're rich, you can waste as much money as you like on far-fetched business ideas. In the meantime, there's a farm to run."

Ennis will also discuss his business with Jouane Manette.

Jouane: "The last time I was in Whiterun, the tradesmen were talking about you. It seems your reputation as a businessman is growing."
Ennis: "Glad to hear all my hard work has paid off. Maybe we'll fetch a better price for our crops next time we're in the city."

He will also converse with Rorik occasionally.

Rorik: "I hear your crops sold well at the market. Well done, Ennis."
Ennis: "I'm trying something new, offering discounts for bulk purchases. So far, that seems to be working."

If you ask Reldith where she sells her surplus crops, she'll mention Ennis in her response: "In Whiterun, mostly. Ennis handles the business arrangements, but I know that he has a few purchasers who give us a fair price. Ennis prides himself on his shrewd business schemes. For my part, I'm far happier working with cattle and crops than with people."


  • Patch 1.5 sets Ennis as essential. Although the patch notes the change as essential "until his part in A Night To Remember is completed", he is simply set as essential for the entirety of the game.