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Skyrim:Gleda the Goat

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Gleda the Goat (RefID: 0007A0EA)
Species Goat Soul
Level 3 Type Animals
RefID 0007A0EA BaseID 0001CB2C
Other Information
Health 22 Magicka
Stamina 8
Faction(s) Creature Faction; FarmAnimalsFaction; Goat Faction; PreyFaction; Spriggan Prey Faction
Gleda near the giant called Grok

Gleda the Goat is a unique goat that belongs to Ennis of Rorikstead. She is very friendly, and will follow you when you talk to her. She can be found trailing after a giant called Grok, a ways south of Rorikstead, and, while the giant believes that he owns the creature, you may find yourself having to steal Gleda away from her large master in the quest A Night To Remember.

Related QuestsEdit


  • Though the game data refers to Gleda as male, it is an unreliable source as all animals are considered male.
  • Gleda will not replaced any creature followers as she is tied to a quest.
  • She will not follow you into caves or some houses.
  • Gleda will alert the guard if you engage in criminal activities and, as you cannot interact with her to make her wait, this makes sneaking past guards tricky.
  • Gleda will sit and wait while you engage in battle but is virtually indestructible herself as she heals very rapidly.
  • If you skip this portion of A Night to Remember (by either persuading, bribing, or intimidating Ennis), Gleda will eventually find her way back to her owner.