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Skyrim:Dragon's Breath Mead (quest)

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Retrieve the Dragon's Breath Mead and give it to either Olda or Horgeir.
Quest Giver: Olda
Location(s): Dragon Bridge
Reward: Leveled gold or Block training
Disposition: =1 (Olda)
=-1 (Horgeir)
=-1 (Olda)
=1 (Horgeir)
ID: FreeformDragonBridge01
The fed-up wife

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Speak to Olda in Dragon Bridge.
  2. Find Dragon's Breath Mead.
  3. Give the mead to Olda or Horgeir.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

The InterventionEdit

Olda lives in Dragon Bridge with her husband, Horgeir, who owns the local lumber mill. You will find Olda at Horgeir's House. If you talk to her about her husband, she will complain to you: "He promised me, swore on his ancestors, that he'd give up the mead. And what do I find out? He's been stashing drink in a cave nearby. He even has some wolves guarding it. I swear, I should just cut out his tongue. That would be the end of it." If you are willing to help get her husband's stash for her, she will only ask you to bring her the bottle of Dragon's Breath Mead, Horgeir's favorite.

The secret stash

Dragon's Breath MeadEdit

Take the road down the hill. Before the bridge go right, past the mill, and across the river. Head west on a rough trail and you will encounter some wolves, and possibly a bear, along the way. At the end of the trail, you will find an overhanging rock guarded by three wolves. Beneath the rock is a crate holding the Dragon's Breath Mead along with one bottle of alto wine, six bottles of Nord mead and two bottles of wine. You are free to take every beverage there.

For Your TroubleEdit

Return to Olda and give her the mead. She will reward you with some gold, saying: "If my Horgeir doesn't give up the mead this time, I'll hit him over the head with it." You may instead choose to tell everything to Horgeir and return his favorite mead to him. He will regard you as a real friend and show you "how to block a punch that might be coming from some angry spouse". You will gain a one-point boost to your Block skill. However, if you choose to help Horgeir, you will fail this quest.


  • Although it says "steal", picking up the mead does not count as stealing.
  • An iron ore vein is to the north of some ruins along the path.
  • If you can't get Olda to initiate the quest, merely taking Horgeir's hooch from its hiding place will do so.
  • Although the rest of the booze is already there, Horgeir's Dragon's Breath Mead will only spawn in the hiding location when the quest is initiated.


  • The Dragon Breath Mead may fall through and go underneath the ground.
    • A possible fix involves using a ranged magic spell or a rune spell, such as Ice Spike, Thunderbolt, or Fire Rune to dislodge the bottle so that it can be picked up.
    • If it has fallen between the ground and wooden trough, the small space between them admits an Elven Dagger which the player can use to hit the bottle closer to the wall for retrieval. To do so, drop the dagger and grab hold of it, then move it underneath and push it toward the bottle.

Quest StagesEdit

Dragon's Breath Mead (FreeformDragonBridge01)
Stage Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Objective 10: Steal the Dragon's Breath Mead for Olda
Objective 20: Bring the Dragon's Breath Mead to Olda
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