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Skyrim:Burnt Spriggan

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Burnt Spriggan
(lore page)
Species Spriggan Soul Greater
Level 28 Type Monsters
BaseID xx01B63F
Other Information
Health 945 Magicka 300
Stamina 185
Faction(s) Creature Faction; Spriggan Faction; Spriggan Predator Faction
Burnt Spriggan Wood
Burnt Spriggan

Burnt Spriggans, found in the Ash Wastes, are similar to regular spriggans. They are powerful and can be dangerous to vampires and low-level players. Instead of taproots, they drop burnt spriggan wood. They are immune to fire and utilize fire-based magic in combat. Like other spriggans, when reduced to low health they will crouch momentarily and heal themselves, albeit with a flaming aura that will damage nearby players.


  • The process through which a normal spriggan becomes a burnt spriggan is unknown, though Neloth is conducting experiments on captured species with his apprentice Talvas Fathryon. These spriggans can be found in separate cages in Tel Mithryn, one standard and one burnt.
  • The unique burnt spriggan in Tel Mithryn (base ID: xx039FDA) has similar stats as others, but is not part of any factions.
  • Burnt spriggans release a shockwave of flames when they reach a critically injured state, unlike regular spriggans, which heal a portion of their health when it is lowered a certain amount. This shockwave is particularly damaging, even to high-level characters, and so you should run from the "blast zone" when they reach this stage.