Skyrim:Broken Tusk Mine

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Broken Tusk Mine
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# of Zones 1
Clearable Yes
Dungeon Yes
Respawn Time 10 days or 30 days
Level Min: 6
Console Location Code(s)
DLC2BrokenTuskMine01, DLC2BrokenTuskMineExterior01
East of Bristleback Cave
South of Northshore Landing
Special Features
# of Heart Stone Deposits 2
Broken Tusk Mine

Broken Tusk Mine is a small heart stone mine between Bristleback Cave and Stalhrim Source, home to a group of rieklings.

It is reached either from the north or by descending the mountain side from Stalhrim Source.

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There is a multi-tiered riekling camp, built upon the mountain above the entrance to the mine proper, with a pair of bridges, the second of which spans the gap leading to the entrance. On the far end of the bridges is a tent with a few food sacks inside and to the left of it. The path continues to the northeast, leading to the uppermost level, where there is a tent containing an unlocked chest with a second unlocked chest under a lookout platform to the right. Also under the platform on top of a crate is an expert locked East Empire Company strongbox. There are four rieklings, including a mounted riekling charger guarding the camp and mine entrance.

Broken Tusk MineEdit

Broken Tusk mine

The entrance descend down to a wooden platform with a ramp leading down to the cavern floor. The interior of the mine consists of a single large cavern with several riekling tents. If you pay attention to the wooden platform, you'll notice that the right section is newer than the rest and seems to have been built by the rieklings. Just below this section of the platform you will find some collapsed and broken timbers with a lootable skeleton laying on top. There is a riekling to the left of the ramps, in front of an empty tent. There are two more rieklings, one by a campfire next to the south wall and the other is next to a riekling hut to the west.

Under to wooden platform, to the right as you descend the ramps is a crate with two gold ingots, two small coin purses, two gold necklaces, two silver necklaces, a gold ring, two silver rings, a silver garnet ring, two garnets and six loose septims all on top and two more gold ingots on the ground in front of it. To the north is a heart stone deposit with an unlocked wooden chest to the left flanked by two barrels containing ingredients. Further to the left is a pen containing a second heart stone deposit and a campfire. To the west is the riekling hut with a riekling barrel to the left that will burst open, revealing another riekling. Behind this is another unlocked chest with a short tunnel heading southwest containing a dead reaver and skeleton, both of which can be looted for a few septims.


  • To the left of the first tent is a patch on the wall that looks like a depleted ore vein.