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Shivering:Raven Biter

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Raven Biter
(RefID: 00013BB6)
Home City New Sheoth Bliss
Store The Choosy Beggar
Race Argonian Gender Male
Level 10 Class Publican
RefID 00013BB6 BaseID 00012086
Available 24 hrs/day every day
Rents Bed Bed 20 gold
Gold 3 Mercantile Apprentice (44)
Sells Food
Other Information
Health 84 Magicka 125
Respons. 10 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Mania; Bliss Citizen; Choosy Beggar Faction; Raven-biter household
Raven Biter in The Choosy Beggar

Raven Biter is an Argonian publican and the proprietor of The Choosy Beggar in Bliss, New Sheoth. Under the slogan "We may be in The Choosy Beggar, but here you can eat like a king", he sells food and shelter for the night, and his responsibility is so low that he will purchase your stolen items even though he only has 3 gold available.

He is married to the notoriously thirsty Sheer Meedish and loves her to such degree that he warns each and every customer to stay away from her. As a result of his paranoia, he spends all of his time on the ground floor of the inn, without ever eating or sleeping, and always within eyesight of his wife.

He wears typical Mania attire with a twist of Cyrodiil: a pair of brown trousers with a matching tunic and huntsman moccasins. He wields an iron shortsword and carries a small amount of gold. Raven Biter also knows the standard leveled Rogue spells.


When you get near him, the jealous innkeeper will tell you:

"I've got my eye on you."

If you talk to him, it becomes apparent what he means:

"Stay for a while. And stay away from my wife."
"Just keep your eyes on the menu, and off of Sheer Meedish."

And he will be downright suspicious if you ask him for a bed:

"You want to stay here for a night, eh? Just for sleeping... you keep to yourself, mind your business, and stay away from my wife. The room is 20 gold for the night. You want to stay or not?"

If you accept without having the required amount of gold, he will send you away with:

"I don't have much of a sense of humor, so if this is a joke, I'm not amused. Come back when you have the money."

If you reject his price, he will just say:

"Very well. I'm sure someone else will want it if you don't."

If you accept, he will offer you a piece of advice:

"Good. The room is on the second floor, right across from the stairs. Sleep soundly."

When you exit conversation, he will add:

"Goodbye. And watch yourself."

If you approach him after completing the Main Quest, the tone will be quite different and his jealousy will be gone:

"You honor me with your presence, Lord Sheogorath."
"My Lord, you honor me with your presence."
"Please, visit any time, My Lord."

Stage-Dependent DialogueEdit

At different stages in the Main Quest, Raven Biter will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • A new visitor to our home. How wonderful. Better stay away from my wife....
  • I can't believe the Gatekeeper is gone. He kept out all those other men.
  • Let the Resonator draw the adventurers. Better it, than my dear Sheer-Meedish.
  • Thadon got his Chalice back. I heard he uses it around women. Better steer clear of mine.
  • More conspiracy in the House of Dementia. People are always sneaking around there....
  • The Torch burns brightly again. Like my love for dear Sheer-Meedish.
  • Syl has been replaced. I should tell Sheer-Meedish.
  • Thadon is dead, and a new ruler is in his place. Sheer-Meedish must be excited.
  • I heard the Fringe was under attack. Sheer-Meedish is probably worried. I should talk to her.
  • The Gatekeeper walks again. He'll help keep Sheer-Meedish safe.
  • Sheogorath's armies again can protect sweet Sheer-Meedish.
  • Where has Sheogorath gone? Does he not realize the danger Sheer-Meedish is in?
  • Order is defeated, and Sheer-Meedish is safe. Praise Sheogorath!


His establishment appears to divide opinions:

"Raven-Biter [sic] runs the Choosy Beggar. Not a bad place."
"It's not a bad place. Clearly the finest in New Sheoth."
"You can stay at the Choosy Beggar in Bliss, but I wouldn't."
"You won't see me there."

In far off Hale the poet Halion is also undecided:

"When the sun has left the sky, to the Choosy Beggar I would fly."
"At this place though you may be, if you look you won't find me."


  • If Raven Biter is killed and his tombstone in New Sheoth Graveyard is activated, it will read: "In memory of Raven Biter. He was one crazy son of a bitch."
  • Unlike the norm for most Argonians, Raven Biter's name oddly isn't hyphenated.
    •   The Unofficial Shivering Isles Patch, version 1.5.6, addresses this issue. Every instance of the name is made to read as "Raven-Biter", hyphenated, and with two words.
  • The paranoia Raven Biter has is unusual for an inhabitant of the Mania half of the Shivering Isles, as it is usually associated with the inhabitants of the Dementia half.