Shivering Isles: Services
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General - Merchant
Recharge - Recharging
Repairs - Repairs
Fence - Thieves Guild Fence
Innkeeper - Rooms for Rent
House - Sells a House/Upgrades
Hostler - Horse Seller

Spells - Spell Merchant

Alteration Spells - Alteration
Conjuration Spells - Conjuration
Destruction Spells - Destruction
Illusion Spells - Illusion
Mysticism Spells - Mysticism
Restoration Spells - Restoration

Trainer - Training

Trainer (Basic) - Basic
Trainer (Advanced) - Advanced
Trainer (Master) - Master
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Acrobatics - Acrobatics
Alchemy - Alchemy
Alteration - Alteration
Armorer - Armorer
Athletics - Athletics
Blade - Blade
Block - Block
Blunt - Blunt
Conjuration - Conjuration

Destruction - Destruction
Hand to Hand - Hand to Hand
Heavy Armor - Heavy Armor
Illusion - Illusion
Light Armor - Light Armor
Marksman - Marksman
Mercantile - Mercantile
Mysticism - Mysticism
Restoration - Restoration
Security - Security
Sneak - Sneak
Speechcraft - Speechcraft


Best DealsEdit

  • Ahjazda and Earil have the best deals (Skill 6, 1000-1500 gold). However until level 49 each will only buy particular alchemy and miscellaneous items the other may not buy. Earil also sells three random enchanted jewelry items.
  • Dumag gro-Bonk, Cutter and Sontaire all will buy the most expensive items (Skill 34, 1200-1700 gold). Before you reach level 50 in Mercantile Dumag and Cutter will only buy armor, weapons and particular miscellaneous items. Sontaire will then only buy books.
  • Tilse Areleth has worse deals then the formerly mentioned merchants (Skill 44, 1000-1500 gold), but she will always buy any item.
  • Raven Biter is the only merchant in the entire Shivering Isles who acts as a fence. However, he only has 3 gold available until you are master in Mercentile (Skill 44, 3-503 gold).



Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Dumag gro-Bonk Smith Apprentice (34) 1200 The Missing Pauldron Amber Armor and Amber Weapons

1 leveled piece of magic armor
2% chance of an Oddity for the Museum of Oddities[1]

Raven Biter Food Apprentice (44) 3 The Choosy Beggar InnkeeperFence
Sontaire Books Apprentice (34) 1200 Books of Bliss
Tilse Areleth General Goods Apprentice (44) 1000 Common Treasures
  1. ^ The container that may contain the Museum Oddity does not respawn, so the 2% chance applies only when you first enter The Missing Pauldron. Only the Two-Headed Coin, Soul Tomato, Mixing Bowl, Hound's Tooth Key, Dagger of Friendship, and Ring of Disrobing can appear here.


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Ahjazda Magical Supplies Novice (6) 1000 Things Found
Cutter Smith Apprentice (34) 1200 Cutter's Weapons Madness Armor and Madness Weapons RechargeRepairs
Earil Magical Supplies Novice (6) 1000 Earil's Mysteries 3 leveled pieces of magic jewelry SpellsConjuration SpellsDestruction SpellsRestoration Spells
Sickly Bernice Food Apprentice (44) 5 Sickly Bernice's Taphouse Innkeeper


Merchant Name Merchandise Mercantile Skill Gold Building Rare Items Services
Dredhwen General Goods Journeyman (50) 300 The Wastrel's Purse Innkeeper