Shivering:Jastira Nanus (Dementia)

Shivering Isles: People
Jastira Nanus
(RefID: 0001783C)
Home Town Split
House Jastira Nanus' House
Race Imperial Gender Female
Level PC+0 Class Nightblade
RefID 0001783C BaseID 0001783A
Other Information
Health 16 Magicka 100
Respons. 50 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Dementia; Split Citizen; Split Dementia; Wilderness
Jastira Nanus (Dementia)

Jastira Nanus (Dementia) is a split personality of the original Jastira Nanus who lives in the settlement of Split. Her Mania counterpart also lives in Split. Like her counterpart, she is obsessed with counting, but prefers counting corpses, and wishes there were a few more around.

She wakes up every morning at 9am for her morning ritual, counting a few of the Young Baliwog corpses in her house for an hour. She then heads outside and spends the next ten hours roaming around town, occasionally speaking with the Manic and Demented citizens, and randomly returning to her house for some more corpse counting. She only takes a break from her bizarre everyday life at 11am and 5pm, when she enjoys her lunch and dinner. At 8pm, as the sun starts to fade, she returns to her house and wanders around until she finally goes to bed at 11pm. When you arrive in Split for the first time, Jastira will break off this routine and actively seek you out and complain about her double.

Jastira's attire consists of a patchwork shirt combined with tan linens and a pair of scruffy shoes. She also carries with her a leveled longsword, her house key and a level-dependent amount of gold. Just like her Mania counterpart, she knows the standard leveled Healer spells along with a set of major restoration spells.

When she seeks you out she will get right to the point: "There would be more corpses to count if someone would get rid of all the doubles around here." When asked to elaborate, she will say: "Not enough corpses around here... but there should be. Those stupid Manics. They ruin everything." If you have yet to initiate the related quest, she will then point you towards the lazy and demented Horkvir-Bear Arm for more information: "You talk to Horkvir. He can tell you what to do." When asked about doubles again, she will add: "Sure would be nice to see one more corpse around here. One that looks like me, but isn't me. Take my meaning?" She will end the conversation with an odd request: "Go kill something, so I can count its corpse." After this, whenever you get near her, she may say: "Seen any dead things laying around?"

Should you choose to help out the Mania side of Split, she will refuse to talk to you: "I can't count my own corpse! Stay back!" If you manage to fail the quest, she will hatefully say: "Counting the wrong corpses. You were a big help." If you work for the Demented and manage to slay her counterpart, she will have a new greeting ready: "It's been too long since I've seen a corpse." On Doubles, a satisfied Jastira will add: "One more corpse! Well done." If you successfully complete the quest and kill all the Mania citizens she will happily greet you: "Perfect corpses to count! Finally!" After the Main Quest, she will look at you and say: "I bet Sheogorath has killed millions of things!" After conversation, she will add: "If you kill something, let me know!"

Her counterpart shares the same feeling towards her, and she will just complain about her double when you talk with her:"3, 4... I sure don't like my double. 5, 6... She doesn't count right.", "1, 2... Hate her. 3, 4... Sick, sick woman." and "7, 8... Don't like that other Jastira. 9, 10... Not one bit."

After the quest, if you managed to complete it successfully for the Demented, talking to Jastira will make her hand over an ingredient from a corpse she just found:

  • "Guess what? I found another dead rat. Here, take this."
  • "Ooh! I found a dead Gnarl, don't get to count those every day. Here, take this."
  • "I got it from a dead Hunger. Those things are mean. Glad I didn't have to kill it. Here take it. It's his tongue!"
  • "Look at this. I got it from a dead bug. A really big one! This oozed out of his body -- here take it!"

This basically makes Jastira a never-ending resource of the four ingredients connected to her dialogue, namely Rat Meat, Gnarl Bark, Hunger Tongue and Elytra Ichor.

Stage-Dependent DialogueEdit

At different stages in the Main Quest, the demented Jastira will share different rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • There's a new adventurer in the Isles. I've only counted three dead adventurers before. Maybe this one will make one more.
  • I've never seen a dead Gatekeeper. I should add him to my list. Did I ever tell you I've counted over a 900 dead rats...?
  • I bet there's plenty of corpses to count in Xedilian.
  • Thadon's back to his old self, I hear. He gets moody when he's not on the Felldew. He had two people killed. I know. I counted them.
  • I was once in Syl's interrogation cell. I counted 35 dead rats in there. Of course, I had to kill a couple to get the count that high.
  • The Great Torch in New Sheoth is lit. Should be easier to count the dead bodies that get dumped on the city street at night now.
  • Has the new ruler of Crucible thought about setting up a city morgue? I'd keep track of all the bodies!
  • Has the new ruler of Bliss thought about setting up a city morgue? I'd keep track of all the bodies!
  • I've never counted a Knight of Order corpse. I wonder what they look like.
  • There's probably a growing pile of bodies near that new Gatekeeper. I should go count them.
  • Do you suppose the armies will start killing people now? I'd keep an accurate count of all the corpses.
  • Do you think Sheogorath died? I know He's missing. I want to see His corpse if He's dead.
  • I wonder how many corpses line the palace grounds. Perhaps I should count them.

Related QuestsEdit


Three additional greetings were recorded for Jastira, but her quest and ingredient-related dialogue will always take precedence:

  • "Did you know I've counted over a 954 dead rats, 137 dead Grummites, and 12 dead men? I'm Jastira Nanus, by the way. I count corpses. I'm good at it." (listen)
  • "It's been so long since I've seen a corpse to count. Perhaps I'll have to make my own. Yep, that's what I'll have to do. Yes, can I help you?" (listen)
  • "It's the Madgod Himself! My Lord! I've been keeping track of all the dead things for you. There's lots of dead things. I've counted them all!" (listen)