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On the border between Mania and Dementia

Split is a village located on the border between Dementia and Mania (quest-related).

The name of the settlement reflects its makeup; it is a settlement that is "split". There is a Manic and a Demented version of each person, each wearing the appropriate bright or dark clothing based on their alignment. This supposedly happened when a mage cast a spell on the town to test the theory that each person has a manic and demented side within each of them. This spot is located at the top of a mountain just south of Fetid Grove, and is the second largest settlement (after New Sheoth) in the Shivering Isles.

Related QuestsEdit


  • From all across the Isles, you may hear rumors about this peculiar town, such as: "There are two of everything in Split, even the residents."



Map of Split
  1. J'zidzo's House (Mania)
  2. Jastira Nanus' House (Mania)
  3. Urul gro-Agamph's House (Mania)
  4. Jastira Nanus' House (Mania)
  5. Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Mania)
  6. Horkvir Bear-Arm's House (Dementia)
  7. J'zidzo's House (Dementia)
  8. Urul gro-Agamph's House (Dementia)
  9. Jastira Nanus' House (Dementia)
  10. Jastira Nanus' House (Dementia)
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