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J'zidzo's House
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J'zidzo's House

J'zidzo's House is a house on the southeast side of Split. It is situated across from Horkvir Bear-Arm's House.

The house is the residence of the Demented versions of J'zidzo and Atrabhi and consists of only one zone, J'zidzo's House.



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J'zidzo's HouseEdit

J'zidzo's house is a small two floor building complete with a fireplace in the center of the home. Immediately upon entering, a food cupboard will be situated to your right. If you head to your left, you will enter a bedroom area. The drawers opposite the double bed have a chance of containing six pieces of Dementia clothing and the jewelry box placed on top of it also has a chance of containing an unenchanted piece of jewelry. A crystal ball and two stone mugs are also situated on top of these drawers. In the corner between the bed and the fireplace is a chest containing clutter. To the right of the home's entrance is a dining room, complete with a small wooden table with two chairs. This part of the house certainly reflects the residents' Demented sides; two rakes can be found in the back wall and three samples of grummite eggs have been placed on the table. In one corner near the table are two barrels containing clutter. A cupboard is situated in the other corner and it contains some food.

After heading up the stairs, you will find yourself in a small loft with a single bed and not too much else furnishing the area. The chest next to the bed may contain a few pieces of low-level light armor and weapons. On the opposite end of the room from the bed is another chest which holds some clutter and a small amount of gold.


  • The key to the house is carried by Atrabhi.
  • The jewelry box and the chest that may contain armor are both non-respawning containers and are therefore safe for storage.