Shivering:Atrabhi (Dementia)

Shivering Isles: People
(RefID: 00017821)
Home Town Split
House J'zidzo's House
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Level PC+1 Class Mage
RefID 00017821 BaseID 00015867
Other Information
Health 21 Magicka 120
Respons. 100 Aggress. 0
Faction(s) Dementia; Split Citizen; Split Dementia; SESplitDementiaJzidzosHouse; Wilderness
Atrabhi (Dementia)

Atrabhi (Dementia) is a split personality of the original Atrabhi who lives in the village of Split. She is a compulsive liar, as she will directly contradict anything that other inhabitants of the Isles will tell you. Her Mania counterpart also lives in town.

She seems to have little to do in life and occupies most of her day by wandering around Split and distracting her counterpart from her reading. She sleeps in J'zidzo's house from 11pm to 9am and then spends the next hour wandering around the house. At 10am she exits the house and spends the rest of the day strolling around town, taking breaks at 11am and at 5pm for a two-hour lunch and dinner out in the open. At 8pm, she heads back inside and paces around the house until her bedtime.

She wears common, lower-class Dementia clothing: a patchwork shirt and pants and a pair of scruffy shoes. She possesses up to two random common books (50%), one random cheap book (50%) and one random rare book (50%). Because she never reads any of them, it is likely she stole them from her book-worm counterpart to annoy her. She also carries the key to J'zidzo's house and a leveled amount of gold. She is a peaceful soul and doesn't wield any weapons or cast any spells, relying solely on her fist if things get bad.

Atrabhi will always tell you and the other citizens the exact opposite of what is really going on and will more or less lie about everything; when you arrive in Split, she may look at you and claim: "Sure, friend. Go right ahead. I have plenty of time to talk to you. Really, I do." When you talk to her, she will give you her own take on the Manic side of Split, in particular her own double: "I've never seen my own double. And I certainly don't want to talk about it." Asking her about Doubles will net you even more confusing information: "I love the other Atrabhi! And I certainly wouldn't be happy if you killed her. Really. I wouldn't be happy at all. If she were dead. I swear. Don't talk to Horkvir about it. He won't know anything. Especially not our Horkvir." She will then elaborate: "I sure am glad that other Atrabhi is around! I sure don't want her dead!"

Should you choose to help out the Manic citizens, she will lie once again: "You aren't going to kill me. I know it." If you fail the quest, she will once again claim the opposite of everyone else: "You sure didn't mess things up. No. Not at all. Didn't make things much worse. Not at all." Should you choose to help the demented and slay her double successfully, she will greet you with another lie: "I just love talking to you, really." and proceed to thank you in her own way: "I didn't hear you killed the other Atrabhi. And I'm not happy about it." Once the quest has been completed in favor of the demented, Atrabhi will comment: "I hate the fact that you've made everything better! I just hate it!" If you visit Split after completing the Main Quest she will not even stop lying when confronted with her Lord: "I don't see Sheogorath. He's not real." and bid you farewell with: "Who was that I was talking to? Not Sheogorath."

Across the street, the Mania version of Athrabi is obviously very annoyed by her counterpart's behavior: "I can't concentrate on my reading with that other version of me walking around. It's terrible. A curse!" And she definitely wouldn't mind if her double disappeared for good: "Sure would be nice to read something about the other Atrabhi. Like an epitaph."

Related QuestsEdit

Stage-Dependent DialogueEdit

At different stages in the Main Quest, the demented Athrabi will share different untrue rumors with you and other NPCs:

  • I certainly haven't heard there's a new adventurer trying to get into the Realm.
  • That Gatekeeper is tough. He's still alive. He killed that adventurer trying to get in. So, we're all still perfectly safe.
  • The Resonator is still broken. It never worked. And it never will.
  • Thadon isn't really addicted to Felldew. Felldew is perfectly safe. There's nothing magical about his special cup either.
  • Syl never has anyone tortured. She's a gentle and kind leader. She trusts everyone, and is therefore trustworthy.
  • The Great Torch is out again! I bet you didn't know that!
  • The city isn't ruled by Dukes. It's ruled by elected representatives. And they wear funny hats.
  • Thadon isn't dead. He's just hiding.
  • The Knights of Order are here to protect us.
  • The Gatekeeper is still dead. That's fine. He never did anything useful, anyway.
  • Those aren't Sheogorath's real armies that have returned. The real ones are being held in a secret underground compound.
  • I know where Sheogorath is. He's hiding in my house. In a cupboard. But he's invisible.
  • We're all doomed. Jyggalag has won. Sheogorath is dead. The forces of Order are victorious.

Quest-Related LiesEdit

  • There certainly aren't any smiths in New Sheoth that collect Amber or Madness Ore. That junk is useless.
  • Run headlong into the ruined city of Vitharn. There's nothing dangerous about that place at all.
  • If you visit Hale, you won't see Pyke, a Knight of the Thorn. In fact, there is no such thing as a Knight of the Thorn.
  • I understand none of the merchants of Crucible are having problems with Brithaur. He's their favorite guy.
  • In Crucible, there isn't a man named Hirrus Clutumnus trying to convince people to kill him. He's very happy with his life.
  • If you visit Highcross, don't speak with Mirili Ulven. She's doing fine with her project, all by herself.
  • Fellmoor must be a lovely place to live. You should visit there, right away.
  • There isn't a man in Bliss who believes his own house will collapse on him. That would be silly. People in Bliss are completely normal.
  • Sickly Bernice is a funny nickname because she's dying, but thinks she's in perfect health.
  • Tove the Unrestful, in Bliss, is definitely NOT collecting items to build something. He couldn't build a rock with a stone.
  • There is an orc in Crucible who is deathly afraid of dogs. He loves cats. He's a cat person. Cats are his favorite thing.
  • There isn't a Khajiit in Crucible who believes the world is about to end.
  • The Argonian, Big Head, is always searching for the Spoon of Horripilation. Yeah, the Spoon of Horripilation. Certainly not a fork.

Quest-Related ResponsesEdit

  • They won't make armor and weapons, especially not magic ones.
  • Nothing unusual happens there. Nothing at all.
  • He definitely doesn't live with Zoe Malene.
  • I understand he is an extremely upright citizen. As good as they come.
  • I like him a lot. He has a great sense of humor.
  • She's definitely not trying to catalogue all the living things in the Shivering Isles.
  • Una Armina has all the pieces she needs to fill her collection. Nothing's missing.
  • The field hands love Cindanwe. She keeps them motivated and extremely happy.
  • That's not Amiable Fanriene. Amiable loves tall walls.
  • I hear she wants a "cure" for her latest disease, but isn't willing to pay for it.
  • If you've got calipers or tongs, he'll steal them from you. He certainly won't buy them.
  • I've heard. But he's not afraid of Khajiit.
  • She's looking for certain magic items that might protect her, but she's not willing to pay for them.
  • Sheogorath has sent it away. It's definitely not back in the Isles.
  • It is how Sheogorath has made their world. They are very happy about it.

Wilderness LiesEdit

  • Run into the water to escape a Scalon. They won't follow you.
  • Cast lots of spells at Gnarls. That's the best way to hurt them. Really!
  • If you see a Shambles dying, get real close. They'll heal you.
  • If you have to fight a Flesh Atronach, never use a shock spell. It won't hurt them.
  • Don't worry about the Elytra's stingers. They aren't poisonous.
  • Like most lesser Daedra, the Hunger doesn't have a weakness to shock spells.
  • Always fight a Grummite in the water. Or in the rain. They hate water.
  • The Baliwog will stay away from the water. Water certainly doesn't heal them. Nope, not at all.
  • Don't bother trying to kill a Skinned Hound with a fireball. They are invincible.
  • If you want to get close to the Heretics, don't try putting on their robes. They aren't stupid. They'll see right through that trick.
  • If you want to sneak up on one of those Zealots, don't wear one of their robes. That never fools them.
  • There's been nothing unusual about those crystal obelisks. Nothing strange at all.
  • Those Hearts of Order you find on the Knights can't be used to unlock special chests.

Wilderness ResponsesEdit

  • Those obelisks are harmless. Certainly, nothing hostile appears near them.
  • There's nothing strange about those Knights. Nothing stranger than any of us.
  • I've heard they hate the water. It certainly doesn't help them any.
  • Maybe the best thing to do is fight them with spells -- lots of spells. Don't use a weapon.
  • They're certainly NOT dangerous. They're quite tame, actually.
  • There's no reason to avoid them. They're harmless. Why would I lie about that?
  • I've always gotten along with the big bugs.
  • I walk right past them. They're slow creatures.
  • They hate water. They hate the land, too.
  • Those things hate the water.
  • Those things are quite harmless.
  • They're quite friendly with newcomers. Just walk up to them and say "hello."
  • Just go right up to them and introduce yourself. They love meeting new people.


  • Atrabhi was supposed to greet you in several different ways, but the quest-related dialogue takes precedence at all times. Additionally, all but one of her unique greetings are missing from the audio section of the CS.
"Welcome, I'm very glad to see you again. No really, why do you look so doubtful? Have people been lying about me again?"
"Do you like visitng [sic] Split? It's a great place to live. The people are charming, and the weather is fantastic. No, really, it's true! Why would I lie?"
"I have it on good authority that that bookworm, Atrabhi is a compulsive liar. My only fault is my naive trusting honesty. How can I help you, friend?".
"Hello. My name isn't Atrabhi, I don't know why everyone calls me that. And I don't know where I get this reputation for being a liar, either."
"Is it my Lord Sheogorath? It can't be." (listen)