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Brithaur's House
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Console Location Code(s)
SENSBrithaursHouse, SENSBrithaursHouseUpstairs
New Sheoth, Crucible
Brithaur's House

Brithaur's House is a house located in the southeastern area of Crucible, situated diagonally left of the Sheogorath statue.

Brithaur's House interior
Brithaur's House Upstairs

Sicky Bernice's Taphouse lies to the northeast. It is the sole residence of Brithaur. It contains two zones: Brithaur's House and Brithaur's House Upstairs.

The entrance is locked with an easy lock. The key is carried by Brithaur.



Related QuestsEdit

  • Brithaur: Stop him from making everyone go crazy! Oh wait…

Brithaur's HouseEdit

His house holds very little to a prospective thief. Upon entering the his house from the street, you come into a small foyer leading up to the dining area. In the foyer there is a bottle of cheap wine on a table in the corner. On the bookshelf near the barrel of swamp tentacles are copies of The Shivering Apothecary, The Shivering Bestiary and a copy of Myths of Sheogorath. Next to the stairs are baskets containing: a hydnum azure giant spore, two congealed putrescences and two water root pod pits. The dining area holds more ingredients. At the top of the stairs, on a barrel is an aster bloom core, a bowl of grummite eggs on the table, more eggs on the wooden shelf alongside two pieces of gnarl bark, a sample of hunger tongue and three potatoes. There is a fungus stalk on the top shelf. The wooden barrel next to the aforementioned shelf has a sample of black tar, red kelp gas bladder and an alocasia fruit.

Brithaur's House UpstairsEdit

The Upstairs room has little in it. Notably, there are three bottles of cheap wine, a Worm's Head Cap, and a Blister Pod Cap. There is also an open barrel with assorted clutter. The cupboard holds random clothing.


  • This house ostensibly once belonged to the author of the Faded Note, found atop a roof in Crucible as part of a non-journal quest. The author mentions that Brithaur had "stolen" their house.