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Shivering:Bone Marrow

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Bone Marrow
Bone Marrow
Value 2 Weight 0.1
Alchemy Effects
1st Damage Health Damage Health
2nd Frost Damage Frost Damage
3rd Damage Magicka Damage Magicka
4th Paralyze Paralyze
# Samples 3
Creature Shambles
A Shambles

Bone Marrow (top) and Bone Shard

The ingredient Bone Marrow is collected from dead Shambles. In Mirili Ulven's list for Taxonomy of Obsession, this ingredient is called Shambles Marrow instead of Bone Marrow.


3 guaranteed samples can be found, in the following places (magenta crosses on map):

It can also be found randomly in Ahjazda's inventory and in some loot chests.


In most cases, Shambles are not guaranteed to carry Bone Marrow; each Shambles has a 50% chance of carrying Bone Shard instead of Bone Marrow. All standard varieties of Shambles are equally likely to be carrying either ingredient, including Decrepit Shambles, Replete Shambles, and Complete Shambles. One exception is any summoned variety of Shambles, which will always carry Bone Marrow (never Bone Shard). The only other exceptions are three Shambles and Decrepit Shambles that appear in Xaselm and are related to the Rebuilding the Gatekeeper quest; these three creatures always carry both Bone Marrow and Bonemeal.

Shambles are generated by various leveled lists (Undead, Shambles, and Wilderness lists) starting at level 9. On boss lists, Shambles appear starting at level 7.

Before level 9, there is only one place to obtain Bone Marrow (red circle on map):

  • Xaselm contains 3 quest-specific Shambles that appear at all levels and always yield Bone Marrow

Otherwise, good places to find Shambles (each of which has only a 50% chance of carrying Bone Marrow) at levels 9 and higher are (green circles):

  • Rotten Den has 7 guaranteed Shambles (12 likely, based on probabilities of creature appearance and being a Shambles).
  • Xirethard has 6 guaranteed Shambles (11 likely).
  • Exterior of the Gardens of Flesh and Bone has 1 guaranteed Shambles.
Locations of Shambles and Bone Marrow