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Summon Headless Zombie
OB-icon-Summonskeleton.png Summon
School Conjuration
Type Defensive
(No enchanting)
Effect ID varies
Base Cost varies
Barter Factor 0
(Click on any item for details)

Summon {Creature} for D seconds.

This spell allows you to summon various creatures to fight on your side. The more powerful the creature, the more costly the spell. You may only summon one creature at a time. Summoned creatures will not summon underlings. For example, Spider Daedra would normally summon Spiderlings, but summoned Spider Daedra are not able to do so. You can also attack summoned creatures and capture their souls; after three hits they turn hostile and attack you. You may not collect ingredients from summoned creatures after they're dead; they simply vanish into thin air.


  • These effects can be gained for spell making via spells with the exception of the Summon Ancestor Guardian greater power, which is disabled for custom spell making.
  • There is a Summon Dremora Lord test potion available in the editor, but not anywhere in the game.
  • The Wizard's Tower official download adds a Daedric Lava Whiskey potion that includes the Summon Dremora Lord effect.
  • The Staff of the Everscamp in the quest Whom Gods Annoy provides limitless (and constant) summoned scamps, which can be taken advantage of just like regular summons: target practice, soul trapping (Lesser souls), etc.
  • This effect has been categorized as defensive, because you actually cast the effect upon yourself (and casting the spell is not considered to be a hostile act).
  • Some summoned creatures are equipped with weapons (i.e., skeletons, dremora). Normally, these weapons disappear with the creature when the spell expires. However, if the summon drops his weapon, it remains present after the end of the spell. This is one way to obtain Dremora weapons; there is even a chance your summon will have an enchanted Dremora weapon. The fastest way to get a summon to drop his weapon is by using Disintegrate Weapon (however, the weapon must already be drawn; if you disintegrate the weapon before he starts to attack, he will never pull it out). Be careful not to do this where other weapons are available: your summon will pick up any other weapon, and that weapon will disappear when the summon spell expires.
  • The spells Summon Dremora and Summon Dremora Lord actually summon NPCs, so you need Black Soul Gems in order to trap their souls.
  • With careful timing and luck it is possible to remove weapons and items from dying summons by quickly hitting the activate button at the instant when the summoned creature is killed. The time window in which this will work is very short, and it never works if the summon effect's duration has expired.
  • Killing a creature you've summoned increases your "Creatures Killed" amount.
  • As well as the Summon effects listed here, there are two extras: Wabba Summon (editor ID Z011) and an empty effect called "Extra Summon 20" (editor ID Z020), listed in the CS but not available in-game. The Wabba Summon effect is designed to summon a deer, sheep, rat, Baliwog, Elytra, Gnarl or Scalon, depending on your level. The Extra Summon 20 is a blank effect intended for use by modders. All the SI-specific summonable creatures were based on what were originally known (pre-SI) as "Extra Summon 06 through 19".
  • In the Construction Set, there is an unused Wraith meant for a Summon Wraith spell. However, the game lacks both the needed Summon Wraith spell effect and an appropriate spell: only Gloom and Faded Wraiths can be summoned.

Summonable CreaturesEdit

Those figures provided in the Effect Base Cost column are taken from the Spell Effects page, and are equal to the magicka cost of a 10 second duration spell. Note that the magicka cost of any summon spell depends on its duration.

Icon Creature Health Attacks Soul Spell
Base Cost
  Black Bear[1] 150
  • 22pts melee
Common Expert Z005 47.3 Creature
  Skeleton 20
  • 5pts melee
Petty Appren ZSKE 11.25 Undead
  Rufio's Ghost[2] 18 ×lvl LeveledL:+0 None Z001 13.0 Undead
  Zombie 80
  • 10pts melee
Lesser Appren ZZOM 16.67 Undead
  Ghost 15 ×lvl
<=LesserL:+0 Appren ZGHO 22.0 Undead
  Skeleton Guardian 170
  • 8pts melee
Lesser Journey ZSKA 32.5 Undead
  Ancestor Guardian[3] 12 ×lvl
<=LesserL:+0 None Z002 33.3 Undead
  Headless Zombie 175
  • 27pts melee
Common Journey ZHDZ 56.0 Undead
  Skeleton Hero 280
  • 12pts melee
Common Expert ZSKH 66.0 Undead
  Faded Wraith 280 Common Expert ZWRA 87.5 Undead
  Skeleton Champion 350
  • Claymore (Silver, Dwarven, Elven, Glass) (10% enchanted, up to Daedric)
  • 14pts melee
Greater Expert ZSKC 152.0 Undead
  Gloom Wraith 500 Grand Master ZWRL 260.0 Undead
  Lich 360
  • 20pts melee, leveled staff (always Greater/Special variety)
  • Same spells as standard lich, except no summon spell. Major spells are always Master.
Grand Master ZLIC 350.0 Undead
  Decrepit ShamblesSI 150
  • 16pts melee
Common Journey Z012 45 Undead
  ShamblesSI 300 Common Expert Z013 87.5 Undead
  Replete ShamblesSI 300 Common Master Z014 150 Undead
  Scamp 16 ×lvl
  • 12+1 ×lvl pts melee (Max:17)
  • Flare
<=LesserL:+1 Appren ZSCA 30.0 Daedra
  Flame Atronach 150 Common Journey ZFIA 45.0 Daedra
  Spiderling[4] 75 None None Z003 45.0 Daedra
  Dremora 84 Black Journey ZDRE 72.5 Daedra
  Clannfear 180
  • 36pts melee
Common Expert ZCLA 75.56 Daedra
  Frost Atronach 280 Greater Expert ZFRA 102.86 Daedra
  Daedroth 280 Greater Expert ZDAE 123.33 Daedra
  Storm Atronach 350 Greater Master ZSTA 125.0 Daedra
  Dremora Lord 172 Black Master ZDRL 157.14 Daedra
  Spider Daedra 300 Greater Expert ZSPD 195.0 Daedra
  Xivilai 240 Grand Master ZXIV 200.0 Daedra
  HungerSI 100 Lesser Appren Z015 22 Daedra
  Gluttonous HungerSI 200 Common Journey Z006 61 Daedra
  Ravenous HungerSI 360 Greater Expert Z007 123.33 Daedra
  Voracious HungerSI 400 Grand Master Z008 175 Daedra
  Dark SeducerSI 43 + (6+1.4)x(Lvl-1), Lvl=5-40 Grand (black) N/A

Greater Power

Z009 1 Daedra
  Flesh AtronachSI. The specific creature you summon is dependent upon your character's level: 15×Lvl
  • Leveled melee
  • Level-dependent spells
<=Lesser+0 N/A

Greater Power

Z016 (Mangled)
Z017 (Torn)
Z018 (Stitched)
Z019 (Sewn)
1 Daedra
Level 1-5: Mangled Flesh Atronach
Level 6-10: Torn Flesh Atronach 80 Lesser
Level 11-15: Stitched Flesh Atronach 125 Common
Level 16-20: Sewn Flesh Atronach 180 Greater
Level 21+: Mended Flesh Atronach 10×(Lvl-2) Grand
  Golden SaintSI 55 + (6+1.8)x(Lvl-1), Lvl=5-21 Grand (black) N/A

Greater Power

Z010 1 Daedra
  1. ^ Used by Spriggans. Available with the Spell Tomes official download.
  2. ^ Only available through the unique Summon Rufio's Ghost scroll.
  3. ^ Only summoned by Dunmer race.
  4. ^ Only summoned by non-conjured Spider Daedra.

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