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Wyress Strigidae
Location March of Sacrifices
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health Normal1031441Veteran1722094 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 3.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Strigidae
Wyress Strigidae's owl aspect
Wyress Strigidae is a Redguard wyress who can be found along with her sisters, Rangifer and Ursus, in the March of Sacrifices. They amuse themselves by hunting and testing themselves against the competitors in Hircine's Great Hunt. Wyress Strigidae is armed with a bow, complementing Rangifer's magic and Ursus' mace.

Related QuestsEdit

  • ON-qico-Group Area.pngThe Great Hunt: Conquer the March of Sacrifices and emerge victorious in the Great Hunt.

Skills and AbilitiesEdit

Quick Shot
A basic ranged attack that deals minor physical damage.
Teleport Strike
The enemy teleports and stabs the player. This attack does moderate physical damage and stuns the player briefly.
Arrow Spray
The enemy shoots out a spray of arrows in front of herself dealing moderate physical damage and snaring all targets hit as indicated by a red cone.
Owl's Silence
The boss is surrounded by a blue aura (see image) that silences you, preventing you from using Magicka-based attacks. When killed, she will spawn an owl that emanates the same aura. The owl cannot be damaged and will move on its own. Stand at range to avoid the silence.
Taking Aim
The boss winds up a charged shot on a random target that deals very high physical damage. This must be interrupted or dodged.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Idling before battle:

Wyress Strigidae: "It appears Lord Hircine has gifted us with fresh prey."
Wyress Strigidae: "Make sure to put up a fight. I wouldn't want to bore our Lord Hircine."
Wyress Strigidae: "In the Huntsman's name, I shall strike you down."

Taking Aim:

Wyress Strigidae: "I'm taking aim!"
Wyress Strigidae: "I'm ready to fire!"
Wyress Strigidae: "I've got the target in sight!" (When performing her interruptible bow attack.)

Group wipe:

Wyress Strigidae: "Lord Hircine shall be pleased by our victory."
Wyress Strigidae: "Hopefully our next prey will put up more of a fight."
Wyress Strigidae: "You're now as silent as the owl's wings."

After she is killed:

Wyress Strigidae: "My spirit remains with you, sisters."
Wyress Strigidae: "The spirit of the owl lives on."
Wyress Strigidae: "I can never be truly defeated."

When she is the last to be defeated:

Wyress Strigidae: "So we have become the prey ... how pathetic."


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