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Wyress Matilde
Location Viridian Woods
Race Breton Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Glenmoril Wyrd
Wyress Matilde

Wyress Matilde is a Breton member of the Glenmoril Wyrd who can be found at the Glenmoril Wyrd camp near Evermore in the Viridian Woods.

Related QuestsEdit

Quest-Related DialogueEdit

After you have rescued Wyress Tola from Archdruid Michiel and the Firesong Circle, she will have you travel to the Glenmoril Wyrd to speak with Wyress Sorcha. Sorcha knows where the second ritual site is and you need to stop it from being corrupted. However, when you arrive at the camp, you will find an angry Wyress Matilde speaking with Druid Laurel:

Wyress Matilde: "Stay back, druid. Your threats of violence are not welcome here."
Druid Laurel: "Please, I'm not one of the others you encountered. My friends and I are here to stop them."
Wyress Matilde: "Oh, really. And why should I trust you?"

It appears the Firesong got here before you, speak with Wyress Matilde to see what happened:

"You travel with a druid, stranger. The last druids that entered our camp were quick to violence and stole one of our sisters away. They said they needed her to open a path.
I don't wish to see any more blood spilled, but if you're with them …."
That was the Firesong Druids. We're not with them. Druid Laurel is a Stonelore Druid.
"Odd. I wasn't aware there were such distinctions. But if you're not with these Firesong, then why are you here?"
We're here to help. Wyress Tola of the Beldama sent us to talk to Wyress Sorcha.
"The Beldama sent you? Well, you're too late. The druids took Wyress Sorcha with them.
If you really want to help, I'll tell you what I know. The druids seek a nature spirit. A very special one that has been asleep for a very long time."
Do you know where the Firesong took Wyress Sorcha?
"Let me have your map. The archdruid asked about an ancient ritual site, one we only know through legends. It lies somewhere deep within the Sunken Road. I marked the entrance on your map.
If you truly want to help, hurry and save Wyress Sorcha."
We'll do what we can, wyress.

After you get your map marked, you can ask Wyress Matilde some more questions:

"The Glenmoril Wyrds know this ancient spirit only through stories and legends. It sleeps in a ritual site hidden within the Sunken Road.
Please, find the site and save Wyress Sorcha. The archdruid … he seemed to enjoy hurting us."
Can you tell me anything else about this nature spirit, wyress?
"We have some stories about the spirit that sleeps beneath the Sunken Road. They mostly revere and venerate the spirit, which the stories call Frii.
Interesting. I just remembered a verse. "Awake, Frii, when the barons in ivy robes need you most.""
The barons in ivy robes?
"It's an old saying. The druids we knew embraced so-called civilization. They were as bad as the city-dwellers. Wyrds seek the beauty of unmarred nature, isolation. The stories give the impression that the druids of old found our ways … unsavory."
And you didn't know the druids are divided into different circles?
"No. To be honest, we hardly even think about druids. They've been absent from High Rock for centuries. Our stories talk about a singular entity, the Druids of Galen. I suppose I should have realized they'd form subgroups. The wyrds certainly have."

When you find the entrance to the second site, you unfortunately find Wyress Sorcha's body. Chasing after the archdruid, you fight through Firesong druids within the Yokudan ruins until you reach the center where Archdruid Michiel can be found before what appears to be a giant purple flower with its petals furled up. Once you have killed Archdruid Michiel, Druid Laurel will ask for your help awakening the nature spirit. Once Frii has been awoken, Dhulef will open a portal back to the Glenmoril camp.

Once there, you will find Wyress Matilde watching the nature spirit:

"The mage and the druid explained what happened. Thank you for trying to save Wyress Sorcha. At least you made that vile archdruid pay. I still don't fully understand the difference between those druids and yours, but I recognize the good in her."

Speaking with her again after completing the quest:

"You and your friends are welcome to recover here in our camp, but I ask that you don't linger longer than you need to. That spirit … I fear you'll make us more of a target. We've lost enough here today.
Please, just leave us in peace."