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Uncover the history of the Brothers of Strife.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Brothers of Strife — Discover the origins of the Brothers of Strife.
Quest Giver: Sorcerer Vunal
Location(s): Brothers of Strife
Next Quest: The Brothers Will Rise
Reward: Low Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Low Experience
Window on the Past
Sorcerer Vunal at the Brothers of Strife monument says he can teach me about the past. The Brothers were apparently once mortal leaders of the citizens of Stonefalls. The past may hold clues about these powerful creatures.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Find and talk to Sorcerer Vunal at the monument.
  2. Collect four smoldering heartstones.
  3. Speak to the spirits of Balreth and Sadal.
  4. Return to Vunal.
  5. Find the shrine and make an offering.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

When you arrive beneath the statues of the Brothers of Strife, you will find a Dunmer named Sorcerer Vunal, who needs help with his research. He needs you to collect four smoldering heartstones, and to commune with the spirits of some important Chimer who died here. Gather the heartstones and head to the pavilions to speak with the spirits of General Balreth and Legate Sadal.

The brothers will be confused as to why they have been summoned, but will offer you the tale of their sacrifice. Balreth and Sadal were powerful Chimer officers, but they could not stem the tide of the Nedic invasion. Their sorcerers offered a ritual that would beat back the invaders, and they took the opportunity. Their actions saved Stonefalls. Return to Vunal with what you've learned. He will instruct you to make an offering to the brothers at the nearby shrine of Boethiah, so that you may enter the past and experience the day that the Brothers of Strife were born. When you arrive in the past, you will be met by Sorcerer Nilae, who gives you your next quest.

Quest StagesEdit

Window on the Past
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
To learn the lessons of the past, I must speak to the spirits of Balreth and Sadal in the ruins to the south. I must also gather the Heartstones Vunal requested.
Objective: Talk to General Balreth
Objective: Talk to Legate Sadal
Objective: Collect Heartstone: 0/4
I've spoken with the spirits and gathered Heartstones. I should return to Sorcerer Vunal to see what comes next. He's usually studying at the base of the monument.
Objective: Talk to Sorcerer Vunal
Sorcerer Vunal told me to find the shrine entrance to the base of the monument. It's just a little way north up the road.
Objective: Find the Shrine Entrance
Vunal instructed me to use the Heartstones in a ritual at the Daedric Altar.
Objective: Make an Offering at the Daedric Altar
☑Finishes quest Talk to Sorcerer Nilae
Objective: Talk to Sorcerer Nilae
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