Online:The Brothers Will Rise

Elder Scrolls Online: Quests: Stonefalls / Side Quests
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Discover how the Brothers of Strife were born.
Zone: Stonefalls
Objective: Brothers of Strife — Discover the origins of the Brothers of Strife.
Quest Giver: Sorcerer Nilae
Location(s): Brothers of Strife
Prerequisite Quest: Window on the Past
Reward: Telvanni Warsash of the Sun
Average Leveled Gold
XP Gain: Standard Experience
The Brothers of Strife arise
Sorcerer Nilae sent me into a deep vision with the help of an ancient ritual site. In this vision of the past, I should be able to interact with Balreth and Sadal. Then I can learn how the Brothers of Strife were born.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. In the vision of the past, speak with Sorcerer Nilae.
  2. Gather some hearts of the Nedic enemies.
  3. Speak to Turoni.
  4. Collect Essence of Wrath and Essence of Fire.
  5. Speak to both Sadal and Balreth.
  6. Begin the ritual and witness the transformation.
  7. Speak to Sorcerer Vunal.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Sorcerer Nilae will brief you on the situation. She wants you to kill Nedic troops, take their hearts, then take the heart of their warchief, Ornskar. After you've done that, you need to meet her at the ritual altar. This task is straightforward. Kill the soldiers, kill the warchief, go to the altar.
Next you must speak to Sorcerer Turoni. She takes the hearts and instructs you to summon and take the essence of two Daedra, as this essence is an important component for the ritual the sorcerers are planning. Balreth and Sadal will sacrifice their lives to become beings of pure elemental fury, which the Nedic army will be unable to withstand. Head over to the pavilions where Brimstone and Hatewarden are to be summoned, defeat them, and bring their essences back to the sorcerers at the ritual altar.
After you bring back the essence, you have the chance to speak with Legate Sadal and General Balreth about their sacrifice. Sadal is hesitant to make the sacrifice, but in the end, both brothers accept the task. Your final objective is to pray at the brazier so that the ritual can proceed. The brothers will be engulfed in flame, and rise from the ashes as the Brothers of Strife; imposing juggernauts of fire and fury. You will be returned to the present day before you can witness the Nedes' destruction.
Speak with Sorcerer Vunal about what you've witnessed, and accept your reward for aiding him in his research.

Quest StagesEdit

The Brothers Will Rise
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Sorcerer Nilae wants me to cut out the hearts of Nedic warriors. They'll be used to power the upcoming ritual. Then I must kill their general, Ornskar.
Objective: Collect Nedic Hearts: 0/4
Objective: Collect Ornskar's Heart
I've prepared the site for the ritual. Turoni instructed me to talk to Sorcerer Turoni when I was done with my task. She should be at the altar in the center of the ruin.
Objective: Talk to Sorcerer Turoni
Sorcerer Turoni asked me to kill two powerful Daedra, so I can harvest an Essence of Fire and Essence of Wrath from their corpses. I must speak with her acolytes at the nearby ruins to proceed.
Objective: Collect the Essence of Wrath
Objective: Collect the Essence of Fire
The ritual preparation is complete. Talk to Legate Sadal and begin the final phase of the ritual.
Objective: Talk to Legate Sadal
Sadal told me the mages are ready to begin. I should speak to Balreth as the final step before the start of the ritual.
Objective: Talk to General Balreth
General Balreth has given me the honor of beginning the transformation ritual. I should pray at the Ritual Brazier to begin.
Objective: Place the Spirits in the Ritual Brazier
Hidden Objective: Start the Ritual
☑Finishes quest I've returned from my vision of the past. I should talk to Sorcerer Vunal about what I've experienced.
Objective: Talk to Sorcerer Vunal