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This article is about the Chimer legate. For the bone colossus, see Sadal.

Legate Sadal
Location Brothers of Strife
Race Chimer Gender Male
Health 1799oudated
Reaction Friendly
Legate Sadal in the First Era

Legate Sadal was a Chimer and the brother of the famed General Balreth. He led, along with his brother, the defense of Resdayn against the invading Nedes. When they saw their incoming deaths, mages conducted a ritual that transformed them into the Brothers of Strife.

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Window on the PastEdit

Collect enough Heartstones and his spirit will appear in the northeast corner of the complex:

"Wait. This is where the final battle took place. Why am I here?"
Help me understand the past. Tell me about the battle.
"All my life I fought for the Chimer. I skirmished with Dwemer and drove beasts from the Ashlands, until a greater threat loomed.
The Nedes struck Stonefalls with a lust for territory and slaughter. They were men of the north, violent and cruel."
The Chimer were losing?
"My brother and I were the greatest generals of the Chimer. Yet even we couldn't stem the tide of Nedic muscle and iron.
We were desperate. The sorcerers' plan to create the Brothers of Strife offered us a way out."
And you took it.
"Of course we did. We were losing. Our homeland, everything we'd fought to build, was about to fall to these vile humans.
There could be no peace with the Nedes. I became one of the Brothers to serve my people."
Thank you, Sadal.

He then fades away. When you go to the shrine of Boethiah, Balreth and Sadal will be inside, and you can speak to him:

"The Chimer were powerful. We thought we could face any challenge. Even at the end, we were arrogant and proud.
But I will not believe our sacrifice was in vain."

The Brothers Will RiseEdit

Before speaking to Turoni:

"Quickly, soldier. Speak with Turoni. We have little time left, and my brother grows angrier by the moment."

After speaking to Turoni:

"Sorcerer Turoni knows what remains to be done. The moment is almost upon us. I think ... I think I'm ready."

Returning with the Daedric essence:

"I don't know if I can go through with this, soldier.
These sorcerers ask so much. Everything, in fact."
What have they told you?
"They've created a spell to fill us with raw elemental power, greater than our enemies can stand—if it works.
What they can't say is what happens to us. Will my brother and I still remain or will we be nothing but beasts of destruction?"
Are you ready for this?
"Yes. I must be.
I wonder what the lens of history will show when our people look back on this day? Will my brother and I be remembered as the saviors of our race? Or will we be known as monsters and horrors?"
Good luck, Sadal.

Before praying at the brazier:

"I fear what will happen if we do this, soldier. We'll see fire and death, but I don't see another way.
When people ask you about today, tell them that Sadal did it for his people."



  • Initially, Sadal had black eyes, and at some point the Chimer were updated to have gold eyes and the Nedes were given different armor.