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War Chief Helushk
Home Settlement Stillrise Village
Race Kothringi Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Helushk's Kothringi form

War Chief Helushk is a Kothringi warrior in Stillrise Village. He and his supporters revel in undeath and seek to become perfect warriors, and are at odds with Shaman Chirah.

Related QuestsEdit


The Thin OnesEdit

Before quest:

"A stranger to Stillrise? You have some surprises in store for you here. If you have not spoken to Chieftain Suhlak, you should."
Helushk's skeleton form

After Suhlak reveals the undead curse:

"Eternal life is full of advantages. No need to pull your blows when training.
What do you need, stranger?"
Shaman Chirah said you would let me into the temple.
"That fool thinks Worm Cultists can sway the proud warriors of Stillrise Village, does he? I'd say the man lacked a spine, if I couldn't see it for myself.
We have no hearts to fill with fear, or blood to run cold. No blow is mortal. We're unstoppable."
Then how did the Worm Cult defeat you?
"We can't die, but we can fall for a time. It's how the cultists overpowered one of Shaman Chirah's acolytes and stole the soul gem array.
Here's the temple key. When you're done, bring it to Acolyte Morag. And tell her not to lose this one too, would you?
I'll do that.
"A shame you're flesh and blood. I'd let you train, but my warriors might forget your squishy parts."
You don't mind being a skeleton?
"We need no sleep or food. There's no sickness and no pain. If I fall in battle, I recover.
I don't care if I can't see, taste, or feel the same way I used to. Clavicus Vile's blessing makes us perfect warriors."
Chieftain Suhlak and Shaman Chirah called it a curse.
"Shaman Chirah couldn't tell his coccyx from a hole in the ground.
As for Chieftain Suhlak, well … She needs to stop regretting who we once were and consider what we can become."
'Do the other villagers want to remain this way?
"Sure, the ones with marrow where it counts. The rest listen to Shaman Chirah whine about a "curse." But they'll come around."
And if they don't?
"I'll do what I've always done: protect my people. From themselves, if necessary."

If you speak to him after receiving the Curse of Stillrise, he'll say:

"Ha! Welcome to the invulnerable fellowship! Wait, your blessing doesn't feel … permanent.
Ah, well! Enjoy it while it lasts."

If you speak to him after recovering the soul gem array, he'll say:

"Outstanding! Once you hand the soul gem array to Chieftain Suhlak, we can make sure something like this never happens again."

The Bargain's EndEdit

"Shaman Chirah whimpers about a curse, but the real curse is allowing someone else to control us with the soul gem array.
Something must be done about it. Something permanent."
What do you think I should do with the soul gem array?
"Preserve the soul gem array forever. Clavicus Vile's gift has its drawbacks, but it's the only life we have. Don't let the weak-willed take it away from the rest of us."
How would I preserve the soul gem array?
"There's a room deep in the Daedric ruins with two braziers that always burn. I'll give Shaman Chirah some credit. He figured out what they did.
Placing the soul gem array into the Ice of Stasis will preserve it, and us, forever."

You can either agree with Helushk or tell him you consider Chirah's proposal:

I'll preserve it and protect Stillrise Village from necromantic control.
I should speak with Shaman Chirah before I decide.

If you tell Shaman Chirah that you will destroy the soul gem array, Helushk will yell and run out the hut:

War Chief Helushk : "You'd kill our people to save them? What madness is that?"
War Chief Helushk : "My warriors won't allow you to perpetrate this foolishness."

During the battle inside the Odious Chapel, he'll say:

War Chief Helushk : "You can still preserve the soul gem array! We don't have to die!"
War Chief Helushk : "We'll stop your mad plan to destroy us!"
War Chief Helushk : "Fool! Our strength is eternal! You can't defeat us!"
War Chief Helushk : "You won't get past me! I won't die for those weaklings!"

If you agree with Helushk to preserve the array, he'll say:

"If we can protect the soul gem array, our village will have nothing to fear from anyone!"

After using the Ice of Stasis, he'll be back in his post outside the Odious Chapel and will say:

"You're back, and with meat on your bones. Everything went well in there?"