Online:Treethane Nilara

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Treethane Nilara
HomeĀ Settlement Deepwoods
House Treethane Nilara's House
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Treethane Nilara

Treethane Nilara is a Bosmer who can be found in her house in Deepwoods.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

You will first be directed to Treethane Nilara by one of her subjects, who tells you that you should speak to Nilara about The Green Lady's missing sister.

When approached, she will say this:

"As I've already told the others, we must look for Lanwaen soon, or there's no hope of finding her.
Who will tell the Green Lady her sister's gone then? Who?"
I'd like to help.
"Praise Y'ffre! This means a lot to me!
Lanwaen hasn't returned from her hunt. When she goes out, she normally returns the following morning with her kill, but we haven't seen or heard from her in days."
Is anyone else searching for her?
"Lanwaen's husband, Haron, headed out with Oraneth and Ungiras.
I've prayed more would help find Lanwaen, but we've seen both werewolves and Houndsmen near."
Where should I start my search?
"Lanwaen usually hunts near the southern falls. That's where Haron said they'd start the search.
If she encountered a foe, she might have loosed her entire quiver defending herself. I'd keep an eye out for arrows and follow any signs of struggle."
I'll catch up with the others.
"Thank you. It would be a shame if we were to lose two of the Green Lady's relatives to the Houndsmen in one shot.
Y'ffre guide you in your search."

You can ask her further questions before continuing on to find the search party. if approached again:

"Please, be careful in the forest. Villagers return with tales of werewolves and Houndsmen prowling near town."
I'd like to know more about the search party.
"Haron is a powerful fighter, but there are werewolves and Houndsmen out there. I asked him to wait for reinforcements, but he left immediately with his apprentice, Ungiras.
Oraneth is Lanwaen's cousin, but she's no warrior herself."
Who are the Houndsman?
"They serve the Hound, a servant of Hircine.
If the rumors are true, and they kidnapped Lanwaen, I don't know why. She's sister to our sacred Green Lady. Whatever their cause, it cannot be good."
Why are they here?
"We don't know. Everyone's so upset, they've gone a bit mad, seeing things that can't be true.
One of the villagers said she saw Cirithor, but he's dead. Lost to a pack of wolves when his parents were attacked. We never did find his body."

After saving Lanwaen, you must return to Nilara to report your success.

"You've returned? Does this mean Lanwaen is safe?"
Lanwaen and Haron are safe now.
"Joyous news! The Green Lady must hear of this. I sent a Jaqspur scout to her when Oraneth returned, and now we must send another with this report.
You've done us a service, and have our deepest gratitude."

After the quest:

"Though I wish you could stay to drive out the remaining Houndsmen, I'm sure you're needed elsewhere.
Good luck on your journey."


  • Treethane Nilara does not exist in the game prior to starting the quest.