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Home Settlement Deepwoods
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Oraneth is a Bosmer found in the settlement of Deepwoods. She is the cousin of Lanwaen and the current Green Lady.

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The Hound's MenEdit

She can first be found hiding from werewolves near the Houndsmen encampment.

"Shh! They'll hear you!"
Are you all right?
"I … I think so. The werewolves attacked as we followed this trail. One of the beasts knocked my blade out of my hand and nearly took my head off before I fled.
I hope Haron got away."
Which way did Haron go?
"He ran further up the trail. When the werewolves attacked, they ripped Ungiras to shreds. He … he died screaming at us to run.
Haron is an able fighter, like Lanwaen. He must be alive."
Did you find Lanwaen?
"We found her backpack and a few personal items at the falls, but nothing more. And then, the werewolves ambushed us along the trail."
Where does the trail lead?
"It connects to an old path leading to Hircine's shrine, but I haven't been that way in ages. It makes sense the Houndsmen might set up camp there.
I saw a few more arrows and corpses along the path, so maybe Lanwaen held her own."
Head back to the village. I'll try to find Haron.
"Good luck. May Y'ffre guide you."

The Tale of the Green LadyEdit

After completing The Hound's Men, Oraneth will approach you to offer a tour of the village as thanks.

"You've done us all a service, rescuing Lanwaen.
Would you like to hear more about her sister, the Green Lady?"
I'd be honored.
"I wanted to give you a short tour of our holy sites. Deepwoods is home to the last two Green Ladies, and some say the first as well.
Pilgrims often visit our village to pay homage to the shrine of the Green Lady."
The shrine of the Green Lady?
"It's the most sacred site in Deepwoods, and the reason the first villagers chose this site.
Come with me! I'll show you the shrine and tell you more of our history."
All right. Let's start the tour.

She will then run to the center of town and wait for you at the shrine.

"Here we are. The very embodiment of the Green Lady can be see in this ancient tree."
Is the entire town built around this tree?
"Yes, some say this is the grave of the first Green Lady, lost to time before the Green Pact. Others believe the tree is the first Green Lady herself.
All agree this place is sacred and a blessed site of Y'ffre.
How did the first Green Lady die?
"Hard to say. While a Green Lady is terrifically hard to kill, she is mortal. A powerful blow from a Daedra, perhaps?
More likely, she died of old age … or perhaps her Silvenar was killed."
A Green Lady dies if her Silvenar is killed?
"Yes. So it was with Finoriell, who was Green Lady before this one.
Once the Green Lady and Silvenar are wed, their bond is inescapable. If one dies, the other must follow suit."
I'm ready to move on. Where to next?
"The falls, where the current Green Lady, Gwaering, risked her life to save a friend. I can reveal a bit of the story with a blessing Spinner Aldor taught me.
It's a little dangerous with the werewolves and Houndsmen about, but they're no match for you."

After meeting Oraneth at the falls, she will give you a vision of the past and explain what happened during it.

"Here we are. This is where the current Green Lady saved her friend as a young girl.
Shall I start the blessing?"
Yes, go ahead.
"Y'ffre, confer your blessing upon this place, that we might behold the bravery of the Green Lady!"
What am I seeing?
"Illusions. The blessing reveals a spiritual imprint left at this place.'
Y'ffre has blessed us with this memory to show us the spirit of true courage and self-sacrifice."
What happened here?
"Gwaering and Ulthorn, her constant companion, often played here as children.
One day, a starved pack of senche-tigers came along and circled the pair. Ulthorn suffered with fear, but Gwaering stood fast."
What did they do?
"Gwaering picked up a bone and growled like a tiger herself. Then she gave them what-for until they surrendered! I came along just as they ran off.
Ulthorn was quite embarassed of his inaction, but remained proud of Gwaering."
Where to next?
"Let's go to the archery range. It's just up the hill.
Watch out for those werewolves! There are so many of them. I hope the Green Lady sends us help to disperse them."

After getting past the Houndsmen, you can speak with Oraneth at the archery range.

"This range brings back memories! Everyone from the village learned how to use a bow in this very place."
Why do pilgrims come here?
"Y'ffre, confer your blessings upon this place, that we might behold the skill of the Green Lady."
Was the Green Lady an archer?
"Yes. As a child, Gwaering practiced archery here with her friend Ulthorn and sister Lanwaen. She outstripped them from the very first day.
That's when her Aunt Finoriell, the previous Green Lady, saw her potential."
What potential?
"To be the next Green Lady, of course! Her next feat all but confirmed it."
What feat was that?
"Ulthorn thought he'd show her. He'd been having lessons for a year or so before she and Lanwaen came along.
Gwaering's first arrow split his in two. Her second, the same. She never missed. Ever."
Ulthorn must've been angry.
"Angry? Not he! When he saw her skill, he forgot he'd meant to show off and instead gloated about her prowess as if he'd taught her himself!
He was always proud of her and loved her."
What happened to Ulthorn?
"He grew up and learned the hard way that one doesn't always get what one wants, or is promised.
They'd been betrothed, but when she was chosen as the Green Lady, Ulthorn was forced to step aside. The Green Lady always weds the Silvenar."
What did he do then?
"To love someone so strongly, only for them to be taken away is a hard thing for any mer to learn. He left Deepwoods, to seek his fortune elsewhere.
In any case, we should continue our tour."
Where to next?
"Let's return to the village. That's where Gwaering's greatest moment took place.
There is an area near the shrine where our people gathered to watch."

After returning to the Deepwoods, you can find her near one of the podhouses.

"Here we are, back where we began.
Isn't it amazing how often we travel to distant places, only to end up right where we started?"
Can you explain the Green Lady's role with the Bosmer?
"Y'ffre, confer your blessing upon this place that we might behold the glory of the Green Lady."
What happened here?
"The Green Lady is the personification of the feral side of our people. Here you see part of the scene when Gwaering was revealed by Y'ffre."
Y'ffre himself chose Gwaering?
"Yes. Once her Silvenar died on Khenarthi's Roost, Finoriell vanished. The priests and spinners searched for any sign.
When they could not find her, they came to Deepwoods to pray for guidance at the Green Lady's shrine."
How did they know Gwaering would become the Green Lady
"As the priests and spinners prayed, Gwaering came to the shrine to join them.
When she touched the shrine to offer her prayers, the tree began to glow and she rose into the air, revealed as the blessed Green Lady before the assembled faithful."
That must have been a sight to see.
"Indeed. Her glory was revealed, and all Gwaering's experiences and talents must have been ordained by Y'ffre to prepare her for this ascension."
Ascension to what?
"The Green Lady represents our feral flesh, while the Silvenar is the spiritual. Both are chosen by Y'ffre for the common good of our people.
Their union is sacred, and we are all made stronger for it."
Thanks for the tour.
"I'm always happy to share our stories. It's the least I could do to thank you for saving me from those werewolves.
We're proud of our history in Deepwoods."

After the quest, she can be found in Spinner Aldor's House.

"Thank you for hearing our stories. I look forward to hearing your own one day."
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