HomeĀ Settlement Deepwoods
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Haron is a Bosmer hunter and the husband of Lanwaen. He is part of the group who went searching for Gwaering alongside Ungiras and Oraneth.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

Treethane Nilara will send you out to find Haron and his missing search party. Oraneth will direct you towards a camp of Houndsmen, where Haron can be found.

"Come no closer until you've stated your business."
I came to search for Lanwaen.
"Ah, good. Werewolves attacked us. I wounded a few of the beasts and got away, but not before they tore into Ungiras. I'd hoped these Houndsmen might hold clues, but nothing.
Have you seen Oraneth? Is she safe?"
She's alive. I sent her back to the village.
"Praise Y'ffre!
I told her this search might prove dangerous, but she wouldn't hear me. She and Lanwaen are cousins, and blood runs deep."
Are you hurt? Looks like this was quite a fight.
"No. These shafts are Lanwaen's handiwork. Only she and the Green Lady could weave such sweet death with a bow.
I've seen too many of her arrows. She might have used the last on these three fools."
How will we find her?
"The Houndsmen have come and gone from the campsite near the old shrine to Hircine.
If you'll search the camp, I'll do my best to track the patrols. One or the other will lead us to Lanwaen."
I'll search the camp. Meet back here?
"There's a small alcove nearby. An old hermit's den. I'll wait for you there.
Baan Dar be with you, friend."

After searching the camp, you can return and discuss your findings with Haron.

"The patrols led me in circles. It was a complete waste of time. Have you found anything?"
I found Lanwaen's bow and this note. Cirithor's hiding her in a cave.
"This bow goes everywhere with Lanwaen! She wouldn't give it up willingly. It was an engagement gift from her father.
There's only one cave nearby which might serve to hide her. It's not far."
How should we proceed?
"Cirithor must die for what he's done. To kidnap the Green Lady's sister, my wife! The fool condemned himself by his actions.
Let's go to the cave and end this!"
I'm with you.
"Good. I hope Lanwaen is unharmed."

You then enter Cirithor's cave and, after killing him, can find Lanwaen tied up in the corner.

"We need to get back to Deepwoods before the cave fills with werewolves or Houndsmen."
Lanwaen is injured.
"She says she's all right. We should get moving.\n\nLanwaen's been through enough battles to know her limits."
Follow me.
"Lead on. We'll be right behind you."

After the quest, he can be found in his house.

"One day I'll find a way to repay you for helping me rescue Lanwaen.
You're a true friend. We won't forget this."