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Take down a kidnapping network operating in Southern Elsweyr.
Zone: Southern Elsweyr
Quest Giver: Skordo the Knife
Location(s): Senchal
Reward: Topal Corsair Epaulets
Southern Elsweyr Reward Chest
High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: High
ID: 6408
Investigate the kidnappers
Kidnappers abducted Skordo the Knife, but their caravan fell prey to a Dragon attack. The abductors left the hard-nosed Orc behind, but dragged off two of his companions. Skordo wants to free his friends and put a stop to the kidnappers' schemes.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Untie Skordo and investigate the waterfront at Senchal.
  2. Talk to Selloe and find Zurnash.
  3. Deliver the token to Auberic Dufont.
  4. Enter the hunt.
  5. Find Skordo and Tajahir.
  6. Kill Lady Ghisiliane, then meet Skordo and Marekki outside.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Take the Slimy Key

While walking up the hill near Ri'Atahrashi's Training Ground from north to south, just up from where the road fords a river, you'll hear Skordo yell out to you. He's naked and bound amidst the flaming wreck of a caravan. He claims he was kidnapped, and that their cart was destroyed by a Dragon. The kidnappers left him behind when they fled, but he made some friends during his imprisonment, whom he wants to find. Untie him and start investigating the site of the wreck so you can find a few clues as to who the kidnappers might be. There's a pile of ash with a Half Melted Token in it to the right, and a note near the cliff to the right. It talks about someone named "Lady G," and one of her contacts, Selloe, who is apparently at the harbor in Senchal. Skordo tells you to meet him at the marketplace if you find her.

Head northeast to Senchal. Selloe is exactly where the note says she is. When you arrive, she's speaking with an Argonian merchant about hoarvors. Whatever she's involved in, it involves exotic animals. Speak with Selloe after Jun-Jassa walks away. At first, she doesn't take you seriously, but then she sends you to find her drunk courier, Zurnash, who was supposed to be delivering one of those same tokens to a nobleman named Auberic Dufont. With this information, meet Skordo at the Court of Crafts. Tell him about the courier, and he admits that he saw a drunk Khajiit walking out of the inn, dropping bottles of Sugar Brandy as he walked past. Follow the trail of glowing bottles outside to the plaza, in front of the other end of the tavern. Zurnash is here, and he is easily convinced to give you his job. He even takes off his clothes and gives them to you, as Auberic Dufont is expecting a well-dressed courier to arrive with his token.

Speak with Skordo while Zurnash prepares himself to drink the day away. Skordo volunteers to deliver the token and keep Dufont occupied while you look for clues as to what this event might be. You'll meet Skordo outside when you've found what you're looking for. He puts on Zurnash's fancy robes and runs off across the street to Auberic Dufont's Residence. He starts chatting up the nobleman while you look around the house for clues. Upstairs on a table is an invitation to the event, which reveals that it's a hunt where participants track mortals. Having read it, head on outside and meet Skordo by the waterfront. Skordo sighs, as a hunt is exactly what he was afraid this shindig was going to turn out to be. Don't worry though, he has a plan. He wants you to tie him up and take him to Selloe down by the docks. She's missing an Orc, and might be glad to have one for her little hunting party to track. She might even give you an invitation to this event if you ask nicely enough after buttering her up with Skordo. Tie him up and bring him down to Selloe.

Selloe is pleased with your offering, and allows you to meet her mistress. Right on cue, Lady Ghisiliane arrives at the docks. She notices the bound Orc accompanying you, and thanks you for your "donation". She gives you an Exclusive Entertainments Token in exchange for Skordo. This will allow you to participate in her hunt. Travel to the Western Plains wayshrine and head north towards the road. You will be stopped by Hunt Master Tildulon, who will ask to see your token. He lets you through when you show it to him, warning you to keep watch for an Orc. Now you just need to find Skordo. Travel through the swamp until you find him. He leads you to an area with a short wall, where Tajahir lays dying. Tajahir says Marekki ran into the ruins to kill Lady G. He's worried that she's going to get herself killed. Skordo tells you to see if you can help Tajahir while he goes to stop Marekki. Tajahir

Take the Slimy Key and enter Ghisiliane's Den. Kill her, then meet Skordo and Marekki by the Western Plains Wayshrine. They thank you for saving them and ending Lady Ghisiliane's atrocious business, though they mourn the loss of Tajahir.

Quest StagesEdit

The Deadliest Prey
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
I should untie Skordo the Knife.
Objective: Free Skordo
The kidnappers who abducted Skordo and the others clearly fled in a hurry. I should inspect the area. With any luck, I'll find some clues that can lead me to Marekki and Tajahir.
Objective: Search the Site of the Dragon Attack
Hidden Objective: Find Note
Hidden Objective: Find Token
Hidden Objective: Bottle
Hidden Objective: Skordo's Changes Again
Hidden Objective: Skordo Taj Thtr
An engraved token of some sort and a scrap of a note may provide clues as to who these kidnappers were. I should talk to Skordo about what I found.
Objective: Talk to Skordo the Knife
The note I found identified someone named Selloe as connected to the kidnappers' plot. Apparently, she frequents Senchal's waterfront. I should go there and try to track her down.
Objective: Find Selloe
I found Selloe on the Senchal docks. I should go speak with her.
Objective: Talk to Selloe
Selloe promised an introduction to Lady G if I deliver a token to a noble named Auberic Dufont. I should find Skordo and tell him what I learned. I'll find him in Senchal's marketplace.
Objective: Meet Skordo in the Marketplace
Selloe paid off a Khajiit named Zurnash to deliver one of Lady G's invitation tokens to a wealthy merchant in town. He went astray. If I find him and complete the delivery, she said she can arrange for me to meet Lady G.
Objective: Look for Zurnash
Hidden Objective: Look for Sugar Swirl Bottles
A trail of empty bottles led us to Zurnash. I should talk to him about his delayed delivery.
Objective: Talk to Zurnash
Zurnash gave me the token and a set of fine clothes. I should talk to Skordo about how to proceed.
Objective: Talk to Skordo
Auberic Dufont's house might contain more information about Lady G's mysterious event. Skordo plans to distract Auberic. I should search the residence for clues.
Objective: Search Auberic Dufont's House
Skordo kept Auberic Dufont talking and I found some more information about Lady G and her exclusive event. I should meet Skordo outside Auberic's home.
Objective: Meet Skordo Outside
I should follow Skordo to the waterfront.
Objective: Meet Skordo near the Waterfront
Objective: Search Auberic Dufont's House
Skordo wants me to offer him to Selloe and Lady G as a gift. Hopefully, this gesture will earn me a place in Lady G's hunting expedition. I need to tie Skordo up before proceeding with the plan.
Objective: Tie Up Skordo
I tied up Skordo. Now, I must take him to Selloe and Lady G.
Objective: Take Skordo to Selloe
I should talk to Selloe. Hopefully she takes the bait and accepts Skordo as we planned.
Objective: Talk to Selloe
I should talk to Lady Ghisiliane to see if she will invite me to her hunt.
Objective: Talk to Lady Ghisiliane
Lady Ghisiliane gave me a token and urged me to travel to the swamps east of Purring Rock to participate in the hunt. I should give the token to a hunt master when I arrive.
Objective: Present the Token to a Hunt Master
I officially entered the hunt. Now I should look for Skordo and his two friends, Tajahir and Marekki.
Objective: Find Skordo
I found Skordo and a badly injured Tajahir shortly thereafter. Skordo ran off to try to help his other friend Marekki. I should talk to Tajahir.
Objective: Talk to Tajahir
Tajahir told me that Marekki plans to kill Lady G. Given her size and inexperience, she'll almost certainly be killed. I should hurry to the ruins and make sure she doesn't go through with her plan.
Objective: Rescue Marekki
Marekki "hid" a key to Lady Ghisiliane's private chambers. I should pick it up, even if it is a little slimy.
Objective: Take the Key
Lady Ghisiliane's despicable games will continue so long as she remains alive. I need to end this before she hurts more innocent people.
Objective: Kill Lady Ghisiliane
I killed Lady Ghisiliane. I should meet up with Skordo and Marekki outside of the Hunting Grounds.
Objective: Find Skordo and Marekki
I should talk to Marekki to make sure she's all right.
Objective: Talk to Marekki
☑Finishes quest Despite Tajahir's death, Skordo and I managed to rescue Marekki and bring an end to Lady Ghisiliane's evil business. I should speak with him about what comes next.
Objective: Talk to Skordo the Knife
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