Elder Scrolls Online: People
Home City Senchal
Location Senchal Docks
Race Argonian Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Jun-Jassa is an Argonian trader who can be found at the docks in Senchal.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

She appears while you're looking for Selloe at the harbor. She can be seen speaking with Selloe about some sort of business.

Selloe: "A single hoarvor? Honestly? This is an exclusive gathering for Senchal's elite, not a goblin petting zoo."
Jun-Jassa: "This scrapes no scales off my back, Selloe. I am not the one with the fussy mistress. Good luck. You will need it, I think."

She walks away to the west when she's done speaking with Selloe. You can speak with her before you leave the docks, after you're done talking to Selloe.

"What do you want, smooth-skin?"
I'm curious—why were you offering that High Elf a Hoarvar [sic]?
"Selloe works for some rich High Elf lady who collects unusual creatures. Or so she says. Still, she pays decent gold for something unusual. And you wouldn't believe what shows up here sometimes, from the boats or the pirates."
Do you think she is lying?
"Selloe? No, she's your typical servant. Her mistress though. You hear rumors.
She runs some sort of game. Something that earns her a lot of gold from bored rich people."
Maybe some sort of zoo?
"If it was a zoo, why so secretive?
I only know that Selloe or others are down here regularly enough, always looking for interesting creatures. And maybe those creatures include people like me and you."