Online: People
Home Settlement Riverhold
Location Market of Fresh Delights
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly

Thadarra is a Khajiit cloth merchant who can be found at her stall in Riverhold.

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"Welcome to Riverhold, friend. You should feel fortunate to have found the finest collection of cloth in all of Elsweyr. Let Thadarra know if you see anything you like."

Cross-cultural ConfusionEdit

After meeting with Rigurt in Rimmen, he will send you to pick up a package that was accidentally delivered to Thadarra in Riverhold. She will want reimbursement for taking the delivery.

"Congratulations on finding the finest cloth merchant in all of Riverhold. Thadarra can see that you are in desperate need of a renovation."
Actually, I'm here to pick up a package for Rigurt.
"Ah, Thadarra was wondering how much longer she would need to keep this stinking thing in her shop. Thadarra doesn't know what's inside, but it smells like hot horse cheeks.
Your friend Rigurt told you about the delivery fee, yes?"
There's a delivery fee?
"The courier who brought Rigurt's rotten package was promised payment upon delivery. Thadarra assumed someone would eventually come to claim its disgusting contents, so she paid the fee herself.
It's only fair that Thadarra be reimbursed, yes?"
How much was the fee?
"You can see the courier's invoice for yourself."
"You can see the courier's invoice for yourself. Thadarra wouldn't want you to think you were being cheated.
Everything seems correct, yes?"
[Pay 0000006969 Gold]: Yes, here's your gold for the delivery fee.
"Thank you, friend. Thadarra had doubts about accepting a strange package that smells like curdled dog slobber, but it felt like the right thing to do.
Please visit again if you'd like Thadarra to help with your embarrassing sense of style."
I don't owe you anything. In fact, I might report you to the Imperials for extortion.
"Thadarra uses gold from her own purse to accept this nasty package for your stupid friend, and you repay her with threats?
Take it and leave before Thadarra slaps the ugly from your shaveskin face."

If you leave the conversation and return, she will get right to the point.

"This one paid good gold for Rigurt's package. More than it is worth, judging by the smell.
You will give Thadarra what she is owed, yes?"
Will you show me the invoice again?
"Of course. Thadarra wouldn't want you to think you were being cheated.
Everything seems correct, yes?"
The dialogue then repeats from above.

After you are given the package, Thadarra will mention the general illegibility of Rigurt's writing.

"Thadarra isn't surprised that Rigurt's package arrived in Riverhold by mistake. The attached note looks like it was written by a drunken mudcrab."