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Raynor Vanos
Location Bthanual, Mzulft, The Sober Nord Tavern, Taarengrav, Stirk, Library of Dusk, Consultants' House, Chapel of Light, The Endless Stair, Anvil, Brass Fortress, Nchuthnkarst
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Raynor Vanos

Raynor Vanos is a Dunmer scholar. Along with his sister Kireth, he can be found exploring ruins in Deshaan, Eastmarch and the Rift. The siblings also form part of the Coldharbour invasion force. Additionally, you will meet Raynor and Kireth in Wrothgar, the Gold Coast, the Clockwork City and in Western Skyrim.

Though his sister is perfectly content on being an adventurer, Raynor desperately wants to be accepted into either the Mages Guild or Shad Astula. He is constantly on the lookout for items of great magical significance that he can use as a calling card at these great institutions and have them accept him and his sister as one of their own.

Raynor is logical and fastidious. Even his attempts at keeping a personal journal end up reading as research notes.

Related QuestsEdit


Ebonheart PactEdit


The Dungeon DelversEdit

Make your way up the path to Bthanual and you'll hear a dark elf bemoaning his fate:

"Stranger! Stranger! Stranger! I require your immediate assistance."
What happened to you?
"It's not important. My sister Kireth went into that Dwemer ruin, but she forgot to take my new control rod. I built it to deal with the spider constructs that infest the place.
She may not believe me, but she needs that rod."
So you want someone to take this control rod to her.
"Precisely. I'd do it myself, but one of those fetchers stabbed me when I tried to go after her.
Besides, I, um, forgot to take the control rod and had to come back for it, anyway. Here."
All right. I'll assist you.
"My sister has a knack for attracting trouble. I'm starting to get worried."
What are you doing out here?
"We're dungeon delvers—intrepid explorers, just like you.
Kireth handles the manual labor, while I … well, I'm the genius. Together, we make a good team."
You seem a bit young for this line of work.
"We may be young, but we have a great many talents at our disposal.
If you must know, this is our first real expedition. We need to find something to prove our worth to the Academy. Then the Arch–Mage will have to accept our applications!"
What Academy?
"The Academy of Shad Astula, of course.
My sister and I, we don't come from a wealthy family. We need to find something of magical or historical significance to impress the Arch–Mage so he'll let us study there."
What are you hoping to find?
"Something old, something powerful. Something that will impress even the jaded Arch–Mage of the Academy.
All of the greatest Dunmer leaders attended the Academy, and it would be unfair to the world to deny me my place among them."
The Light FantasticEdit
"I appreciate the help you gave my sister, even if she is rash and impetuous. Was the control rod useful?"
The rod exploded when I used it on a giant spider construct.
"Really? Sorry about that. I'm still refining the design.
I hope the other one I made holds up. That f'lah from House Dres paid a lot of gold for it."
You sold an experimental device to House Dres?
"Well, how else could I get it tested? Be reasonable."


"That relic you found will make our reputation. We can't thank you enough.
Er, do you still have my control rod?"


Raynor at The Sober Nord

He can be found upstairs with his sister at The Sober Nord Tavern in Windhelm. They both have ambient, unsubtitled dialogue that triggers if you activate them for the first time. Raynor will say:

"Trust me, sister. This time the Mages Guild will offer us memberships for sure!"

If you interact with Kireth, she will say:

"First the Academy, now the Mages Guild. Tell me why we care if any of these stiff-robes think?"

They cannot be spoken to.

In Search of Kireth VanosEdit

When spoken to outside the ruins, if you have met him before in Deshaan he'll say:

"Sorry, I'm a little busy here and—
Wait, it's you! You helped Kireth and I in Bthanual. It's good to see you again! Things didn't go so well for us after those ruins, so we're up north now. Kireth still talks about those light crystals, though."

If this is your first time meeting him:

"No time to talk. My sister and I are working here.
Well, unless you're interested in Dwemer ruins. But not too interested. This is our find."
What are you doing here?
"My sister Kireth and I travelled from Morrowind in search of forgotten lore and ancient relics.
The scholars at Shad Astula laughed at us and the Mages Guild ignores us, but we're going to find something they can't ignore."
Need any help?
"Well, my sister went into the ruins and hasn't returned yet. She can take care of herself, but I'm starting to get worried.
Kireth keeps a journal, but she's hard on her books. Always loses pages. Follow the pages and they'll lead you right to her!"
I'll find your sister.

When spoke to before going into the ruin:

"As soon as I get this lift working, I'll meet you down there. Just watch out for the constructs. These ruins are always full of constructs.
And if you spot the lore vault, please tell Kireth. That's what she's down there looking for."
Kireth's Amazing PlanEdit
Raynor: "Ah, I hoped I'd find you two down here. I repaired the lift. What did you find?"
Kireth: "Raynor, this device fills up glass orbs with old lore, like filling a decanter with fine wine!"
Raynor: "A memory device? You found one that works?"
Kireth: "It's intact. But we need a glass orb to see if it actually works."
Raynor: "Did you figure out what kind of lore the device contains?"
Kireth: "I see two important bits of lore. One explains how Dwemer used soul gems to power their constructs. The other contains a map of Dwemer ruins across Tamriel."
Raynor: "Soul gems? That knowledge would open a lot of doors for us. A lot of doors."
Kireth: "But think about what we can do with those maps! Access to every ruin. Those are the doors we should be opening!"
Raynor: "Are you suggesting that we become common … treasure hunters? Well, think how famous we'll become if we bring both bits of lore to the Mages Guild."
Kireth: "I don't think we can, brother. I think there's only enough power in this device to make one imprinting."
Raynor: "But we've worked so hard to get them to listen to us. This is our chance, sister."
Kireth: "I'm not sure. But our friend here has found an orb we can use. Hey! What do you think we should do?"

After Raynor and Kireth's conversation is over:

"What do you think? Kireth trusts you, so I do, too."
What do you want to do with the orb?
"We've been working to get recognized for years. Up until now, our discoveries have been curiosities, not important findings.
Information on how the Dwemer used soul gems in their constructs, though? No one could ignore that kind of finding."
I think you've got the right idea.


Let me talk to Kireth before I make a decision.

If you support Kireth:

"You gave the orb to my sister?
I hope you had a good reason."
Kireth is right. You don't need anyone's approval.
"You really think so? She has been talking about how stuffy the mages are. How they'd hamper our creativity. It's just … hard to let go, I guess.
Well, I guess this is exciting. And thanks for all your help, by the way. I really appreciate it."

After the quest:

"I hope Kireth knows what she's doing. Can we even read Dwemer maps? I guess we'll find out soon enough.
Hmm. If I shine a light through the orb, we might be able to see the maps on a nearby rock or wall! Pardon me, I just had the most amazing idea."

If you support Raynor:

"I do, don't I? Thank you, friend. Kireth and I will be able to force the Mages Guild to accept us. For that matter, we could even go back to Shad Astula if we wanted to!
Could you talk to Kireth about this. I don't want to upset her."

After speaking to Kireth:

"We're going to be famous! We'll have real support and proper recognition! Things are going to be much better for us from now on.
Thanks to you. And feel free to use the lift to get out of here whenever you're ready."

The RiftEdit

The Shackled GuardianEdit
The siblings outside Taarengrav

Raynor is a quest-giver for this quest. He can be encountered down the road leading towards the barrow, near the wayshrine. If you haven't met the Vanos twins before:

"Thank Kyne you're here! Wait, you are here to help, aren't you?"

If you have met:

"Thank Kyne! A familiar face. How did you know to come here, my friend?"

Either way...

What are you running from?
"Worm Cult! They're everywhere.
Kireth - my sister, I mean - led a team here to investigate the ruin. We were this close to breaking into the barrow when the Worms attacked. I ran as fast as I could!"
You just left Kireth and the others behind?
"Of course not! Well, maybe. But then the Companions showed up. They fought the cult to a standstill. The man who leads them, Narir, is back at our camp.
I came out here to find help, of course. Yes. Help like you!"
I'll find Narir and see what I can do.

Speaking with him after accepting the quest:

"Companions, workers, find them and save them. Who am I forgetting? Oh, right. Did I mention how grateful my sister Kireth will be to see your face?"

After completing the quest, he'll say:

"Many thanks to you, my friend. If you ever find an artifact that needs deciphering, well, ask my sister."


The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

The Vanos siblings on Stirk

Raynor and Kireth can both be found on Stirk in the Mages Guild camp, practicing their flame spells. The pair were among those who were selected to go to Coldharbour. If you speak with him, his dialogue will differ depending on whether you have met him previously.

If this is the first time you have met, he will skeptical about the success of the meeting, having calculated the odds of success.

"According to my calculations, the chances that the leaders of the three alliances can reach any kind of agreement is seven-hundred-and-fifty-six-thousand to one."

Otherwise he will recognize you.

"Well, look who's here. It's nice to see a familiar face! Can you believe that the Mage Guild actually asked for our help? Expert consultants, they called us!"

When he is with everyone else ready to go through the portal in the Portal Valley, Raynor will mention his worries about Daedra.

"I'd rather not get eaten by a daedroth, but I'd dearly love a few of their teeth!"


The Library of DuskEdit

When Raynor arrived in Coldharbour he and his companions were scattered around the realm. His group came across the ruins of a library and decided to start exploring it, only to become ensorcelled by its' traps. Kireth will ask for your help to rescue him once you arrive in the library and Raynor can be seen from above reading a bunch of books. Once you go down to the main level, you will discover that there are multiple copies of Raynor. If you speak with the wrong one the following can happen:

<Raynor Vanos doesn't say a word.>
Are you all right?
"Am I all right? Oh, I'm perfect. But I am not who you seek. You won't release them from our spell! They belong to us now.
But you? You shall simply die!"


"<Raynor Vanos doesn't say a word.>"
Are you all right?
"What does my state of being matter to an insignificant torchbug like you?
You enter our library and seek to take what is ours. For that, you shall most assuredly die!"

The fake Raynor will then drop the disguise and attack you as a Dusk Scholar.

Unfortunately, when you speak with the real Raynor he will be engrossed in his book.

<Raynor Vanos ignores you.>
Can you hear me?
"Hmm? Oh, sorry. This book is so engrossing. Could we talk later?"
You need to get out of here.
"I said I'm reading. Go bother someone with an intellect closer to your own level. I'm sure Lady Clarisse and that Altmer artificer would be happy to listen to your inane ramblings."
Do I need to go get your sister?
"Whatever. Just go away so I can finish this interesting treatise on Dwemer displacement theories."
[Persuade] Look around. This isn't a normal library. It's affecting your mind.
"I don't know what … wait! You're right. This place radiates Daedric magic. I can feel it in the back of my skull. We need to free the others!
Find Lady Clarisse. I remember. She realized something important before we were drawn into the spell."
Will you be all right?
"I think so. I can still feel the spell tugging at my mind, though. Just in case, Kireth and I are going to our camp outside of the ruins.
But I'm worried about the others. Since the spell doesn't seem to affect you, can you look for Lady Laurent?"
You should get to safety. (Advances Quest)
"Thanks! Kireth and I will head for our camp outside the ruins. Meet us there after you find Lady Laurent and the artificer."
What happened in here?
"Lady Laurent, Telenger, and I decided to take advantage of our good fortune and explore this old library. The possible gain in knowledge far outweighed any risk involved. But as soon as we stepped inside, the spell started to take hold."

If you failed to convince him and you attempt to speak with him again, Raynor will dismiss you, "I said go away and let me read my book in peace." After returning to Kireth for her help, she will follow you back to snap him out of it with her no-fail plan.

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Get your head out of that book! It's time to leave this horrible place."
Raynor Vanos: "Leave me alone, sister. I'm busy."
Kireth Vanos: "That does it! Remember, Raynor, you asked for this!"
<Kireth punches her brother so hard that he falls down.>
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth! What was that for? I—wait, where am I?"
Kireth Vanos: "Works every time."

Once he has been literally punched out of the Daedric spell, you can speak with him and ask him how he is.

"I'm a little disoriented. But … did my sister just hit me?"

From here, the dialogue is the same as if you had persuaded him strating with Will you be all right? from above.

After you have rescued everyone else, Raynor will be asleep by the time you make it to their camp.

The Hollow CityEdit

The siblings in the Chapel of Light

After he is rescued, Raynor can be found studying maps and documents in the Consultant's House within the city.

"Even though it was a trap, I wish I had had more time to explore the library. Imagine the treasures and knowledge I could have acquired!
At least Kireth managed to grab a couple of books before we left. I can't wait to start reading them!"

If he was rescued beforehand, Raynor will attend the War Council with his sister. If you speak with him before the meeting starts he will state what he believes the chances of success will be.

"The probability that any of us will survive this adventure, based on every calculation I could reference, is exceedingly infinitesimal.
Could be worse, I suppose."

The Final AssaultEdit

The siblings outside the Endless Stair

Raynor will be at the portal to the Endless Stair, along with the others that have volunteered.

"I'm a brilliant artificer and a genius when it comes to Dwemer constructs. But I have to tell you, being surrounded by all these remarkable men and women …. It's kind of humbling.
I hope I live long enough to record this in my posterity journal."

Once you have been debriefed by Hahnin and Gabrielle for the mission, you can talk with Raynor.

"The expression upon your face tells me that the time has come. The final assault is about to begin, isn't it?"
Yes. Are you sure that you and Kireth are up to this?
"Nothing can ever be absolutely certain, but yes, we're with you. Nirn is as much our world as it is the rest of these people's. How can we do any less than they are?"
Will you join the attack force?
"I'm not very good with weapons. Hand me a sword and I'd probably wind up stabbing myself with it.
Instead, I'll assist Gabrielle in any way I can. Once we get inside the inner sanctum, we'll be ready to help you face whatever's waiting in there."
The siblings exploring the Endless Stair

You can meet Raynor during the Assault while he is in the Labyrinth Library, he will be part of Gabrielle's team trying to get the gate open. If you talk with him he can give you some advice.

"Listen to this, Kireth: "Reach out and touch a brazier to draw forth the fire and launch it in the direction of your choosing."
How fascinating! I wonder what it means?"
Did you find something?
"This book … I think it references this device. If I'm reading this correctly—and of course I'm reading this correctly—then these flames can be used to power the mechanism that opens the gate.
Frankly, the workmanship is stunning. I'm jealous."
How does it work?
"Simply touch the Daedric fire. For a short time, the power of the flame will transfer to you—much like any conjuration spell. It can then be launched in any direction.
Get as close as you can and throw the fire into the four open tubes."

Once you have unlocked the door, he will be shocked that his idea worked. Not that he would admit it.

"That worked? I mean, I knew that would work. Never doubted my calculations.
Um, good job! The door ahead should be unlocked now."

After you have pass through the Dark Chamber, he and the others will have caught up to you. Raynor will be annoyed at all the running he has been doing.

"Look at this! I'm actually sweating! I can't remember the last time I performed this much physical exertion.
This better be worth it. Usually Kireth deals with these things while I deal with the research and planning."
The siblings in the Planar Vortex

Raynor will be one of the people Meridia will allow through the Planar Vortex portal. You can talk with him to say your possible final goodbyes before the final jaunt.

"I thought for sure we were done with all this. I followed the others through the portal, and now look what I've gotten involved with! This looks like the end of the world!"
You didn't know what you were walking into?
"As I said, I thought we were finished. I figured that Vanus opened a portal to send us back home.
Imagine my consternation and surprise when I realized where we actually were."
Ebonheart Pact If you completed the Pact Storyline:
Do you have any gadgets we can use against the enemy?
"Sadly, my supply of "gadgets," as you call them, is running dangerously low. The few items I have remaining will have to see my sister and me through this.
But if I come up with any brilliant ideas, I'll be sure to send word to you."
Stay safe, Raynor.
"You make it sound like we'll never see each other again. After everything you've already overcome? What's one more minor obstacle?
You can do this. We believe in you."
You still have time to get out of here before the final battle begins.
"I think not. I may not be a mighty warrior or a powerful mage, but I am a genius and a master tinkerer. I know I can help. And my sister, Kireth, as well.
Perhaps we can stay right here and guard our flank. Yes, I think that's what we'll do."

Once you tell Meridia that you are ready to begin, Kireth and Raynor will stay behind to guard the rear.

Raynor Vanos: "All right, let me see what components I have left. I should be able to cobble something together to slow a giant monster down …."
Kireth Vanos: "What about that exploding squirrel you built when we were children? Or do you think that'd be too much?"


Appears only with Orsinium

An Unexpected FallEdit

The siblings in Zthenganaz

If you haven't started the quest with Kireth, he'll greet you with:

"Well, this is fortuitous. You'll never believe what my sister Kireth has gotten herself into this time.
I swear, she does these things just to vex me."

Or if you haven't done any quest that involves the siblings before, he'll say:

"Oh Kireth, what have you gotten yourself into this time?"

Both leads to the same question:

Do you need help with something?
"Thank goodness you came by! My sister Kireth and I were surveying the area, trying to get the measure of this Dwarven ruin.
I turned my back for a single moment and Kireth fell into that hole. Or jumped in, for all I know. It happened so fast."
Sounds like a hazardous business.
"Oh, you have no idea! Especially the way Kireth operates. We're on the verge of a major Dwemer discovery. That's why the king invited us here. We're experts, you know.
Could you rescue my sister? I'd help, but I don't do that sort of thing."
I'll find your sister. [starts the quest]
"Kireth knows better than to jump into strange holes. She knows I can't abide small, dark spaces."
Did you come all the way to Wrothgar just to survey ancient ruins?
"Well, yes. Kireth likes to say that we're dungeon-delvers, but I prefer to think of myself as the world's foremost expert on Dwarven artifacts.
When the king invited leaders in their fields to come to Wrothgar, we jumped at the opportunity."
Other researchers haven't studied these ruins before?
"You'd be surprised that many so-called scholars refuse to travel to dangerous places. But that's usually where the best sites are located!
And then there are the Orcs. Most of the explorers that we know tend to find the Orcs to be … intimidating."

Once you have the power core, meet up with the siblings. Speak to Raynor, and he'll say:

"My sister tells me you found her. She immediately put you to work, didn't she? She's always been good at getting people to help her out.
So tell me, what did she send you off to find? Some shiny bauble to add to her collection?"
Actually, she asked me to acquire a Dwarven power core for you.
"A power core? For me? For all her rough edges, my sister does have a good heart.
Thank you for acquiring this for me. With a little tinkering, I'm sure I can use it to complete one of my many Dwemer-related experiments."
[complete's quest]
"This power core contains an enormous amount of energy. Think of the applications it can be used for! My mind literally reels at the possibilities!"

Tinker TroubleEdit

After starting the quest with Kireth and following Raynor's construct's energy discharge, you'll find Raynor north of Boreal Forge. He'll be standing off the road looking puzzled into the distance talking to himself:

"This isn't good. The sphere's core is deteriorating at an alarming rate. If I don't reach it soon—
Oh, hello there! Nothing to see here. Feel free to move along. We can catch up later, say, back in Orsinium? Over drinks?"
It's all right, Raynor. Kireth sent me to find you.
"Kireth! Then the sphere didn't hurt her too badly? Thank the Three for that!
Wait a moment … is that the modified energy detection and absorption rod? It is! That's just what we need to repair the sphere!"
Your sister called it a lightning prod.
"I think Kireth refuses to employ the correct terminology just to annoy me. But I suppose that's what sisters do.
No matter, though. She always comes through in the end. Now that we have the rod, we can repair the sphere and set things right."
Repair it? Kireth said we need to disable the Dwarven sphere.
"Disable my latest creation? After I went to all this trouble? Why in the world would we do that?
It will be a simple enough matter to use the rod to absorb the power core's excess energy. Then the sphere should settle down and behave. Theoretically."
"When it comes to Dwemer technology, everything is theoretical. But I am an expert on the subject, so my theories are better than most.
The faulty power core drove the sphere crazy with excess energy. Once we drain that energy, it will be fine."
So you want me to find the sphere and use the rod to drain the excess energy?
"Exactly! Use the rod to detect the sphere's energy discharge and expose an after-image. You can follow that directly to the sphere.
When you find the sphere, use the rod to drain the excess energy. But don't attack the sphere. That would be … bad."
What do you mean, "bad?"
"Bad as in really bad.
Do you know what happens if you breach the seal of the power core while you're hacking and bashing at the sphere? Well, immediately unleashing all that energy would rearrange the local landscape in a very explosive fashion."
What are you going to do?/What are you going to do while I'm tracking the sphere?
"If I know my sister, she's right behind you with my tinkering tools. I'm going to need them to repair the sphere.
You go ahead. Once Kireth arrives, we'll follow. Just be careful. There's no telling what the sphere will do in its current condition."
"What are you waiting for? Use the lightning prod and follow the Dwarven sphere before it gets too far ahead of us."

After finding the sphere, Raynor and Kireth will appear:

"How disappointing! The stupid sphere got away!
Well, at least it didn't explode. I guess that's something."
Your sphere attacked this camp.
"Nonsense! I'm sure it was nothing more than a misunderstanding. And none of the Orcs look like they were seriously injured.
I'm certain the sphere never meant to hurt them. It was just … curious."
Most of the Orcs are unconscious and their camp is on fire.
"You have an annoying habit of focusing on the negative aspects of a situation, do you know that?
Look, the sphere didn't kill anyone. I think it came here to help."
The sphere was trying to help?
"It was just following its nature. When I rebuilt it I altered it to be my assistant. The perfect helper as it were. I think it rolled into the camp to help the hunters do—well, whatever it is hunters do. Don't you understand? This is terrific news!"
How is any of this good news?
"Am I speaking too fast? Let me explain this another way.
The sphere is doing exactly what I designed it to do. It's working perfectly! Or rather, it would be if I could drain off the excess energy. I think one more use of the rod should do it!"

After speaking with Kireth, he'll say:

"I'm sure that one more use of the rod with drain the sphere and rectify its frenzied behavior. Then I'll be able to safely repair it.
I'm certain everything will work out fine. Well, mostly certain. Anyway, go find that sphere!"
Raynor in Wrothgar

After chasing the sphere once more across Wrothgar, you'll find it, Raynor, and Kireth north of Trader's Road Wayshrine.

"Look at this little guy! He's not a metal monster, no matter what Kireth may think.
He was just drunk on the excess energy the damaged power core was giving off. I'll have him fixed up in no time!"
Do you still want to repair the sphere?
"Of course! Why would I want to do anything else? With a few minor adjustments, this little sphere will be as good as new!"
I don't think Kireth agrees with you on this one.
"My sister! I suppose she wants to destroy the poor thing. Hit it! That's her solution to every problem!
But important research can be dangerous. Real scholars understand and accept that."
I should discuss this with Kireth before I make a decision.
<Talk to Kireth>
If we were to fix the sphere, how would we go about it?
"Just give me the lightning prod and I'll take care of it.
I can alter the frequency of the rod to recalibrate the sphere's energy dampeners to better regulate the amount of energy flowing through it. Simple as making a kwama egg omelette, really."
All right. Let's repair the Dwarven sphere.
Raynor waves the rod at the sphere which wakes up and runs off, as Raynor runs after it. "Wait! Where are you going! Come back, little construct!"

On the other hand, if you agree to destroy the sphere:

Kireth waves the rod at the sphere, which collapses in a burst of sparks. Raynor, angry, says: "Kireth, what did you do that for? You destroyed my sphere!"

If you talk to him before talking with Kireth after destroying the sphere, he'll say:

"What have you done! Kireth, I can't believe you destroyed my construct without a moment's hesitation!".

After Kireth rewards you for destroying the construct, Raynor will say:

"My work … all those valuable Dwemer components … all ruined!
Just so you know, I'm going to be upset with you and my sister for a long time over this."

Parts of the WholeEdit

Raynor can also be found at the Morkul Stronghold, where he has enlisted in the help of Guruzug to find assistants.

"Oh thank the Three! As you may have surmised, my experiment still needs … minor adjustments. Another batch of readings from Zthenganaz should be just the trick."
Excuse me?
"Right. Sorry. It's just my sister, Kireth. She blames me for everything.
Is it my fault I turned our playpen into a spring-trap as a child? Of course not! And how was I to know increasing the exothermic output of our oven tenfold would be bad?"
I … don't know?
"Of course you don't! And neither does Kireth. She was just a toddler at the time. Well, so was I, but there you have it—my brilliance couldn't be contained, even as a youth.
Ah, but that's in the past—now we look to the future! You have my orb?"
Guruzug gave it to me.
"Excellent. Take it to Zthenganaz and use it on any of the Dwarven automata you find—oh, except that cursed Guardian. Won't work on it. Alas.
The orb should stun the machines and collect the readings I need. Bring it back here when you're done."
He said you wanted the Guardian dead, too.
"Yes, I'm afraid so. A tragic but necessary loss. Somehow, I think it was able to interfere with my earlier experiments. Destroying it should disrupt the Dwarven frequency distortion, allowing me to … sorry.
In brief, yes—destroy it. Good luck!"

After you return from the delve, once you have the readings you can tell Raynor.

"Well, I can't say I'm surprised to see you back again! Even a death-trap like Zthenganaz proved no danger to you!
Did you get the data I need?"
Yes. Here's your orb. I also managed to destroy the Guardian.
"Wonderful! I'm certain that this time I have the data I need to complete my experiments. And don't worry—I'll cite your contribution when the results are published.
Many thanks, friend!"

If he is spoken to before or after the quest:

"Once I get back to my workshop, I'm certain I'll be able to use this data to overcome my earlier setbacks. That should convince Kireth I was right to not give up, yes? Yes!
This time I'll have a truly stable energy exchange … and much less fire."
The siblings in Scarp Keep

Long Live the KingEdit

Raynor will appear in Scarp Keep after the funeral of King Kurog:

"Kireth's plan worked, just like she said it would. I'm really quite surprised.
'Just walk in and act like we belong,' she said. They even handed me a drink! I can't remember when I had such fun."

Dark BrotherhoodEdit

Appears only with Dark Brotherhood
The siblings outside Anvil

Honest WorkEdit

You'll find the adventuring siblings outside the main gate of Anvil next to Narhag's House. As you approach, you'll hear Raynor comfort his sister: "We'll find gainful employment. We just need to keep looking."

If this is your first meeting, he'll explain:

"Please. My sister and I find ourselves stranded in this city of pirates with no hope of rescue or respite.
It's like we're being punished for something we didn't know we did."

Otherwise, he'll be relieved to see you:

"You don't know how glad I am to see a friendly face!
You probably won't believe this, but Kireth and I are in trouble. Again. We could really use your help."
It can't be that bad. Tell me what happened.
"An unpleasant ship captain dropped us off without so much as a 'by your leave!'
He was supposed to take us to Hammerfell, to explore a Dwarven ruin. We're scholars of some renown, you know. Although my sister prefers the term, 'dungeon-delvers.'"
Why didn't he honor your agreement?
"I'm not sure. The language of the sea confuses me.
We just need to charter a ship to Sentinel, but that disagreeable captain took the last of our gold. We want to work, but no one will hire us. Perhaps you could serve as our agent in this matter?"
I'll see if I can find you some honest work.
"Ah, finally a turn of good fortune! I imagine you'll have no problem convincing these ignorant clods to hire us forthwith.
Honestly, I'm overqualified for most of the work available here, but I'll do whatever is necessary to get us to Sentinel."
If you were bound for Hammerfell, how did you end up in Anvil?
"Hammerfell, Anvil—why does everything in this part of the world sound like it belongs in a smithy?
Look, it was an honest mistake on my part. The captain claimed to be a proper sailor and I took him at his word."
So the ship's captain sailed you to the wrong port?
"I'm an artificer. If you ask me to recalibrate a Dwarven power core, I'll ask you to what voltage. But determining where the captain made an error in his navigational calculations? You might as well ask me to charm the wings off a harpy."
I could charter a ship for you.
"We're dungeon-delvers, not paupers! Kireth and I won't accept charity, no matter how you present it to us.
We'll earn our own way. Just find someone who's willing to hire us and let us do some honest work."
Any idea who might be interested in hiring you?
"My letter of introduction opens doors throughout Morrowind, but in this isolated hamlet?
I inquired with the blacksmith, but he wanted brawn, not brains. There was also the angler, but we were unable to agree on terms."
There must be someone interested in your particular talents.
"You'd think so, wouldn't you?
The Anvil Repository has a reputation for serving its clients … poorly. I offered my skills as a bookkeeper, but the proprietor rejected me. If she reconsiders, I'd make a valuable addition to her team."

Return with gainful employment for the duo and Raynor will say:

"You took your time. I was starting to get worried.
But tell me, were you successful? Have you secured gainful employment for Kireth and myself?"
I found jobs for both of you. You can start immediately.
"Immediately? That seems rather sudden. Oh, very well.
Kireth, did you hear? We can earn enough gold to continue our journey. It just required someone these depraved pirates could understand. Oh, I don't mean to imply that you're depraved, my friend."

If you got him a job mending nets for the fisherman, Shantin, he'll be less than enthusiastic:

I spoke to Shantin. He'll compensate you for the nets you mended and pay you to mend more.
"Mending nets? I was hoping for something a bit more … managerial? Beggars can't be choosers, though, I suppose.
Thank you for securing this position. I welcome an opportunity to earn honest pay for honest work. I'll make you and the angler proud!"
I'm certain you will.

If you got him the job with Mahata of improving the forge, you can say:

I spoke to Mahata. She'll pay you to make their forge more efficient.
"They need their forge tinkered with? Why didn't they say so? Not to wave my own flag, but I'm an excellent artificer!
I'll have that forge operating at peak efficiency before they can recite three verses of 'Netches, Netches, All Around!'"
Go and show them what you can do!

If you got him the job with Frunda Wealth-Hoarder at the Anvil Repository, he'll be ecstatic:

I spoke to Frunda. She's agreed to let you balance the bank's accounts.
"Not the most exciting use of my talents, but tallying numbers beats hauling a load of metal ingots any day.
Thank you for convincing the usurer to hire me. Even a single entry in the wrong column can spell disaster for a financial institution."
She can't wait for you to get to it.

If you try to speak to him before telling Kireth of her position, he'll say:

"I'm eager to learn what kind of position you secured for Kireth, but she should hear it from you first."

Regardless of which job you got for him, he'll smugly say:

"I hope I can restrain myself from doing too good a job. If I'm not careful, I'll be running the business before three shakes of a kwama's antennas. And then how could we leave for Hammerfell in good conscience?
Oh, the dilemmas of a superior mind."
"Just a few more days of honest work and we're off to Sentinel. My sister and I really do appreciate everything you've done for us.
And, I suppose, we've been stuck in worse places than Anvil."

Post-Quest DialogueEdit

After finishing the quest and getting him a job at Anvil Repository.

"Just between us, the bank's ledgers are a total mess. Poorly organized, missing entries, handwriting I can't decipher — it makes me itchy just thinking about it!
It's good you convinced them to hire me. I'll have these accounts balanced in no time!"

After finishing the quest and getting him a job at Anvil Ironworks and Tannery.

"Have I mentioned how much I appreciate what you did for us? Working on the forge has been quite relaxing!
It all starts with a proper cleaning of the bellows. How all those rats got in there, I can't imagine, but they were baked to a crisp!"

After finishing the quest and getting him a job at the Docks.

"To think, one of the most brilliant minds in all of Tamriel and I'm reduced to mending nets that smell of sea water and old fish!
I'll persevere, though, don't worry about that. I'll honor my commitment and earn the gold we need to sail to Sentinel."

Optional dialogue after finding him.

Did exploring Bthanual help advance your career?
"Oh, definitely! Once word that I perfected a working control rod started to spread, we began to receive offers from across the land.
That's why we're going to Sentinel. A patron offered to fund our exploration of a newly discovered Dwemer Ruin."
What happened with the memory orb we found in Mzulft?
"Oh, you know how it is with discoveries such as these. It takes a lot of effort to produce any meaningful results. And Kireth usually leaves that kind of work to me."
Did the information in the orb help you with the Mages Guild?
"I guess you could say that. It showed them that we do have a few skills when it comes to dungeons and delving.
Still, we decided to retain our independence. We've taken on a contract or two for the Mages Guild, but we aren't under their thumb."
I thought you and Kireth would've stayed in Wrothgar for awhile.
"Orsinium was an interesting city with a great museum, but it was time for us to move on. I know King Kurog did some terrible things, but it didn't feel right sticking around after he died. We were there at his invitation, after all."

Clockwork CityEdit

Appears only with Clockwork City

In Search of a SponsorEdit

If this is your first meeting, he'll greet you with:

"Ah, greetings. Please, don't mind me.
Actually, do mind me. I'm conducting an experiment on these firepot spiders and so far the results have proven ... explosive. You should probably give this place a wide berth for the time being."

If you've met before, he'll instead say:

"Hello again. So strange. I'm glad to see you, but I must admit, the statistics are staggering. What are the odds of us meeting here, again, in an extra-planar space? Rhetorical, of course.
Honestly, I'm glad you're here."

Either way...

Kireth sent me down here to look for you.
"Kireth? So you've joined our band of outsiders? Welcome.
Now look—I may lack Kireth's natural talent with a blade, but I can accomplish this on my own. Varuni's sure to sponsor us once I deliver this ... oh, who am I kidding? I do need your help."
What are you trying to do?
"These firepot spiders contain a highly unstable oil-like fluid. The dangers inherent to acquiring it make it very valuable indeed.
I discovered a way to prevent the spiders from detonating, but even defused they're more than capable of killing me."
Can you siphon the oil if I disable them?
"So you'll do it? Yes, of course!
If you attract the spiders' attention, I can use this tonal dampener to disarm their ignition coils! Just a simple matter of inverting their threat assessment array and ... sorry. I can get carried away sometimes."
All right. You disable the explosions, I disable the spiders, then we give the oil to Varuni.

Dialogue after killing each spider and collecting all the oil:

Raynor Vanos: "Expertly done!"
Raynor Vanos: "More oil. Excellent."
Raynor Vanos: "One more and I think we've got it!"
Raynor Vanos: "And that's the last of it. Excellent."

Speak to him after gathering the oil:

"Brilliant! We really made short work of those spiders, didn't we?
Here, you can carry the oil."
Where should I take this firepot oil?
"Take the oil to Varuni. Neramo said she has an office in the Clockwork Basilica. Hopefully this will be enough to earn a sponsorship.
If you don't mind, I'll accompany you to the gate. Can't be too careful out here!"
"Such a pleasure when things go as planned, don't you think? Knowledge and strength of arms, working in harmonious concert.
Now if only I could get Kireth to see it the same way."

Once you return to the gates of the fortress, he'll call out:

Raynor Vanos: "Again, thank you! Good luck in the basilica!"

After Kireth's kidnapping:

"There you are! Neramo said you'd be around here somewhere. Have you seen Kireth? Is she with you?"
I'm sorry, but Constable Baldan's thugs knocked her out and dragged her off.
"He what? How could she-? We have to rescue her! You don't have any idea where they took her, do you?"
Not yet, but I'll find out. You tell Varuni and Neramo.
"Yes, of course. I'll get help. Maybe I could even put together some kind of tonal locator … bah, not enough time!
What would Kireth do? She would investigate. Yes. Talk to the people in Slag Town. They know practically everything about this place."
All right. I'll find her, Raynor.
"I'll get the others. You hurry off to Slag Town!"
What is Slag Town, exactly?
"That's what the locals call the slums in the northeast corner of the fortress. I must admit, I was surprised to find a tenement like that in Sotha Sil's holy city. Then again, practically everything here has come as a surprise."

Enter the main part of the Mechanical Fundament and you'll find Raynor along with Baldan and the Proctor:

Raynor Vanos: "Kireth! Thank goodness! Don't suppose you found anything of interest down there …?"
Proctor Luciana Pullo: "Enough. I'm glad to see you weren't lying, Raynor Vanos."
Kireth Vanos: "That bastard, Baldan, threw me into the Fundament!"
Constable Baldan: "Ridiculous. I've never seen this woman in my life."
Lankin: "Liar! You tossed this one in as well!"

After finding Kirith, before talking to the Proctor:

"Kireth looks no worse for the wear. You have my thanks. I do hope she took a thorough survey while she was down there. Just think of the discoveries to be made!
But I'm getting ahead of myself. Let's settle this miserable affair first."

Before talking to Varuni:

"Is it just me, or did it just get much more uncomfortable down here? Best talk to Varuni before she and Luciana start really quarreling."

After the Constable is arrested:

"So that's it? We're citizens now? Wonderful! I can't wait to get started on our next adventure!"

The Strangeness of SehtEdit

When searching for Neramo, you'll find him seated near him at Ridas Beleram's stall:

"Have you ever seen so much machinery in one place? I could spend years here and barely scratch the surface!"

After speaking with Neramo about Fyr's request for a lamp:

"Another trip into the Fundament? I would accompany you if not for Kireth. I think she needs a break from fabricant-infested sewers."

While bringing Neramo the lamp parts:

"Kireth and I reassembled a Dwemeric orrery with nothing but broken soul gems and spare parts... now look at me. Puzzling over a lamp.
Don't worry though. We're near to finishing this thing, I know it."

After bringing Neramo the lamp parts:

"So Divayth Fyr requested this lamp personally? Fascinating.
I read his thesis on Dwemeric power transmission as a child. First rate scholarship that. I'd love to meet him!"

Family FeudEdit

Kireth: "Raynor, you let him walk all over you! There's a difference between cordial and compliant!"
Raynor: "You told me to play nice with others! Now you complain? I don't have to listen to this. I'll finish exploring on my own!"

Speak with Raynor after addressing Kireth.

"Kireth doesn't appreciate my contributions to our partnership. She thinks I'd be lost without her. Well, I'll show her. My superior intellect easily outshines her bravado and derring-do.
But what brings you out here, my friend?"
I thought I'd give you a hand exploring the Clockwork City.
"That's a generous offer, but I find your sudden arrival somewhat ... convenient.
Did my sister send you after me? She really does think I'm as helpless as a newborn scrib without her, doesn't she?"
Yes, Kireth sent me to keep you from getting into too much trouble.
"I knew it. I suppose you think I’m just a useless know-it-all who rolls over and exposes his belly to every snarling alit and pompous artificer that comes my way. Well, there’s more to Raynor Vanos than a superior intellect and a burning curiosity!"
So, will you let me help you?
"Yes, but not because of Kireth or because I’m afraid to go out there on my own.
The fact of the matter remains, exploration requires both a brain and some brawn. If you’re willing to help, I won’t refuse. Let’s go see what wonders we can find!"
All right, let’s explore the Clockwork City.
Can't a person just want to help an old friend? Besides, who wouldn't want to explore this place?
"It's a fascinating place, isn't it? So much to see and learn. People in the Brass Fortress told me about a number of sites. We simply have to go and see them for ourselves! The possible discoveries, they boggle the mind!
Shall we go explore?"
Let's go explore the Clockwork City.

You can ask him a few questions after starting your excursion.

"There are a number of locations I want to examine. I added them to your map. Lead on and I will follow.
Don't worry, I'll provide any assistance I can, but I have to admit I'm not much of a fighter. That's more Kireth's area of expertise."
How did you and Kireth wind up in the Clockwork City?
"Same way as you, I imagine. We were looking for the ruins of Bamz-Amschend beneath Mournhold when we came across a tiny city inside a clockwork globe.
Needless to say, I knew what it was the moment I saw it. The shrinking made me queasy, though."
What were your impressions of Proctor Luciana?
"Stern, physically intimidating—to be honest, she scares the scrib jelly out of me!
Did you know she was once an Imperial battlemage? During the Reman Dynasty, while fighting in some war, a spell went awry and threw her through time and space."
Is that how she got here?
"Eventually. Sotha Sil found her. She was severely injured but he restored her using supplemental clockwork body parts. Soul gems power the parts, as with any other enchanted item. She's received so many replacements, she's functionally immortal."
You know, Kireth thinks you let Neramo walk all over you.
"She also thinks I'm stubborn, antisocial, and a pain in the nether regions!
I admit I acquiesced to Neramo's leadership. He has experience, wisdom—qualities that come naturally to someone of his age. To do less would have been disrespectful."
After you finish your explorations, how do you plan to get back to Morrowind?
"Divayth Fyr offered to teleport us out of here when we're ready, so that's one option.
I plan to find our own way out, though, just in case—after I prove to Kireth that I'm capable of investigating a site on my own. With your help, of course."

When you approach the Resonant Sphere, he gives you a bit of commentary.

Raynor Vanos: "The Resonant Sphere. One of Sotha Sil's minor marvels!"
Raynor Vanos: "There! Did you hear it! The same tone that the central spire emits during the night cycle."
Raynor Vanos: "Let me tell you what I discovered before we move on."

Speak with him.

"Did you notice the perfect symmetry, the total roundness of the form? And the way it reacted to simple magical impulses? Incredible!
If memory serves, the chimes sounded similar to the ones that ring in the Brass Fortress."
What do you think the sphere is for? What's its purpose?
"Applying magic to the sphere provoked an aural response. Perhaps Sotha Sil utilizes different frequencies of sound to perform his divine workings.
On the other hand, Lord Seht might just appreciate good music."
You're a Dark Elf. Should you even be asking such questions about one of your gods?
"Tribunal doctrine strictly defines the consequences of questioning the methods and mechanisms of our Living Gods.
The apostles here in the Clockwork City emulate Sotha Sil in their own ways, so any questions I ask seem tame by comparison."

At the Vale of Tiers:

Raynor Vanos: "That's close enough. Don't want to disturb the, ah, wildlife."
Raynor Vanos: "Those machines must be pumps! For moving the lubricant throughout the Clockwork City. Fascinating!"
Raynor Vanos: "I have what I need. We're done here."

Speaking with him:

"I wonder how the lubricant winds up in the Vale? Every time I answer one question, three more appear to take its place!"
What purpose does the Vale of Tiers serve, do you think?
"I'm glad you asked! I surmise that a correlation exists between the lubricant and the dead organic matter inevitably created in the Clockwork City. It has to go somewhere!
I speculate that those pumps distribute the grease throughout the complex."
Organic matter? Even the trees are made of metal here.
"Ah, but the fabricants consist of both flesh and machine! And so do the apostles! While the Dwemer were masters of mechanical construction, Lord Seht took it a step further by adding living material to the mix.
Kireth … no, never mind."

Stopping at the Broken Clock Tower:

Raynor Vanos: "I saw this from a distance and was instantly intrigued."
Raynor Vanos: "There's no rhyme or reason to its function, at least none that I can ascertain."
Raynor Vanos: "Maybe one day I can return with an entire team. For now, let's move on."

Speak with him.

"What a magnificent monolith! I wonder if the workings extend into the subterranean levels below us. Maybe that's where the true functioning takes place."
What purpose do you think the Broken Clock Tower serves?
"That's what I've been pondering since making my meticulous inspection of the site. It's a conundrum! Despite what that Slag Town trader told me, I don't see any method for determining what time it is. Kireth suggested—no, I can do this without her!"
What did Kireth suggest?
"Kireth uses intuition and leaps of logic instead of sound deductive reasoning, but it works for her. More often than not, actually. She thinks the tower is part of a vast underground mechanism that makes the city function. I suppose that makes sense."
What do we do now?
"We need to go back so I can tell Kireth—damn.
I can't believe I let a stupid argument cut my sister out of this. She should have been here. Not that I don't appreciate your help, mind you, but Kireth and I … we're a team."
It sounds like you're having some regrets.
"It does, doesn't it? I'm not sure how to proceed. The complexities of social interaction are Kireth's specialty, not mine. She's my sister and we're a team. We work well together. But she did use some harsh, hurtful words.
What do you think?"
Maybe you could talk to her and let Kireth know how you feel. You're siblings, after all.
"You're right. I can be the bigger person and apologize. I am her older and smarter brother, after all.
Let's return to the Brass Fortress. Perhaps you can talk to her first and see how Kireth is doing? She's probably lost and distraught without me."
"I'll apologize to Kireth, but you talk to her first. Make sure she isn't still angry. She tends to hit me when she's angry, and I'd prefer not to get bruised today."
Maybe you should stand up for yourself. Let Kireth know you're as much a part of the team as she is.
"You're right. We just proved that I can be a successful explorer on my own. I don't need Kireth—she needs me!
Let's return to the Brass Fortress so I can give Kireth a piece of my mind—after you talk to her first, of course."

Back in the city, Raynor approaches her.

If you told Raynor to tell Kireth how he feels
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth … I … welll … I'm sorry. I shouldn't have stormed off like that. I blame all this metal. I think I'm getting a rash"
Kireth Vanos: "I'm sorry too. I said some things that were uncalled for. Unfair. That Neramo just makes my skin crawl, you know? "
Raynor: "It's the way he talks. Humongous words and a superior attitude."
Kireth: "Sounds like someone else I know. Now come on and tell me what you discovered."

Speak with Raynor after this interaction.

"What a day! We saw some amazing sites and we did it without my sister's help. Still, I'm glad we settled things and we're back to being partners again. I suppose I really do rely on Kireth's skills and abilities.
Anyway, thanks again.
If you told Raynor to stand up for himself
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth, I have something to say to you. I'm your older brother and I'm a genius. I deserve better than to be scolded as though I were a spoiled child!"
Kireth Vanos: "Oh you do, do you? And is this you not acting like a spoiled child?"
Raynor: "There! You did it again! That's just mean. Partners don't treat each other that way, or at least they're not supposed to."
Kireth: "About time! I'm proud of you, big brother, finally standing up for yourself! That's what I've been telling you to do all along."
Raynor Vanos: "You … well, I mean, what did you expect? I always take your advice to heart. We are partners, after all."

Speaking with him after this:

"I should have done that ages ago! It feels good to stand up for myself and give my sister a piece of my mind. Now we can get back to exploring and being partners again. Thanks to you."


Appears only with Greymoor

The Tones of the DeepEdit

You will encounter Raynor within Nchuthnkarst in Blackreach: Greymoor Caverns after Kireth asks you to look for him.

The siblings within Nchuthnkarst

When you first approach him inside the delve, he will be wary:

Raynor: "Ah! Stay back!"
If you haven't met before:
If you have met before:
"Oh! You're not trying to murder me. Lovely.
Did you happen to see my sister, Kireth, on your way in? I ran ahead while she bravely felled our assailants. She's much better equipped for that sort of thing, you see."
"Oh, it's you! Good to see you, my friend. You have quite the knack for showing up at the most convenient times, did you know that?"
Your sister asked me to check on you.
"She worries this vault is too big a risk, but I simply cannot ignore the possibilities of discovery here! Besides, we can handle looters.
I will admit, there are some additional oddities at play, but what Dwemer ruin doesn't have its challenges?"
What kind of oddities?
"Besides the looters, there are a number of strange adversaries up ahead. Most of them seem rather lost and confused, but nonetheless confrontational.
If you could clear a safe path for us, Kireth will stop fretting, and I can do what I do best."
I'll clear a path for you.

Kireth will enter the room while holding a torch:

Kireth Vanos: "There you are! The coast is clear outside."
<There is a sudden rumble and the room shake violently.>
Raynor Vanos: "What was that? Another earthquake?"

You can then talk to him some more before clearing the way ahead.

"Don't worry about me getting underfoot. Kireth will have my head if I try to toddle after you, and I've no interest in entering the fray anyway."
What have you been up to, anyway? (Appears if you have previously met)
"Quite a bit, in fact! I've made some fascinating discoveries since we last saw each other.
But this is hardly the time or place to catch up. We should talk when we're not standing in a trembling Dwemer ruin rife with dangerous creatures, hm?"

When you reach the Nchuthnkarst Control Room, the sibling will catch up and walk over to the machine with the large yellow crystal:

Kireth Vanos: "Raynor, stay close."
Raynor Vanos: "Oh my, what is that incredible machine?"
<Kireth then notices someone on the nearby balcony.>
Kireth Vanos: Wait, do you hear that? Someone's up there."
Kireth disappearing in a flash of light, with Raynor soon the follow

Talking to Raynor before checking:

"You best go check on whatever, or whoever that is up there. Be careful."

After talking to Thaddeus and reading his scroll, they will follow you in:

Raynor Vanos: "Spatial distortions? That would explain these tremors!"
Kireth Vanos: "Raynor? Something's happening …."
<Kireth disappears in a beam of white and blue light.>
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth, what's wrong? Kireth? Kireth!"
<Raynor disappears in the same manner.>
Thaddeus Cosma: "Hm … well, that's unfortunate."
Raynor from another time

To retrieve the siblings you will need to gather components from around the ruins to help Thaddeus to fix the problem. As you approach one of the Dwarven machines, Raynor will appear in the same light that took him:

Raynor Vanos: "Ah, there you are, right on schedule."

Raynor's clothing will be different and his manner of speaking is calmer albeit more distant:

"I must say, your punctuality speaks well of you. They assured me you would not be here for some time, and yet, here you are. It's good to see you!"
Raynor? How did you get here?
"A miraculous confluence of temporal displacement and spatial distortion. I've seen such amazing things, if only I had the time to tell you!
But I can't stay long. I've ensured the part is here in the present so that you may take it. Now, make haste!"
Did you go back in time?
"Back isn't the right word for it. I understand so much more now than I once did.
Don't think of time and space as a road upon which you travel, but rather a rope, or a cable. Many threads, all bound together with no beginning or end."
Have you seen Kireth?
"No, but if I had to guess, I'd say she's brandishing her sword at whatever she's encountered.
Take this component back to Thaddeus. Once the device is concordant again, all of the threads and this point in time will be put back in place."

You will be handed the Circuited Half-Shells, as you leave, Raynor will disappear once more.

As you approach the machine containing the third component, Raynor and Kireth will briefly be reunited:

Kireth Vanos: "Over here!"
Raynor Vanos: "Kireth? Is that you? It's been so long …."
Kireth Vanos: "You're alive! We don't have much time … I can feel it pulling at me already!"
Raynor Vanos: "I thought I'd lost you!"

They will both disappear again after this.

The siblings, returned to their own time

After you've helped Thaddeus repair the device, he will leave abruptly when you ask if he's from the future. In his place, Raynor will reappear in the current time along with Kireth:

Kireth Vanos: "Are we back? What in Ayem's name happened?"
Raynor Vanos: "I think I'm going to be ill."

If you try and talk to him before Kireth, he will be feeling too nauseous to talk:

"Stop! Stop, just … stand still a moment. oh, it's no use. There are currently four of you, and the longer I look at them, the less I trust my stomach.
Talk to my sister while I compose myself."

Once you have spoken to Kireth and completed the quest, you can talk about his experiences. He doesn't remember them well and doesn't remember meeting you while collecting components:

"Everything is a blur. I think I vaguely remember talking with a group of people, but the memory eludes me."
You don't remember anything?
"Not much, I'm afraid. Some shapes of people, a few voices. I remember reading a schematic of some kind. It had … no. It's gone."
I saw you while I was looking for parts. We even spoke.
"You did? How odd. I'm sorry. I just can't remember. Ugh, my head. It feels as though someone tried to extract ore from my skull.
Thank you for your help, at any rate. Kireth and I will be taking our leave as soon as we remember how to walk."


"A pair of Dark Elf siblings want dwarven relics. The brother wouldn't stop talking about mechanisms, articulation, and other things I care nothing about.
The sister was another story. She said the Inner Sea Armature was a good source."