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Tedras Relvi
Home Settlement Shad Astula
Location Docks
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) House Indoril
Tedras Relvi

Tedras Relvi is a Dunmer student found initially at the docks in Mournhold, then at the academy of Shad Astula. He can usually be found in the company of Hadmar the Thin-Boned and Lena Dalvel.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

By Invitation OnlyEdit

Prior to gaining access to Shad Astula, you can hear the following conversation at the docks:

Lena Dalvel: "I've been waiting for this my entire life."
Tedras Relvi: "Me, too, Lena. I want to learn how to unleash my inner powers."
Hadmar the Thin-Boned: "Ah, but before we unleash we must learn to control."
Tedras Relvi: "Of course, Hadmar. Whatever you say, Hadmar."

When spoken to in Mournhold, he boasts.

"The instructors think they'll be able to contain my innate power. Ha!"

After arriving at Shad Astula, the following exchange can be overheard:

Tedras Relvi: "I hate boats. All the rocking and back and forth and back and … by the Three! I think I'm going to be sick again!"
Lena Dalvel: "I told you you shouldn't have eaten right before we … oh my, that's just gross!"
Hadmar the Thin-Boned: "Our friend looks more blue than usual."
Tedras Relvi: "I hate you both so much right now."

Speaking to Tedras after this conversation:

"Just leave me alone, would you?"

School DazeEdit

During this quest, you will be sent to help Hadmar, Lena and Tedras with their entrance exams. You will find Tedras by the eastern pond, fishing. Speak to him and see what he might need help with.

"What rubbish! Fish magic from a pond? Vivec's buttocks, what does that even mean?"
Is there anything I can do to help?
"I'm not helpless, you know. I can do this.
Argh! Never mind. I give up. I'm not getting sent home over some stupid fish that doesn't exist. You want to help? Fine."
What can I do?
"Well, you can either fill this pond with fish so I can actually catch one, or figure out what these orbs do.
They gave me a book, but it just contained some stupid riddle. I threw it on that table over there."
You didn't try to figure out the riddle?
"What am I, a child? I'm going to be a commander in a House army, or maybe an advisor to the Pact leaders! They should have just given me a spell I could cast."

After solving the riddle, a giant crocodile comes out of the pond:

Tedras Relvi: "By the Three, what's happening? What is that thing?"
Tedras Relvi: "We did it! Er, you did it."

Speaking to him after Old Snapper is dead:

"I think I got it from here.
Er, thanks for the help. Maybe I'll get a chance to cast some spells after all."

Vision QuestEdit

After getting knocked out in the Underhalls, you wake up in a cell with Lena and Tedras. After speak with Lena, talk to Tedras.

"This is terrible! The Academy's in danger, the Arch-Mage is missing, and I'm locked in here with you."
Who captured you?
"The Maulborn general himself.
One of the senior students recognized him. Said he was Darvasen—used to be the Arch-Mage's assistant!"
Where did Arch-Mage Valeyn go?
"Who knows? He muttered something about looking for Hadmar and a familiar.
What do you think the Maulborn want us for?"
Nothing good. Have you tried the gate?
"I was afraid to. There're guards out there!
Maybe you could check it. Discreetly."

Speaking to him again:


After you check the gate, Valeyn's Familiar arrives, having tormented the guard into fleeing for her life.

Maulborn Black Knight: "Ahh! Leave me alone. Don't hurt me."
Valeyn's Familiar: "Hee hee hee!"
Tedras Relvi: "What was that?"

The banekin approaches the gate.

Valeyn's Familiar: "Back away from gate. Coming through!"
Lena Dalvel: "This must be the familiar the Arch-Mage told us about."
Valeyn's Familiar: "Master send me. Said to rescue you."

Speaking to Tedras after the banekin arrives:

"We have to trust the Arch-Mage. Right?
Go with his familiar. We'll come as soon as you call us. Honest."

After retrieving the ingredients for the open door spell, you must meet up with Tedras by the trap door to the Underhall.

"About time you summoned me. I thought you'd leave me sitting in that cell forever."
I heard you were the best at opening locked doors.
"You heard correctly. If I had the right ingredients, that is. But getting them will be tricky, considering the Maulborn occupy the Academy."
Way ahead of you. Here you go.
"Illusion dust and burnt scamp hide. Perfect! Just give me a moment and … there we go!
I'll wait up here. You know, to keep your escape route clear. Now go find the Arch-Mage and put an end to that Darvasen."

After this conversation:

"I'll make sure no one follows you.
I'm tired of sitting on my hands. Time for some action."

At the end of the quest, you must go down to the docks and say goodbye to your friends at the Academy.

"I know I gave you a hard time and all, but ….
Gah. I'm sorry. There, I said it."
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