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"Though the Dragonguard were mighty soldiers, they also had a spark for competition. The order would host yearly competitions in Storm Talon Temple, presenting games of skill and strength. The grappling bow competition was said to be particularly fierce." —Kiasa-Veda, the Chronicler of Blades
Storm Talon Temple
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Quest Chain
Aphren's Hold in Stormhaven
Storm Talon Temple

Storm Talon Temple is a hidden Dragonguard accessed through a trapdoor in Aphren's Hold. Much of the way through has collapsed over the years and so the temple can only be navigated by using the grappling crossbow.

The archives contain the following volumes: The Formalities of Dragonguard Correspondence, List of Deceased Dragons, Curse of the Black Beast, Fire Dragons, a Burning Menace, and Searching for the Horn of Ja'darri, Part 2.

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