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Spinner Amariel
Location Near Bone Orchard
Race Bosmer Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Spinners
Spinner Amariel

Spinner Amariel is a Bosmer Spinner found on the ridge above Bone Orchard. She oversees the recording of all the skeletons interred there.

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"Why did you let Dringoth talk you into this? Do you know how much trouble he's brought the Bone Orchard?
My apologies, his very presence wears at my manners. What do you need?"
Worm Cultists took over the Bone Orchard.
"Yes, their leader Ethruin made vague threats about me remaining inside. He's attempting to raise the old bones beneath the Barrowbough, but there's no way he'll do that before Elden Root sends a patrol, so I'm staying put."
They already dug up Goradir.
"Dug up? But that would take weeks. How did they manage?"
They're raising an army of skeletons.
"Why? Those old bones are useless to them. They Barrowbough shields them from necromancy.
But if they can dig up the Barrowbough's roots …. Oh no. They plan to turn the old bones into an army!"
We need to wake the old bones before the Worm Cult does.
"Here, this is Nirenan's Horn. Head beneath the Barrowbough and sound the horn before the gate. It's the only way inside, unless you want to help the Worm Cult with their digging.
And don't let Dringoth sneak off with that horn!"

You can speak to her again for more information:

"Head to the Barrowbough. Nirenan's Horn will get you inside, I'm sure of it."
What do you do here?
"There are many Wood Elves interred around the Barrowbough. I catalogue their names, cities of origin, and learn about their lives.
Then I sing their stories beneath the roots, so the old bones beneath have something new to dream about.
How do you know Dringoth?
"I've always known Dringoth. He managed to get into trouble when he was just a skull! How he learned to climb like that still eludes me.
The spinners who came before were no different. Dealing with Dringoth has been the only real constant in the Bone Orchard."
What's a spinner?
(If you are a Bosmer) "Your parents aren't from Grahtwood? That's surprising. You carry yourself like a native.
Spinners keep the stories of our people flowing. We focus upon the past, present, and future of every Wood Elf … even you!"
(If you are not a Bosmer)[verification needed] "We drive the rhythm of our people. Every Wood Elf has meaning, no matter how small. Spinners find the perfect tune for each so the stories of our strongest and our weakest can harmonize together.
At least, that's how I see it."
You can tell the future?
"Ha! No, not me.
Not yet."

When you have completed the quest and saved Dringoth, you can speak to her:

"The Worm Cultists haven't bothered me in some time. I suppose I have you to thank.
Wait, what happened to Nirenan's Horn?"
I haven't seen it since I first entered the Barrowbough.
"Blast it all! If Dringoth got his grubby finger-bones ahold of it, I'll scatter him all over Grahtwood."

If Dringoth dies instead:

"Oh. He's sleeping, then? Dringoth was noisy, disruptive, and a terrible tease, but I'll miss him. I'm sorry. Would you excuse me? I need to collect my thoughts."