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Help an exiled skeleton save his friends.
Zone: Grahtwood
Objective: Bone Orchard — Help Dringoth investigate the Worm Cult in Bone Orchard.
Quest Giver: Dringoth
Location(s): Bone Orchard
Reward: Barrowbough's Cage
Very High Leveled Gold
XP Gain: 2548
Dringoth is judged
I found a talking skull named Dringoth near the Bone Orchard. He wants me to piece him together so he can help thwart Worm Cultists in the area.

Quick WalkthroughEdit

  1. Recover Dringoth's bones.
  2. Assemble Dringoth.
  3. Investigate the dig site.
  4. Talk to Spinner Amariel.
  5. Enter the Barrowbough.
  6. Talk to Olphras.
  7. Repel the Worm Cult.

Detailed WalkthroughEdit

Quest StagesEdit

Keeper of Bones
Finishes Quest Journal Entry
Hidden Objective: Collect Ulna
Hidden Objective: Collect Radius
Hidden Objective: Collect Humerus
Hidden Objective: Collect Scapula
Hidden Objective: Collect Finger Phalanges
Hidden Objective: Collect Ribs
Hidden Objective: Collect Clavicle
Hidden Objective: Collect Vertebrae
Hidden Objective: Collect Toe Phalanges
Hidden Objective: Collect Pelvis
Objective: Recover Dringoth's Bones from the Worm Cult
Objective: Assemble Dringoth
Objective: Talk to Dringoth
Objective: Investigate Dig Site
Hidden Objective: Talk to Spinner Amariel
Objective: Enter the Barrowbough
Objective: Awaken Nirenan
Objective: Enter the Heart of the Barrowbough
Objective: Witness the Gathering of Old Bones
Hidden Objective: Defeat Ethruin
Objective: Repel the Worm Cult
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