Online: People
Location Bone Orchard
Race Skeleton Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Goradir as seen in the Bone Orchard

Goradir is a mysterious skull found in the Bone Orchard, shown emanating with a green glow after being dug up by the Worm Cult. He can be talked to as part of Keeper of Bones.

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Dringoth: "Goradir!
Goradir, what have they done?"
Goradir: "What does it look like? They dug up my barrow!"
Dringoth: "What? Why?"
Goradir: "Wouldn't stop asking about the roots."
Dringoth: "The roots? Why would they care about the... Oh no."
Goradir: "Told them they were asking for trouble, but did they listen? Went right to the Barrowbough. Idiots."
Dringoth: "Hey, friend! Listen, we have a problem."

You can speak to him after:

"You're Dringoth's friend right?"
I put him back together
"Huh. Spinner Amariel won't be happy about that."
Spinner Amariel? / You mentioned Spinner Amariel?
"Very bright, good sense of humor. No patience for Dringoth's mischief. Years ago she'd had enough, so she took him apart and scattered him around the Bone Orchard.
I laughed enough to shift my barrow."
What can you tell me about Dringoth? / You were saying about Dringoth?
"Most of us choose to sleep in our own bones. But Dringoth borrowed those of a long dead Elf. He was always restless, even in life."
Where are his original bones?
"Dringoth's true bones are gnarled in the roots of the Barrowbough. Some say they're the oldest in the orchard.
Look out for him, would you? His recklessness tends to wear at the others buried here."
What are you?
"Tired. Very tired."
What were you, before you died?
"Much taller."


  • Goradir's skull appears to be a dragon skull. However, when you try to deduce his origin, he tantalizingly avoids answering your line of query.