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Location Northeast of Port Hunding
Ship The Spearhead, The Dawn Posset
Race Redguard Gender Male
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly

Shazeem is a Redguard initially found northeast of Port Hunding with his monkey Qawi. He is suffering from amnesia after a shipwreck.

Once you help him recover his belongings, he will join you on your adventures on The Spearhead throughout Stros M'Kai, Betnikh, and at the end of the voyage at Daggerfall. He can also be encountered in Sentinel, alongside his wife Abia.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

When approached, he says:

"Why am I here? Am I going mad?"

Speak with him.

"Leave me to my drink, stranger. If I can't remember what matters, might as well forget it all."
What do you mean?
"I woke up on the shore. No idea how I got here. Barely remember my name. And this damned monkey won't leave me alone. Must be mine. It just keeps hooting at me and won't go away.
Ugh. I need more ale."
How can I help?
"Just go ... wait, wait! Buy this monkey from me. Monkeys are great companions! I bet this one can find buried treasure. On an island like this, you'd recoup the cost tenfold!
I just need some coin for ale. We both win, eh?"
I'll consider it.
"He may be annoying, but I bet he's got a nose for treasure!"

If you exit dialogue now, he says:

"Just look at him. He's itching to head for the beach as we speak! Who knows what that little rascal might find?"
You really think this monkey can lead me to something valuable?
(Repeat last line)

Either way, you have this option:

I might be interested in buying your monkey.
"Great. For the right price, he's yours."
How do I know he'll find anything?
"Fine, fine. I'll loan you the monkey. Take him around the beach, see what he finds!
Just get the little screecher away from me."

If you talk to him again, he'll say:

"The little rat is all yours. I'm going to drink even more heavily now."

When you return:

"You again? What's it this time?"
The monkey led me to these. I believe they're yours.
"Yes ... my family brewed this rum. And my father's ring. It's coming back to me!
My old blade ... and my lucky dice. Now I remember! I'd even forgotten my dear companion Qawi."
Do you remember what happened to you?
"Still fuzzy on that. I was bound for Daggerfall when pirates hit us. I think I was thrown overboard in the battle."
At least you have your belongings.
"You're a godsend! Things are still a little hazy, but I think that's the ale.
Take this gold for your efforts."

If you exit before completing the quest:

"I know I was bound for Daggerfall when my ship was attacked. I need to find a way there."
Good luck getting to Daggerfall.
(Repeat last line)

Finally, speaking to him after completing the quest, he will say:

"The items you returned are bringing back my memory. Drinking less is helping too.
I'll see you at the docks when you're ready to leave Stros M'Kai."


The SpearheadEdit

When you are ready to leave Stros M'Kai, he can be found on the Spearhead.

"Just being back on a ship brings more memories. I'm looking forward to the voyage."

After arriving in Betnikh he elects to stay on the ship.

"I shall remain aboard until we reach Daggerfall, my friend.
An island full of Orcs would try my patience."


He'll be on board the Spearhead:

"It feels good to be on a ship again. There's still much I can't remember, but I feel like being on the open sea will help.
I'm glad you found me when you did."


He can be found on Captain Marck's ship.

"You know, it's strange how memories keep coming back to me. When we first arrived in Wayrest, I didn't remember it at all. Now I'm remembering all sorts of things.
I think I've found a place here with Captain Marck. I owe that to you."


Reunion with Abia

When you arrive in Sentinel, you will find the docks overrun by the undead Ra-Netu. Shazeem can be found aboard the Dawn Posset.

"Worry not for us, my friend. This ship will not fall while we guard it."

After you have stopped the Ra-Netu attack on the Sentinel Docks, he can be found at the southern end of the dock area. He will be in conversation with a woman who turns out to be his wife.

"My friend! Welcome. I want to introduce you to my wife."
You wife? Here?
"An honored ancestor assaulted the boat. I pushed him off, but then I slipped. Hit my head. When I came to, this woman was standing over me. Tending me.
I remembered her face, her name. My wife. Abia."
It's good you found each other again.
"When you found me on the shore of Stros M'Kai, I'd forgotten everything. Thanks to you, I have it all back. Thanks to you, I'm home.
We have a child coming. It will bear your name."