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Home Settlement Honor's Rest
Race Redguard Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Sharela is a Redguard scholar and historian investing the Orc hero Baloth Bloodtusk and his relation to Gaiden Shinji who can be found at Honor's Rest.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

If spoken to before speaking to Lozruth:

"'Paired vessels' … it must mean burial urns.
I'm sorry, I have to translate. Have you spoken with my colleague? Lozruth can assist if you have any questions."

When spoken to after speaking to Lozruth:

"I saw you speak with Lozruth. I know he's upset, but he's wrong about this tomb.
The remains of Gaiden Shinji are inside—not Baloth Bloodtusk."
What makes you so certain?
"The door to this tomb commemorates Gaiden Shinji's final duel. His image is identical to engravings from that period—there's no question it's him.
He respected every opponent he challenged. That's reflected in the depiction of Baloth Bloodtusk, his final opponent."
Gaiden Shinji's final opponent was Baloth Bloodtusk?
"Yes, he's the Orc opposite Shinji—which is why this can't be Baloth Bloodtusk's resting place.
Though venerated by Wrothgar's Orcs, Baloth was little more than an opportunist. Why would an Orc mercenary's tomb honor the Redguard who "murdered" him?"
What's actually inside the tomb?
"I … we don't know. The door won't open, so it's all theory.
But I'll stake my reputation on this being Gaiden Shinji's tomb. I fear the king's people will be overzealous when they realize I'm right."
What do you mean by "overzealous?"
"They hold Gaiden Shinji responsible for Old Orsinium's destruction. When they see this is actually Shinji's tomb … at best, Lozruth will be banished for his find.
At worst? Shinji's bones will be ground to powder, cooked into a pie, and served to the king."
All right. What do you need? / Just tell me what you need.
"The indentations by the door are for burial urns—no doubt some sort of key.
If you can open the tomb with the proper urns, I can safeguard Shinji's remains."
Where would I find these burial urns?
"There are catacombs nearby with similar stonework to this tomb, but they're crawling with Winterborn. Try there—look for a monument stone of some kind."
All right, I'll look for a monument stone.
"If you can find them in the catacombs, I'm certain the burial urns will open Gaiden Shinji's tomb.
And avoid the Winterborn if you can help it."
Who was Gaiden Shinji?
"The greatest hero in an era of heroes. He's remembered for his skill with the blade, but his wisdom defined the future of the Redguard people.
Shinji once wrote, 'Honor wears the face of your final opponent.' It's why Baloth Bloodtusk is connected to him."

After you've collected the urns and approach the tomb entrance, you'll get the following cut scene:

Sharela : "I said, this is the tomb of Gaiden Shinji."
Goruz : "Lozruth, what is this nonsense?"
Lozruth : "Sharela speaks for herself. This is the tomb of Baloth Bloodtusk, there is no question."
Goruz : "Well, I have a question—has your partner lost her damned mind?"
Sharela : "None of this will matter once we open the tomb."
Lozruth : "At which point Sharela will be proven wrong."
Sharela : "That I can trust my partner to back my findings? Yes, Lozruth is correct."
Goruz : "Orsinium did not send me to mediate a family quarrel. Figure out whose tomb this is or I'll have the army drive you out."

Once the scene has completed, she'll have this to say:

"Did you find the burial urns?"
Yes, I found both.
"Good. Better to open it with the king's advisor present. An official visit means he must record the tomb's contents—even if they have nothing to do with Baloth Bloodtusk."
I saw a vision of Baloth Bloodtusk. He's connected, somehow.
"Connected? Well … yes, his duel with Gaiden Shinji. But that was their only connection."
Not exactly. One of these urns contains the ashes of Baloth's lieutenant.
"I don't understand. Perhaps Shinji defeated him as well?
But we can reconcile this after we open the tomb."

Placing the urns at the entranced alcoves starts this short exchange:

Lozruth : "It worked. Sharela, you were right!"
Sharela : "Yes, Lozruth. I often am."
Lozruth : "On a good day, perhaps. Let's continue this inside."

Then they both enter the tomb.

Sharela : "Tu'whacca's breath! Lozruth, do you see this?"
Lozruth : "These monuments … millennia old. Redguard and Orc stonework. Side-by-side."
Sharela : "Not just that. Order of Diagna and Savage Sons, intermingled."
Lozruth : "Orc stonework never presents enemies in equal standing."

Again, after going further:

Lozruth : "I don't believe it."
Sharela : "One is clearly Gaiden Shinji … but the other …."
Lozruth : "Baloth Bloodtusk. Memorialized in stone."
Sharela : "This is their tomb. Both of them?"
Lozruth : "They were mortal enemies. How can this be?"
Sharela : "There must be a reason. We should look around, learn how this was possible."

If you speak to Sharela at this point, he'll say:

"Gaiden Shinji's body … it's not displayed as I'd expect it to be.
Could it be that he was not Redguard? There are theories, of course … could this be confirmation?"

After returning from Reliana's Memory, she'll respond with:

"So Gaiden Shinji and Baloth Bloodtusk were pulled into a war neither wanted. They dueled to stop an endless siege. And they died betrayed by the plots of a Breton king?
These are not the legends I was raised to believe."
We all saw the same thing. Could the legends be false?
"Every legend has some truth behind it. Perhaps this tomb will help us find the truth in Gaiden Shinji's legend.
And Baloth Bloodtusk, as well. He was different than I expected. But I suppose that's the point."

After speaking to Lozruth and Sharela about the truth behind Gaiden Shinji's and Baloth Bloodtusk's legend, you'll witness the following exchange:

Lozruth : "Sharela? I was wondering …."
Sharela : "Yes? About what?"
Lozruth : "Now that we found Baloth Bloodtusk …."
Sharela : "And Gaiden Shinji."
Lozruth : "Of course, of course … such a finding would take months to explore."
Sharela : "It could take years."
Lozruth : "Years? Do you think? I … yes, it could take years."
Sharela : "What are you saying, Lozruth?"
Lozruth : "Could we, perhaps … that is, if you're interested … maybe …."
Sharela : "Study this tomb together?"
Lozruth : "Yes! That is, if you're interested. Are you interested? You're not interested."
Sharela : "On one condition."
Lozruth : "Yes? Name it!"
Sharela : "Top listing in every journal."
Lozruth : "But … I thought we'd agreed on alphabetical!"
Sharela : "Ha! Lozruth, you still can't tell when I'm pulling your tusk?"
Lozruth : "Oh. Heh. So … we continue as we were?"
Sharela : "Of course. You can't get rid of me that easily."
Lozruth : "Good, that's … ahem. Good."

Speaking to her one last time:

"Despite the blood spilled, the betrayal? Mortal enemies put aside their past to commemorate two great heroes.
But Honor's Rest was lost, along with their story. Hatred is harder to forget."
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