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Home Settlement Honor's Rest
Race Orc Gender Male
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly

Lozruth is an Orc scholar and historian studying the great Orc hero Baloth Bloodtusk at Honor's Rest.

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As you approach him

"This is a great discovery. Why can't she see that."

If you speak to him, he'll say:

"Ten years. Sharela and I spent ten years looking for the tomb of Baloth Bloodtusk. Now that we find it, she says it's not his!
Our moment of glory … why would she ruin it?"
What do you mean?
"Baloth Bloodtusk was an Orc hero, cruelly slain by Gaiden Shinji in a rigged duel, and buried in a tomb lost to time. Lost until now.
This should be a day to celebrate Orc heritage. Instead? Sharela spouts nonsense."
What's the problem, exactly?
"Sharela swears this is Gaiden Shinji's tomb! Orc stone in Orc lands, honoring the murderer of Wrothgar's greatest hero? Preposterous!"
I can talk to Sharela.
"I'll be grateful if you get through to Sharela. I already wrote Orsinium about our findings.
Can you imagine if she denies Baloth Bloodtusk's tomb in front of the king's people? I could never live it down!"
Who was Baloth Bloodtusk? / What can you tell me about Baloth Bloodtusk?
"Baloth Bloodtusk was the finest warrior to call Wrothgar home. Some say he was an avatar of Malacath himself.
Those people are idiots. The Wild Boar died, just like anyone else."
Why is Baloth Bloodtusk so important to you?
"Don't believe the tales. He didn't wrestle giants, slay dragons, or ride a giant bear.
But he carved out a place for my people when Orcs were seen as little more than beasts. Had Gaiden Shinji not betrayed him, Daggerfall and Sentinel would be Orc cities."
Hold on. A giant bear?
"I know, I know. Foolish, isn't it?
It was King Torug who rode the giant bear. Everyone knows that."
How did Gaiden Shinji betray him? / Tell me about his death.
"Thirty years into the siege of Old Orsinium, Gaiden Shinji challenged Baloth Bloodtusk to determine its fate. As the defenders watched the duel, Shinji's Order of Diagna slipped inside and opened the city doors. My people were slaughtered.
And then … it's unclear."
What's unclear?
"According to legend, Baloth Bloodtusk's fury at the 'honor' of men drove Shinji to defeat—but rather than lose a duel, Shinji ordered ten thousand archers to kill them both.
And that was that."
Do you believe that really happened?
"The story is told in every Orc stronghold. No matter the variation, Baloth Bloodtusk always ends up betrayed in his duel with Gaiden Shinji.
The few surviving Orcs from Old Orsinium had every reason to hate Shinji. Sharela's theory is career-ending madness."
How could Sharela end her career?
"Denying the tomb of Baloth Bloodtusk, to this king? The Orsinium Guard will have her sload-marched to Friendship Gate. How can a Wrothgar scholar find work if she's banished from Wrothgar?"

After you've collected the urns and approach the tomb entrance, you'll get the following cut scene:

Sharela : "I said, this is the tomb of Gaiden Shinji."
Goruz : "Lozruth, what is this nonsense?"
Lozruth : "Sharela speaks for herself. This is the tomb of Baloth Bloodtusk, there is no question."
Goruz : "Well, I have a question—has your partner lost her damned mind?"
Sharela : "None of this will matter once we open the tomb."
Lozruth : "At which point Sharela will be proven wrong."
Sharela : "That I can trust my partner to back my findings? Yes, Lozruth is correct."
Goruz : "Orsinium did not send me to mediate a family quarrel. Figure out whose tomb this is or I'll have the army drive you out."

Once the scene has completed, he'll have this to say:

"I knew this would happen! It's all gone so wrong."
What happened?
"The king's advisor arrived sooner than expected. Orsinium isn't usually so … punctual.
Have you found a way inside?"
I found these burial urns. Sharela thinks they will open the tomb.
"Then by all means, open it up. She'll see Gaiden Shinji has nothing to do with this tomb. Then we can salvage things with Orsinium."
Actually, Sharela could be right.
"What do you mean?"
I saw a vision of Gaiden Shinji.
"You … what? Did you see him murder Baloth Bloodtusk? Or conspire with King Joile to besiege OId [sic] Orsinium?"
No, Gaiden Shinji didn't think much of King Joile—or the siege.
"That's … not what I've read.
But we can discuss this after the tomb is open."

Placing the urns at the entranced alcoves starts this short exchange:

Lozruth : "It worked. Sharela, you were right!"
Sharela : "Yes, Lozruth. I often am."
Lozruth : "On a good day, perhaps. Let's continue this inside."

Then they both enter the tomb.

Sharela : "Tu'whacca's breath! Lozruth, do you see this?"
Lozruth : "These monuments … millennia old. Redguard and Orc stonework. Side-by-side."
Sharela : "Not just that. Order of Diagna and Savage Sons, intermingled."
Lozruth : "Orc stonework never presents enemies in equal standing."

Again, after going further:

Lozruth : "I don't believe it."
Sharela : "One is clearly Gaiden Shinji … but the other …."
Lozruth : "Baloth Bloodtusk. Memorialized in stone."
Sharela : "This is their tomb. Both of them?"
Lozruth : "They were mortal enemies. How can this be?"
Sharela : "There must be a reason. We should look around, learn how this was possible."

If you speak to Lozruth at this point, he'll say:

"I'm in the same room as Baloth Bloodtusk. And Gaiden Shinji, it seems.
There must be an explanation."

After returning from Reliana's Memory, he'll respond with:

"Did you … what happened? I thought I was someplace else for a moment. Someone else … a Breton knight?"
I saw it too.
"Whoever built this place … they wanted us to know the truth. Baloth Bloodtusk and Gaiden Shinji tried to end the siege, to stop the killing. The only betrayal was King Joile's.
It seems Sharela and I were both right."
What will you do now?
"Patch things up with Sharela. We've worked together for years … I won't let this break us.
But please don't tell her. It should really come from me."
What will happen to the tomb?
"The king will know the truth. This is Baloth Bloodtusk's tomb, and altering any piece of it will mar his legend. The king won't dare touch Gaiden Shinji's remains—especially not once I write Sentinel with the news.
Let the kings argue with each other, if they must."

After speaking to Lozruth and Sharela about the truth behind Gaiden Shinji's and Baloth Bloodtusk's legend, you'll witness the following exchange:

Lozruth : "Sharela? I was wondering …."
Sharela : "Yes? About what?"
Lozruth : "Now that we found Baloth Bloodtusk …."
Sharela : "And Gaiden Shinji."
Lozruth : "Of course, of course … such a finding would take months to explore."
Sharela : "It could take years."
Lozruth : "Years? Do you think? I … yes, it could take years."
Sharela : "What are you saying, Lozruth?"
Lozruth : "Could we, perhaps … that is, if you're interested … maybe …."
Sharela : "Study this tomb together?"
Lozruth : "Yes! That is, if you're interested. Are you interested? You're not interested."
Sharela : "On one condition."
Lozruth : "Yes? Name it!"
Sharela : "Top listing in every journal."
Lozruth : "But … I thought we'd agreed on alphabetical!"
Sharela : "Ha! Lozruth, you still can't tell when I'm pulling your tusk?"
Lozruth : "Oh. Heh. So … we continue as we were?"
Sharela : "Of course. You can't get rid of me that easily."
Lozruth : "Good, that's … ahem. Good."

Speaking to him one last time:

"Orcs, Redguards, and Bretons built this place. They buried their dead together.
They say a bond is formed on the battlefield, even among enemies. Perhaps both sides tired of death in the end."
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