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Servant of Vivec
Location Ebonheart, Shrine of Vivec
Race Dunmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Tribunal Temple
Condition Projection
Servant of Vivec

The Servant of Vivec is a projection that appears after you have prayed at the Shrine of Vivec for Disciple Sildras.

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When approached, he will announce in an otherworldly voice:

"I appear at my lord's behest.
Or perhaps I was always here, and you merely lacked the ability to see me."
Sildras wants to know if the Tribunal hears his prayers.
"Actions carry conviction better than words. A skilled Poet arranges for others to be where they should be, when they should be, to fulfill his needs and desires.
Yet the question Sildras asked was not the one in his heart."
What was the question in his heart?
"A man of poisoned words put doubt in Sildras' heart. He said the Poet is less than He once was.
Tell the disciple that Vivec's Words and Wit and Way of War are as keen as always. What is Vivec beyond these?"

You can ask the Servant about Vivec after getting his answer to Sildras' question.

Who is Vivec?
"Vivec is a Warrior Poet, the ruthless and elegant soul of his people. He guides and protects all. Of sharp eye and tongue is he. Long is his reach. Longer is his spear.
How can this question be on the lips of anyone in Morrowind?"
You seem surprised I asked.
"The sermons of Vivec are beside every bed. Vivec's psalms are sighed from every maiden's lips. His wisdom makes his people as hard, capable, and enduring as the Poet himself.
All know Vivec, for Vivec would have it so."