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Home City Elden Root
Location Great Trunk Artisans Court
Store Greenwarden Forge
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Blacksmith

Sashawi is a Khajiit blacksmith who can be found at her store, Greenwarden Forge, at Elden Root's Great Trunk Artisans Court. When talked to, she'll say one of the following:

"This one is sometimes concerned. Much killing is done with this one's trade, yes? So then, is that blood on her hands? Something of a conundrum. Sashawi is thinking, perhaps, many who die invite their own deaths, yes? They choose to eat steel."
"The working of steel is a walker's gift. After all, only steel is sharper than one's own claws, yes?"

She can also teach you the basics of blacksmithing.