HomeĀ Settlement Deepwoods
Race Bosmer Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Rondor is a Bosmer found guarding the road outside Deepwoods heading towards Velyn Harbor.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

"Not many walk these roads lately. What brings you to Deepwoods?"
I'm just a traveler exploring the area.
"A traveler, eh? Then welcome to Deepwoods.
Pilgrims like you came from all over Valenwood to pray at the shrine of the Green Lady. Not many lately, though."
What happened?
"You haven't heard about the kidnapping? Werewolves took the Green Lady's own sister, Lanwaen! And then, there's the Houndsmen ....
Go see Treethane Nilara. We could use all the help we can get."
I'll talk to Treethane Nilara. Where will I find her?
"Treethane Nilara's praying in the middle of the village at the Green Lady's shrine.
She wanted to search for Lanwaen, but we're not strong enough to face a pack of werewolves or Houndsmen."

Exiting the conversation and speaking to him again:

"Head up to the village, please.
What with all the werewolves and Lanwaen taken ... we're a bit overwhelmed"
Where's Treethane Nilara?

You can ask him more questions about Deepwoods after accepting the quest.

Who is the Green Lady?
"Gwaering was born and raised in Deepwoods! She's our current Green Lady. Several were born here.
The Green Lady represents our physical nature, just as the Silvenar represents our spirituality."
Who's the Silvenar?
"The Silvenar is our spiritual leader, and can be either male or female.
Each generation brings with it a new Silvenar and Green Lady. Once they marry, the Bosmer's feral and spiritual sides unite, bringing us balance."
Who are the Houndsmen?
"They're bondsmen of the Hound, a mortal agent for the Daedric Prince Hircine.
We've seen quite a few of them lately, up near Hircine's shrine."