Elder Scrolls Online: Combat

Resurrecting another player lets them get back into the fight without having to walk back from the nearest respawn point or wait until the battle has ended. Resurrecting a player requires a Soul Gem, and requires you to be uninterrupted for several seconds. There are various ways to improve your ability to resurrect other players.


Skill Effect
Reanimate (Living Death) Bring your allies back from the brink of death, resurrecting up to 3 allies at the target location.
Master Ritualist (Restoring Light) Increases resurrection speed by 10-20%
Increases resurrected player's Health by 50-100% afterwards
Has a 50% chance to fill a Soul Gem
Battle Resurrection (Support) Increases resurrection speed by 15-30%
Only works in PvP areas.



  • All of the resurrection speed bonuses will stack, so wearing Kagrenac's Hope while in Cyrodiil with 2 points each in Master Ritualist and Battle Resurrection will grant you a 75% increase in resurrection speed.[verification needed]
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