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Elder Scrolls Online: People
Princess Elara
Location Viridian Woods
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39959
Reaction Friendly
Princess Elara

Princess Elara is the daughter of Queen Arzhela, the ruler of the city of Evermore. She was greatly wounded during a Reachmen attack on the city and she was found on the side on the road by Stenwick Gurles, the current Sentinel of the Viridian Woods.

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Awakening the PrincessEdit

Princess Elara needs to be woken up

The Princess can be found atop the altar in the center of the lake. When approached it is clear she is comatose.

<She seems to be sleeping, but her heartbeat is weak. It doesn't seem possible to wake her.>

After observing her, you will be approached by Stenwick Gurles, who will ask for your assistance in healing her. Once you have gathered the necessary materials, you can find both of them in Stenwick's home.

After he has used his powers to restore her to health, Princess Elara will wake up though she will initially be confused.

"I was … asleep? What am I doing in this hovel? And who are you?
No, I remember. Stenwick brought me here. I was … sick. Apologies, but I still don't remember who you are."
I'm helping Stenwick. How are you feeling?
"Then you have my gratitude. I feel weak, but not unwell. It seems my outer wounds have all been healed.
Tell me, stranger - how fares Evermore? Is my mother well? My father?"
Your father is dead, but Queen Arzhela lives.
"I … see. My mother must be in mourning, then. I will send word that I am well, if Stenwick is willing.
Ah, we have company, it seems. Who's coming in?"
(If you have completed Evermore)
I'm sorry, but I don't know.
"I will send word that I am well, if Stenwick is willing. I dare not return to Evermore without knowing more of the situation.
Ah, we have company, it seems. Who is that, Stenwick?"
(If you haven't completed Evermore)

At this, Wyress Demara will arrive and have a mildly threatening conversation with Stenwick.

Wyress Demara: "The forest feels your weakness, Sentinel. This is treacherous ground."
Stenwick Gurles: "Enter, Demara. Was that a warning, or a threat?"
Princess Elara: "Stenwick, who's this? A wyress?"
Stenwick Gurles: "Yes, child. You will know more of them soon enough."
Wyress Demara: "Is that so? You're more foolish than I thought, old man."
<Wyress Demara turns into a wolf and leaves.>
Stenwick Gurles: "Don't think anything of this. The Wyrd are a strange folk."

Afterwards, Elara will mention that she felt Demara disliked her, saying:

"That woman looked at me as if I were an insect. I don't know what I did to make her angry, but I hope I don't run into her again."

The Spriggan and the WyrdEdit

Once you have spoken with Stenwick about finding the Voice of the Forest, Princess Elara will interject:

Princess Elara: "I won't sit here and let you do all the work!"

If you speak with her, she will suggest a faster way of finding the Spriggan.

"We have to find the Voice of the Forest. If Stenwick needs a spriggan bud, then I'll do anything to get it for him."
It's probably best if you stay here and rest.
"I suppose you're right. I'll stay here, with Stenwick.
But this forest voice … if it's like a spriggan, it will react to their deaths. I'd bet you could kill some spriggans to draw it out."
That might anger it.
"Probably. But they're animals. I don't see any other way to reason with them.
Stenwick needs the bud, and we don't have time to coddle the spriggans. We need their cooperation, whether they intend to give it or not."
Stenwick said we should just search for it.
"And if we never find it? No, kill the spriggans. It's the best chance to do this quickly."

After you obtain the spriggan bud and take it to the Wyress Camp, Wyress Demara will recognize what Stenwick has been trying to do. He wishes to pass the power of the Viridian Sentinel over to Elara. And Wyress Demara sees the princess as entirely unfit.

Once you learn of this, Princess Elara will arrive and argue with Wyress Demara.

Princess Elara: "If you have something to say, you'll say it to my face!"
Wyress Demara: "I will. You are weak. Fit for little more than prey. How do you hope to wield the Sentinel's power?"
Princess Elara: "Stenwick is trying to save my life! I don't know what he has planned, but I certainly owe it to him to see this through!"
Wyress Demara: "The child knows nothing. And he expects us to offer our blessing?"

After the argument, you can speak with both of them. Princess Elara does not know why the wyresses hate her but she is focused on saving Stenwick.

"I don't know what Stenwick is planning, but if it'll save my life, I trust him. I don't understand why these Wyrd people can't see that!"
Why do they seem to dislike you so much?
"Sounds like jealousy to me. It won't stand in my way. I won't give up a second chance at life for the whims of some forest folk.
Stenwick is a kind man. Why won't they see that he means no harm?"
I should talk to Wyress Demara as well.
"Why? She pretends to be in charge of everything, and we've already received the bud from the Voice of the Forest.
That's good enough for me, and it ought to be enough for the likes of her."
I agree with you, but we still need their blessing.
"The Wyrd can't interfere forever. Let them bless this thing and be done with it. Stenwick's not getting any younger."

Once you assist with the blessing, you can speak with Princess Elara.

"The Wyrd have stalled long enough. Stenwick isn't healthy, and we must do what he asked before it's too late.
Go to him, tell him what we've done. I'm short of breath and must save my strength."
Will you be safe here?
"I have a feeling they don't dare harm me as long as I'm under Stenwick's protection. We'll see if I guessed correctly."
He'll want to see you again.
"Of course, and this bud may heal Stenwick, the way he healed me. We'll need to use it if we're to save him.
Take him to that altar in the lake. I'll meet you there."

The Viridian Sentinel RitualEdit

After you go to Stenwick's hut and hear his final words, you can find Princess Elara at the lake and you will need to break the news to her.

"I thought he'd be here by now … where is Stenwick?"
He died just after I returned to him.
"He gave everything to keep me alive. Even his life.
I don't even know what to do now. Does that mean I'm doomed to die as well?"
He said you must become the new Sentinel in order to live.
"That was his plan all along, wasn't it? And I never got to thank him. If this is what he wanted, then I must see it through.
You still have his amulet? Take it to the altar. We'll say a few words for him."

Once you start the ritual, Elara will comment on the motes:

Princess Elara: "So these motes are all that's left of dear Stenwick …."
<She starts clutching at her head.>
Princess Elara: "What's that sound? Can you hear it?"

You will then be transported to some parallel place where the Voice of the Forest waits for you. After speaking with the spriggan you are given a choice, either help Elara complete the ritual or sabotage it and end the cycle of the Viridan Sentinel — and leave Elara to die.

The princess will not hear this exchange of words:

Princess Elara: "I think I'm better now. Gods, what is this place?"
Princess Elara becomes the new Viridian Sentinel

If you decide to help her gather motes, the ritual will be completed and you will return to the real world. The princess will now be floating above the altar.

"I didn't think we'd be able to pull through at the end. But we did. We did!
You can't image how this feels. I had no idea Stenwick had this kind of … power!"
What do you mean?
"I can feel the earth. I can taste the wind. It's like every piece of this forest is a part of me. I will remain here, a part of these woods forever!
Could I even command the beasts? It seems that it would be a trivial matter!"
So your injuries—they're cured?
"More than that! The rocks themselves give me strength! I feel immortal!
Ah, apologies my friend. This power, it's heady. Like a deep, cold pool. Refreshing, but so easy to fall into! I have much to learn, it seems!"

Once she has calmed down from the influx of power, you can ask her some questions about her before leaving.

"We met only briefly, but the forest will remember your deeds forever. I will make sure of it."
Do you understand why I made this decision?
"So much has happened to me, it's hard to think clearly."
Will you return to Evermore?
"No, I belong here, in these woods. Eventually, the Wyrd and I will come to terms.
I see our past and present, through the eyes of the Sentinel. There will never be love between us, but understanding is not too much to ask."