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Alchemy Effects
1st Ravage Health Ravage Health
2nd Uncertainty Uncertainty
3rd Enervation Enervation
4th Invisible Invisible
A Nirnroot plant

Nirnroot glowing at night

Nirnroot is a blue-green plant and alchemy reagent which is always found near water sources. It can be found growing in all zones, with the exception of Coldharbour (outside of the Hollow City). It produces a strong chiming sound to anyone nearby.


Two ReagentsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with: Side Effect
Ravage Health Ravage Health Blessed Thistle
Corn Flower
Emetic Russula
Violet Coprinus
Uncertainty Uncertainty Butterfly Wing
Enervation Enervation Dragon Rheum
Imp Stool
Torchbug Thorax
Invisible Invisible Blue Entoloma
Dragon's Bile
Namira's Rot
Spider Egg

Three ReagentsEdit

This chart lists only combinations in which two or more of Nirnroot's effects are present.

Desired Effects Combine with: Side Effect(s)
Ravage Health Ravage Health Enervation Enervation Blessed Thistle Dragon Rheum Speed Speed
Blessed Thistle Imp Stool
Blessed Thistle Torchbug Thorax
Corn Flower Dragon Rheum Restore Magicka Restore Magicka
Corn Flower Imp Stool
Corn Flower Torchbug Thorax
Dragon Rheum Emetic Russula
Dragon Rheum Nightshade
Dragon Rheum Stinkhorn
Dragon Rheum Violet Coprinus
Emetic Russula Imp Stool Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina
Emetic Russula Torchbug Thorax
Imp Stool Nightshade
Imp Stool Stinkhorn Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina
Imp Stool Violet Coprinus
Nightshade Torchbug Thorax
Stinkhorn Torchbug Thorax Fracture Fracture
Torchbug Thorax Violet Coprinus
Ravage Health Ravage Health Invisible Invisible Blessed Thistle Dragon's Bile
Blessed Thistle Namira's Rot Speed Speed
Blessed Thistle Spider Egg
Dragon's Bile Emetic Russula
Dragon's Bile Nightshade
Dragon's Bile Stinkhorn
Dragon's Bile Violet Coprinus
Emetic Russula Namira's Rot
Emetic Russula Spider Egg
Namira's Rot Nightshade
Namira's Rot Stinkhorn
Namira's Rot Violet Coprinus
Nightshade Spider Egg Defile Defile
Spider Egg Stinkhorn
Spider Egg Violet Coprinus
Uncertainty Uncertainty Enervation Enervation Butterfly Wing Dragon Rheum
Butterfly Wing Imp Stool
Butterfly Wing Torchbug Thorax Vitality Vitality
Uncertainty Uncertainty Invisible Invisible Blue Entoloma Butterfly Wing
Butterfly Wing Dragon's Bile Vitality Vitality
Butterfly Wing Spider Egg Lingering Health Lingering Health
Enervation Enervation Invisible Invisible Blue Entoloma Imp Stool
Blue Entoloma Dragon Rheum
Dragon Rheum Dragon's Bile Heroism Heroism
Dragon Rheum Namira's Rot Speed Speed
Dragon Rheum Spider Egg
Dragon's Bile Imp Stool
Imp Stool Namira's Rot
Imp Stool Spider Egg