Elder Scrolls Online: Alchemy
ON-icon-effect-Alchemy-Lower Spell Crit.png Uncertainty
Type Offensive
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Butterfly Wing

Potion description: Applies Minor Uncertainty to you, reducing all critical ratings by 657 for [D] seconds. (45 second cooldown)
Poison description: Applies Minor Uncertainty to your victim, reducing all critical ratings by 657 for [D] seconds. (10 second cooldown)

The Uncertainty effect (formerly known as Lower Spell Crit) decreases your chance of scoring a critical attack with physical and magical attacks for a short time, or in a poison does the same to your target. Unless you have maxed out Snakeblood, it should generally be avoided when making potions. Its opposing effect is Spell Critical Spell Critical.



Solvent Level Potion Duration
Natural Water 3 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngSip of Ravage Spell Crit 13.6
Clear Water 10 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngTincture of Ravage Spell Crit 17.0
Pristine Water 20 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngDram of Ravage Spell Crit 21.9
Cleansed Water 30 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngPotion of Ravage Spell Crit 26.7
Filtered Water 40 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngSolution of Ravage Spell Crit 31.6
Purified Water Champion Points10 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngElixir of Ravage Spell Crit 37.4
Cloud Mist Champion Points50 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngPanacea of Ravage Spell Crit 40.3
Star Dew Champion Points100 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngDistillate of Ravage Spell Crit 44.2
Lorkhan's Tears Champion Points150 ON-icon-potion-Lower Spell.pngEssence of Ravage Spell Crit 47.6


Solvent Level Poison Duration
Grease 3 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-1.pngUncertainty Poison I 2.2
Ichor 10 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-1.pngUncertainty Poison II 3.5
Slime 20 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-2.pngUncertainty Poison III 4.8
Gall 30 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-3.pngUncertainty Poison IV 6.1
Terebinthine 40 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-4.pngUncertainty Poison V 7.4
Pitch-Bile Champion Points10 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-5.pngUncertainty Poison VI 8.1
Tarblack Champion Points50 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-5.pngUncertainty Poison VII 9.0
Night-Oil Champion Points100 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-5.pngUncertainty Poison VIII 10.0
Alkahest Champion Points150 ON-icon-poison-Cyan 1-5.pngUncertainty Poison IX 10.0


Single EffectEdit

Butterfly Wing Nirnroot

Two EffectsEdit

Main Ingredients Combine with: Second Effect
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Beetle Scuttle Vitality Vitality
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Blue Entoloma Invisible Invisible
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Dragon Rheum Enervation Enervation
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Dragon's Blood Lingering Health Lingering Health
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Fleshfly Larva Vitality Vitality
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Imp Stool Enervation Enervation
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Scrib Jelly Lingering Health Lingering Health

Three EffectsEdit

Main Ingredients Combine with: Additional Effects
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Dragon's Bile Vitality Vitality Invisible Invisible
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Powdered Mother of Pearl Lingering Health Lingering Health Vitality Vitality
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Spider Egg Lingering Health Lingering Health Invisible Invisible
Butterfly Wing Nirnroot Torchbug Thorax Vitality Vitality Enervation Enervation