Online: People
Home City Solitude
Location The Lonely Troll, Blue Palace, Morthal
Race Orc Gender Male
Reaction Friendly

Maugh is an Orc and friend of Svana, despite her father's displeasure. He can often be found at the Lonely Troll in Solitude, where the pair try to mooch free drinks from visitors.

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Quest-Related EventsEdit

The Gathering StormEdit

After an audience with the queen, you and Lyris will need to question some people around Solitude for your investigation. One of your targets is Maugh at the Lonely Troll:

Lyris Titanborn: "You must be Maugh. I have questions."
Maugh: "Questions? Happy to oblige. Buy a few rounds and let's chat!"
<Lyris unsheathes her axe.>
Lyris Titanborn: "You're going to answer me, Orc, or …."
<Princess Svana walks out from the nearby table booth.>
Svana: "Hey! Nobody intimidates my friends!"
<Lyris turns around in shock.>
Lyris Titanborn: "Princess Svana?"

It will be up to you to intervene and talk with Svana. If you speak with Maugh beforehand, he will give you some pointers with dealing with an angry Svana.

"Now you've done it. Once you rouse Princess Svana's ire, the best you can do is grovel until her temper subsides.
Look on the bright side. There are worse arses to kiss than her royal highness's."

After you have questioned Svana, Lyris will ask to meet you outside. Before you leave you can ask Maugh your own questions about the suspicious fliers.

"Oh, well done! You handled the princess with skill and aplomb. Saves me the trouble of having to talk her down.
I'd say I'm in your debt, but it was your she-giant that provoked her in the first place."
Do you remember anything else about these job postings?
"That's what this was all about? You and the she-giant looking for work? You're too late, I'm afraid. The posting agent has come and gone, and with a handful of laborers in tow.
The fliers are still around, so perhaps he'll return."
Any idea where they went?
"I heard mention of the Druadach Mountains, but I doubt that was anything more than a false trail. Most of these mining concerns like to keep the true location of their hoard a trade secret.
Is that it? Are you a competitor out to steal their mine?"
Why do you think this has anything to do with mining?
"Overheard snippets of conversation and a feeling in my gut. While the hiring agent might have been a Breton, his associates were clearly from the Reach, by the way.
I also heard talk of a lodge outside the city. Perhaps a stop along the way?"
Thanks for the information.

Danger in the HoldsEdit

If you decided to not immediately start the quest with Svana, Maugh will be on the look out for you when you approach or are in Solitude, "Finally! Do you know how long I've been standing here?".

You can then see what he wants.

"I've been standing out here for the better part of … three-fourths of the contents of this mug. Don't you know it's rude to keep people waiting?"
Why are you waiting for me?
"Why indeed? Svana wishes to speak with you in the Lonely Troll and she's banished me from the place until I find you!
She's been terribly depressed since the events at the palace. Even refuses to drink with me, if you can imagine such a thing!"
Do you know what Svana wants to talk to me about?
"Not specifically, but I'm quite sure it has something to do with fulfilling her promise to you. She's adamant about pleading your case to the high king.
Anyway, I've done my duty. Now I can go back to my favorite location—the tavern!"
I'll go to the Lonely Troll and speak to Svana.

While you speak with Svana, Maugh will drunkenly stumble around the corner drink in hand. You can talk to him before you leave for the palace.

"If you're going to make Svana talk to her father, at least have the decency to buy her a few rounds first. No one should have to stand before the old wolf in a sober state."
Is drinking your answer to everything?
"Isn't it everyone's?
In my experience, alcohol, in sufficient quantities, can solve any problem. Give me eight—no, ten—wagons of ale and I'll have this entire east-west rivalry business sorted in less than a day!"
How would you do that?
"Despite claims to the contrary, Nords prefer the drink to the sword. Pity Orcs can't say the same.
Tell Svargrim and Jorunn that the Nord still standing when the ale is gone gets to be king and we won't spill a drop of blood! Maybe some ale, though."
If you didn't drink them all yourself.
"Every plan has risks. I'd be happy to have another ten to twenty wagons available, just to be sure."
The old wolf? / Why did you refer to Svana's father as the old wolf?
"The crest of Solitude. Decorates every stamp and banner. There's even that drab Tower of the Wolf rising above Castle Dour, as gray and solitary as its namesake.\
Not to put too fine a point on it, but I'm saying the high king resembles an old wolf."

As you leave, you can overhear Svana talk to Maugh.

Svana: "Wish me luck, Maugh."
Maugh: "Forget luck. I suggest a slug of kindlepitch whiskey. You'll need it to stand up to your father."

After you have visited both the Hjaalmarch and Karthald holds, Svana will have you regroup with her at the Blue Palace. When you enter her chamber, you will find Maugh will be trying to get Svana to come to the Lonely Troll.

Maugh: "The Svana I know would leave all this bother behind. Come back to the Troll and let the royalty deal with this."
Svana: "I am the royalty, Maugh. It's time I started acting like it."
<Maugh will leave the room shaking his head.>

The Vampire ScholarEdit

Maugh will act as Svana's messenger once again and can be found around Solitude, once he sees you he'll call out, "Ah, there you are!"

"I've been looking all over for you. Well, mostly I've been looking right around here, but I have been apart from my favorite seat in the Troll for the better part of this bottle.
On the good side, the wine's delicious."
Do you need something, Maugh?
"A comfortable seat, a flagon of bog-iron ale, some lively company. Instead, I'm a messenger for her royal highness. Svana wants to see you. She's at the Blue Palace rubbing shoulders with the jarls.
Ah, I could also use a shoulder rub."
Do you know what Svana wants?
"Svana said something about a message from a friend of yours, but I wasn't really listening. She wants you to get this Fennorian to help with whatever she's trying to convince High King Svargrim to do.
Or maybe she wanted you to join her for lunch?"
I'll go to the Blue Palace and talk to Svana.
"Then I am dispensed from this duty. If you want to congratulate me on a job well done, buying me another drink or two would greatly be appreciated."
I'm sure Svana could use more help right now.
"That's what I've been saying! I've never seen the lass's brow so wrinkled. Svana's face will furrow like a wheat field if she keeps it up.
She should reclaim her seat in the tavern and stop trying to get closer to the throne."
You could help us with our mission.
"What do you think I've been doing? I've gone from trusted companion to courier, and now she's running me ragged! Even an Orc has his limits!
Tell Svana to meet at the Troll before she reaches hers."
You should head back to the Lonely Troll now. [0000006969 Gold]
"That's the most reasonable request I've received all day!
Well, it has been an honor to serve. I shall ensure that the Troll, fine establishment that it is, remains in business until her return. Cheers!"

The Gray HostEdit

Maugh is much more drunk than last time he is encountered and is stumbling over his words, "Well, if it isn't her majesty's most sought-after soobor—subor—servant."

At first he isn't sure who he is supposed to relay the message to.

"Look at you, all high and mighty. Places to see and people to go, am I right? Living in the lap of royalty like some sort of … royal.
Well, I got important persons to speak to myselfs. Just got to find them …."
Who are you looking for?
"Who? Give me a moment … oh! Ha! It was you. Svana wants to see you. At the Blue Palace, of all places.
Why? I have no idea, but there you have it."
I'll go to the Blue Palace and speak with Svana.
"The princess said a lot of things. Mostly to the she-giant and the blood-sucker. Something about harrowstorms and the fences—no, defenses.
Look, just go to the palace, all right?"
I'll go to the Blue Palace and speak with Svana.

He will also be much more honest about his feelings towards you and your influence on Svana.

"I finally figured it out. Svana's problem. It's you. You're a bad influence.
All this so-called heroics. It might inspire the princess, but all you really did was kill my fun."
Is that all you care about, Maugh? Fun?
"Hey, don't throw this back at me! I'm not some ungrateful knave who wants to see the kingdom go down in flames. I just don't want Svana to follow you to an early grave.
You keep pushing her. Why's it up to her to fix everything?"
Svana wants to do this. No one is forcing her.
"Oh, Maugh knows all about that. There's force and there's force.
No one thinks much of this old drunk, but I'm not the one who's going to get Svana killed. If she dies, I'll never forgive you."
I'll keep Svana safe, Maugh. I give you my word.
"Ha, you're just like me. Making promises you can't keep.
Time will tell if your word holds up better than mine."
Give Svana some credit, Maugh. Are you trying to protect her or just hold her back?
"Svana does as she pleases. Always has.
She's on the rise while this old Orc fades away. With any luck, she'll have a chance to grow as fat and useless as me."

He can later be found in Svana's Chamber as the others discuss brewing the elixir.

"So much talk of brews and potions. A lot of nonsense, I say! Nothing keeps the constitution strong and healthy better than a good dose of Orcish ale.
And by dose, I mean a very large and well-aged barrel."

After you have spoken with Fennorian about the reagents he needs, Svana will send Maugh to collect most of them.

Svana: "You'll need my help. I'll meet you at the Hall of the Dead."
<Turns to Maugh.>
Svana: "Maugh, put away the tankard and get the supplies Fenn requires."
Maugh: "Yes, your royal ladyness. But I'm keeping the tankard."
"Svana giving orders … thinks she's a proper princess now, she does!
Well, I am an expert at procuring all sorts of … procurements. I'll get what the pale Elf needs. After I finish this drink. For medicinal purposes, you understand."

Greymoor RisingEdit

While he doesn't know exactly what happened at the Blue Palace, Maugh can feel the atmosphere as he comments when you approach, "This whole situation, almost makes me want to relinquish the key to my grog cellar. Almost."

Talk with him to receive the message.

"All this talk of impending doom has rattled my nerves. Downed half a bottle of grog and my hands are still shaking!
Look, Svana needs you. And I suggest you hurry."
What does Svana need me to do?
"Tusk if I know. I heard that something sordid occurred at the palace, but she wouldn't give me any details.
Something to do with the high king. She did mention an impending doom, though. Hence, my suddenly sober outlook."
Svargrim is a vampire. He's working with the Gray Host.
"Oh, well, now that makes me feel so much better! I never liked the man, but I didn't think he was a traitor.
Look, go to the Blue Palace. Talk to Svana. I'm suddenly beginning to see that this situation is really bad and she needs your help."
I'll go to the Blue Palace and talk to Svana.

After accepting the quest, he decide to stay close to the palace.

"Tell Svana … tell her I'm here if she needs me. Of course, unless she wants to get tusk-faced drunk and wind up face-down in a ditch, I'm not sure what good I could do.
Anyway, she's waiting for you at the Blue Palace."
You might want to get someplace safe until this is over.
"And where might that be? I appreciate the thought, but if it's all the same to you, I think I'll stick close to the palace. In case Svana needs me.
Besides, I know where Svargrim keeps his liquor. I figure it's fair game, now that he's a traitor."

Daughter of the WolfEdit

After you have stopped the harrowstorm and Svargrim, Maugh will have survived and wants to talk, "She-giant's friend, a word!".

He wants you to check on Svana.

"Svana hasn't come down from the walls since you finished that nasty business at the Tower of the Wolf."
Why hasn't she come down yet?
"How should I know. She's just staring out over the city like some kind of gargoyle. She could use someone to talk to, I think.
That's not me anymore."
I'll go to Castle Dour and talk to Svana.

You can then ask why he doesn't do it.

"Take good care of the princess. Jarl. Svana. Whoever she is now.
If you need me, I'll be deep in a bottle."
Why not speak to Svana yourself?
"I wouldn't do her any good. I'm an expert on going backwards and standing still. Svana's moving forward. She needs a friend who's going the same way.
That's you, I'd wager."

Maugh can be found attending the dirge in the Blue Palace Courtyard though he'll be standing far in the back.

"The only proper thing to do at a memorial service is drink to the memory of the lost.
I'm not sure we have enough stock for all that."

After Svana's address and the send-off you can either speak with Maugh again in the courtyard or within the palace later.

"We all lost someone today. A comrade, a father, a friend.
I'm fortunate enough to have gained a good leader, at least. Well, we all have."
Are you going to stick by Svana?
"Who do you take me for? It'd besmirch my reputation to abandon a kingdom in such desperate need of cheer. Maugh does not leave a place less joyful than he finds it!
I'll be coordinating morale efforts from the Lonely Troll, if you need me."