Location Tomb of the Hidden Moon
Race Khajiit Gender Male
Health 0 (Dead)

Malizaz is a Khajiit spirit found in the Tomb of the Hidden Moon. According to his journal, he was an apprentice to Zumog Phoom but was killed by the lich Arum-Khal.

Related QuestsEdit

Malizaz's spirit

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Place the stone next to Malizaz, and Vastarie will begin:

Vastarie: "Stand back."
Vastarie: "Mithralas elanthanal cueridanare!"
Malizaz: "Where am—? You! You must … you must listen!"
Vastarie: "Speak with him. Quickly."

Speak to him and he'll say:

"We do not have much time. This one feels his spirit slipping away.
The dark lich, Arum-Khal, has awakened. He rises like foul smoke from beneath the Ashen Scar."
Slow down. Arum-Khal? Who is that?
"Arum-Khal the ancient defiler! The Dark Adept. Destroyer of the Hidden Moon!
If he regains his full power, death and horror will scour all the sands of Elsweyr!"
How do you know this?
"The orb. I tried to claim it for myself. It sent me to a realm of nightmares where Arum-Khal's spirit reigns as king. He tore my soul to pieces, then used the remnants to awaken his body, and everything else in this cursed place.
He … argh!"
Where is Arum-Khal now? I need to know more.

Malizaz becomes distressed.

Malizaz: "No more! Release me! Please!"
Vastarie: "Azura have mercy on him. I'd say he learned his lesson."