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Mages Guild
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The Windhelm Mages Guild

The Windhelm Mages Guild is a branch of the Mages Guild located in the city of Windhelm.


It is a two-story Nordic-style building situated in the center of the city, next to the Wayshrine. The upper floor is constructed as a circular loft, so that the ground floor has a high ceiling. The lower level is used as a study as well as the resting area. There are several bookshelves here and a small bar with a keg, food and drinks. While the mystic resides on the upper level, the rest of the members can be found on the ground floor, reading, making notes or practicing spell casting. There are several containers around the guildhall which can hold provisioning or alchemical ingredients, crafting materials or recipes. Leveled staves can be stored in weapon stands found on both floors. A cat lives here. A copy of Clans of Eastmarch: The Direfrost can be found on a table on the lower level.

There is an advanced safebox behind the counter near King Jorunn's Automatic Cheesewheel Vivisector, near a copy of Order of the Eye Dispatch. Another advanced safebox can be found upstairs.

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