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Luna Beriel
Daily Job Broker
Home City Fargrave
Race Breton Gender Female
Health 39,959
Reaction Friendly
Other Information
Faction(s) Gleaners of Aurbis
Luna Beriel

Luna Beriel is a Breton daily job broker and member of the Gleaners of Aurbis who can be found in Fargrave. She wears the Anvil Sunset Eyeshadow.

Related QuestsEdit


Luna greets you with a random line if you're not on one of her quests:

  • "Ooh! A capable adventurer looking for work? Hey, do you want to travel the planes and retrieve items of import for the Gleaners? It'll be fun!"
  • "I'm looking for adventurers who don't panic easily—not even in small, dark spaces.
    Does that happen to describe you?"
  • "Looking for work? I have a job that I think you'd be absolutely perfect for!"
  • "I have a job for you.
    If dangerous missions into the unknown corners of the planes interests you, that is."
  • "I have a keen eye for spotting reliable adventurers in need of some extra work. It's one of the things I'm known for!
    So? Are you the sort of person I think you are? A reliable adventurer looking to make a bit of gold?"

To which you respond:

  • The Gleaners have work available?
  • What's the job you're hiring for?
  • I heard you had some work?
  • I'm looking for work, I heard you might have some.
  • What do you need done?
  • What do you need?

You can also ask her about the Gleaners:

Who are the Gleaners?
"We're a group of mortals and Daedra that do all sorts of things in Fargrave. We liberate items from across the planes for interested parties, explore hidden places, find treasure, vandalize. One thing I can say is that the work never bores me."
So you're thieves and spies.
"Yes, but not just any sort of thieves and spies. We're extraplanar thieves and spies!
In addition to utilizing Fargrave's public portals, we also have an arrangement with the mages of the Saraathu Tong. For when we need a special portal."
Who are the Saraathu Tong?
"They're a group of Dark Elf mages that were cast out of Morrowind for some offense or another against the Tribunal. They came to Fargrave and use their expertise at portal magic to supply House Hlaalu with trade goods from across the multiverse."
You said the Gleaners have an arrangement with the Saraathu Tong?
"Sometimes we need to go somewhere not readily connected to the portal plazas of Fargrave. Or we need to reach a specific location quickly and quietly. That's when we turn to the Saraathu mages.
And when they require our expertise, we reciprocate."
And Fargrave doesn't care about your activities?
"Some of our biggest clients are the movers and shakers of the city. And we tend to avoid pilfering in our own backyard. Plus, the Grasp don't care. As long as we keep a low profile and don't make a spectacle, the Daedric authorities leave us alone."
What do you do for the Gleaners?
"Me? Oh, I used to be a thief, but now I use my expertise to find talent and coordinate jobs for our clients.
Besides, I love talking to adventurers. New arrivals and long-timer Fargravians alike."
Why do you need to hire adventurers if you have your own thieves?
"Well, we usually have more work on hand than we have dedicated operatives. Besides, some missions involve dangers better suited to experienced adventurers instead of the specialized rogues who make up the core of the Gleaners."
And how does someone become an official member of the Gleaners?
"Well, it's not something you can just apply for. Invitation only, you understand. And that invitation has to come from one of the higher-ups, such as our founder, Pieron Desant.
But the first step is to make a good impression."

Speak to her after accepting a quest and she'll warn you to keep on your toes:

  • "Be careful out there. The Gleaners prioritize items of value, yes, but there's nothing more valuable than an experienced adventurer returning unharmed.
    Or, at least not so harmed that they can't bring back the items of value."
  • "Vaveli over there tends to be stern with her hirelings, but I try to be more understanding. Just don't forget that you took on a job for the Gleaners, all right?
    I try to be understanding, but I still expect results."
  • "Oh! You get to head out on an assignment. Have a good time, all right?"

Return from completing a quest:

  • "You're quickly becoming my favorite employee. Come, tell me. I assume the news is good?"
  • "Oh! You're back? Our informants had some great things to say about your performance on that one. Were you able to accomplish your task?"
  • "Oh! Didn't hear you approach. Are you getting sneakier?
    Never mind. Was your endeavor successful?"
  • "You're back? That was quick. At least, quicker than I expected.
    How did it go? Was your mission successful?"

If you've already completed her daily:

  • "You want to work and I want to pay you, but my cupboard is bare … so to speak. Return on the morrow and I'm sure we can come to terms. See you then!"
  • "Sorry, I'm fresh out of assignments for the day. Stop by tomorrow. I should have something for you then."
  • "Zzavfa! You're looking for work, but I have nothing to offer. Next time, for sure."

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Brandfire Reformatory RelicsEdit

"Yes. One of our skilled members, Airlur, discovered some relics of note in the Brandfire Reformatory. He thinks it's too risky to go retrieve them himself and the Gleaners agree, but we still want the relics.
We'll pay for your trouble."
What makes the Brandfire Reformatory so dangerous?
"It's a building in the Deadlands that's controlled by the Waking Flame cult. Folks enter the building and don't leave. It stands to reason that their valuables are still there. Airlur loiters near Madam Whim's. Ask him if you're curious.
So, you in?"
I'll go into the Brandfire Reformatory and retrieve the valuables for you.

Return from a successful trip:

I found valuables and relics in the Brandfire Reformatory.
"I'm still a novice at appraising goods, but those look like they'd fetch a hefty price. I'll let some of the junior members know I have them and they'll take care of getting this all to our fences.
Here. Your good work's earned you this."

Propaganda SuppressedEdit

"Those Kyncursed Waking Flame cultists are posting their propaganda all over the walls of Fargrave. Someone commissioned us to burn the pamphlets at their source, the Brandfire Reformatory."
Who commissioned you to burn the pamphlets?
'"Fyna, a local merchant who's hoping to put a stop to the cult's recruitment drive. Whenever she sees anything she considers bad for businesses, she calls on the Gleaners. And then I call on adventurers like you. If you want to know more, talk to her."
I'll go to the Brandfire Reformatory and burn the pamphlets.

After you have returned from the Brandfire Reformatory:

"You're quickly becoming my favorite employee. Come, tell me. I assume the news is good?"
I destroyed the propaganda in the Brandfire Reformatory.
"The Waking Flame should know what it feels like to have something they care about burned. It's not usual that we get to carry out some fitting justice.
Here's the reward from Fyna and the Gleaners. Neither of us like cults spewing lies in our city."

Forgotten Grave GoodsEdit

"Yes! If you're brave enough to travel into the False Martyrs' Folly, there are some valuables that were left behind when those poor Dark Elves were turned to stone.
Mer, I hope it didn't hurt too much. That would be unbearable."
How do you know the valuables are still there?
"A junior thief named Glayamen was in the Folly and spotted valuables near the statues. He's probably sulking near Madam Whim's if you want to ask him what happened.
You interested in this job?"
I'll gather valuable items from the False Martyrs' Folly.

Return with the goods:

I searched the False Martyrs' Folly and brought these back.
"Glayamen, the thief, will be thrilled to know that those aren't going to be buried in mite-infested dirt. His hands were really itching to go back and get them, but the healers say that'll clear up in a few days.
Thanks again! Here's your payment."

Flowers in the FollyEdit

"There's a rare plant—the martyrs' copperleaf—that grows around the feet of the statues in the False Martyrs' Folly.
Normally we wouldn't take this kind of work, but the healer Tuleenith needs it and we're feeling charitable."
What do you need an adventurer for?
"Have you ever been to the Folly? That place is terrifying. Tuleenith's stationed at the House of Whims if you have questions. All I can say is that if you take on this job, you get a cut of the deal.
So? What do you say? Want to do some gardening?"
I'll bring you some martyrs' copperleaf from False Martyrs' Folly.

Fetch the flowers and return:

I brought back some martyrs' copperleaf from the False Martyrs' Folly.
"Amazing! Once Tuleenith, the healer, examines these, I'm sure Fargrave will have a great new cure for … scale foot. Or—or stomach sores! Something!
Here, take this. You certainly worked for it."

Clandestine CommunicationsEdit

"Pieron Desant—our founder—has some prisoners in the Blood Pit that he needs to communicate with. I have the letters here, so all you need to do is drop them in locked letterboxes. His contacts will pick them up when they think it's safe."
How will I know where to make the drops?
"Oh! We marked the drop sites with Gleaners' gleam. It's an ink that only we can see. If you're curious, ask Pieron. He usually sets himself up in the crafting plaza.
Go to the Blood Pit. Look for the gleam. Make the drops. Get paid. Easy!"
I'll sneak the letters into the Blood Pit.

Return from the Blood Pit:

I delivered your letters in the Blood Pit.
"You got into and out of the Blood Pit? Blood and brimstone, that's excellent! Most Gleaners can't make it out of there, but I was almost certain you could do it!
Here's your payment. You sure pull off some impressive stunts."

A Discreet PickupEdit

"Drops were made to our three designated sites in the Shambles. Dahliah let us know about the drops, but she needs to lie low for awhile.
She's usually at Madam Whim's if you want to talk to her. Just make sure you're not followed. She's in hiding."
Why do you need me to pick up the shipments?
"We've had some trouble with fences lately. A thief got it into his head to steal from them and now they're going after any Gleaner they recognize. I need someone new to get these goods before someone else steals them.
Are you in? You'll be paid."
I'll pick up the goods at the Shambles drop sites.

Return with the goods:

Here are the goods I found in the Shambles.
"I was worried that those were going to be taken before you got to them. The Shambles is crawling with Errants, Dremora, and Spiderkith, after all.
Here, take this for your help."