Online:Lieutenant Lepida

Elder Scrolls Online: People
Lieutenant Lepida
Location Desert Wind Caverns
Race Imperial Gender Female
Health 159338 Difficulty ON-misc-Boss 1.png
Reaction Hostile
Other Information
Faction(s) Euraxians
Lieutenant Lepida

Lieutenant Lepida is an Imperial battlemage found in Desert Wind Caverns. Her mission was to find the location of the Betrayer's body from Grand Adept Sehana for Zumog Phoom.

Related QuestsEdit

Spells and abilitiesEdit

Lepida will fight using lighting magic.

Periodically, she will electrify the pool of water that dominates the chamber. At this point she will charge a spell which causes a large AOE attack which appears as multiple cyclones and launch them across the water. This attack can be interrupted.

Quest-Related EventsEdit

Enter the Desert Wind Grand Hall and she'll be hostile, and will taunt you with:

Lieutenant Lepida : "You're too late. The Grand Adept revealed all before I killed her."
Lieutenant Lepida : "I will wipe out the entire order!"

During the fight she will continue to to taunt you:

Lieutenant Lepida : "You are no match for my powers!"
Lieutenant Lepida : "None can deny Euraxia or her champions!"
Lieutenant Lepida : "You will fall like wheat before a blade!"

Once she is defeated, her spirit will appear:

Lieutenant Lepida : "This … this can't be happening!"
Lieutenant Lepida : "No, please! Noooo!"
"Help me! Don't let Zumog Phoom take my soul!"

Her spirit is pulled into the Grand Adept's Chambers. When enter the room she will be chained up in from of the body of Grand Adept Sehana. She will immediately plead with you once you start talking to her.

"Help me! Don't let Zumog Phoom take my soul!"
Zumog Phoom? What's happening to you?
"Zumog Phoom … this is the necromancer's doing. Even in death, I continue to serve …."
Why would Zumog Phoom do this to you?
"He called it … a blessing. Said it would protect me. Damn him, he claimed my soul!
Please, you must help me. Release me from this … curse."
Tell me what you came here for and I'll try to set you free.
"We came for an ancient secret … protected by the Grand Adept. She put up a good fight, I'll give her that.
Zumog Phoom seeks the location of the Betrayer's body parts. I learned where the dismembered corpse was hidden. Now, please, help me."
All right. I'll try to set you free.

Before you are able to free her, she'll be consumed by Zumog Phoom.

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