Home City The Hollow City
Store The Shining Star
Race Khajiit Gender Female
Reaction Friendly
Store Type Innkeeper

Hayya is a Khajiit innkeeper who runs The Shining Star, the inn located in the Hollow City.


When you first arrive in the Hollow City, she will try to explain how the few people in the city have survived.

"Welcome to the Shining Star, my friend! You won't find a more warm and inviting place in all of Coldharbour!"

As the invasion continues, she will instead grumble.

"I'm not sure I like that we've turned the Hollow City into an army camp, but I can't complain about the increase in business."

After the Planemeld has ended:

"I think I'll keep the tavern open. This safe haven needs to be preserved."
How have you survived in this place?
"There's a small number of us, and we've learned to work well together. Plus, the Groundskeeper does her best to make sure we have fresh food and water.
Even that strange fellow, Cadwell, comes by once in a while with supplies."
"Friendly sort. Thinks he's a knight or something. He's a bit crazy, but otherwise he's mostly harmless.