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Fleshfly Larva
Fleshfly Larva
Alchemy Effects
1st Ravage Stamina Ravage Stamina
2nd Vulnerability Vulnerability
3rd Gradual Ravage Health Gradual Ravage Health
4th Vitality Vitality

Fleshfly Larva is an alchemy reagent which was added in Update 10. It can be found by killing Zombies or Ra-Netus, or occasionally by catching Fleshflies (though usually you just get Insect Parts).


Two ReagentsEdit

Desired Effect Combine with: Side Effect
  Ravage Stamina Emetic Russula
Imp Stool
Luminous Russula
  Vulnerability Clam Gall
Dragon's Bile   Vitality
Scrib Jelly
  Gradual Ravage Health Nightshade
Crimson Nirnroot
  Vitality Beetle Scuttle
Butterfly Wing
Dragon's Bile   Vulnerability
Powdered Mother of Pearl
Torchbug Thorax

Three ReagentsEdit

This chart lists only combinations in which two or more of Fleshfly Larva's effects are present.

Desired Effects Combine with: Side Effect(s)
  Ravage Stamina   Vulnerability Clam Gall Emetic Russula
Clam Gall Imp Stool
Clam Gall Luminous Russula   Hindrance
Clam Gall Stinkhorn
Dragon's Bile Emetic Russula   Vitality
Dragon's Bile Imp Stool   Vitality
Dragon's Bile Luminous Russula   Vitality
Dragon's Bile Stinkhorn   Vitality
Emetic Russula Scrib Jelly   Ravage Magicka
Imp Stool Scrib Jelly
Luminous Russula Scrib Jelly
Stinkhorn Scrib Jelly
  Ravage Stamina   Gradual Ravage Health Emetic Russula Nightshade   Ravage Health
Imp Stool Nightshade
Luminous Russula Nightshade
Stinkhorn Nightshade   Ravage Health
  Ravage Stamina   Vitality Dragon's Bile Emetic Russula   Vulnerability
Dragon's Bile Imp Stool   Vulnerability
Dragon's Bile Luminous Russula   Vulnerability
Dragon's Bile Stinkhorn   Vulnerability
Emetic Russula Beetle Scuttle
Emetic Russula Butterfly Wing
Emetic Russula Powdered Mother of Pearl
Emetic Russula Torchbug Thorax
Imp Stool Beetle Scuttle   Increase Armor
Imp Stool Butterfly Wing
Imp Stool Powdered Mother of Pearl
Imp Stool Torchbug Thorax   Enervation
Luminous Russula Beetle Scuttle
Luminous Russula Butterfly Wing   Restore Health
Luminous Russula Powdered Mother of Pearl
Luminous Russula Torchbug Thorax
Powdered Mother of Pearl Stinkhorn
Stinkhorn Beetle Scuttle
Stinkhorn Butterfly Wing
Stinkhorn Torchbug Thorax   Fracture
  Vulnerability   Vitality Blue Entoloma Dragon's Bile   Invisible
Butterfly Wing Dragon's Bile   Vitality (triple)
Dragon Rheum Dragon's Bile   Heroism
Dragon's Bile Emetic Russula   Ravage Stamina
Dragon's Bile Imp Stool   Ravage Stamina
Dragon's Bile Luminous Russula   Ravage Stamina
Dragon's Bile Namira's Rot   Invisible
Dragon's Bile Nirnroot   Invisible
Dragon's Bile Scrib Jelly   Vulnerability (triple)
Dragon's Bile Stinkhorn   Ravage Stamina
Dragon's Bile Torchbug Thorax   Vitality (triple)
Scrib Jelly Butterfly Wing
Scrib Jelly Torchbug Thorax


Fleshfly Larva is also used in one Provisioning recipe: